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Valkyrie wings

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Azaloth Tostrix

Several feathered variants​
"Dragon" variant​
Additional Images​


Intent: To create a viable biological alternative to jet packs for personal flight.

Image Source: (In order of apperance)

Canon Link: N/A

Restricted Missions: N/A

Primary Source: N/A


Manufacturer: Azaloth Medical Enterprises

Model: Valkyrie wings

Affiliation: Closed-Market

Modularity: None, cosmetic options available on initial purchase only

Production: Mass-Produced

Material: Cloned tissues

  • Flight

The wings are not merely cosmetic, they give the owner the ability for on demand flight limited only by the user's stamina.


- Long term flight: The user can fly at a walking speed for just as long as they can walk, lasting for far longer than conventional jet packs

Weaknesses :

- Does this dress make my wings look fat?: The wings do not fit under normal armour, while most can be easily adapted it takes time to do so and is not possible to do in the field.

Only some races make truly experience the joys of flight, but why should the rest of us be forced to endure with cheap facsimiles, well that time has come to an end, now anyone with a few credits to throw around can truly experience flight. Using the muscle and bone structure of the Stenax and S'kytri as a base Azaloth Medical Enterprises has successfully engineered a solution, the Valkyrie Wings are able to be attached below the shoulder blade of any bipedal species, or can be used to augment the useless wings of flightless races whom have yet to lose their wings to evolution so that they might again be able to take to the skies.
[member="Azaloth Tostrix"]

The concept itself is not an issue in my mind.

It is similar to some of the biot analogue we have had that give alternatives to the regular technological options we got. That being said, I will need you to add a few more worthwhile weaknesses to this.

Both repulsor-packs as the more stereotypical jetpack have substantial weaknesses in their design.

For example, these wings are likely quite vulnerable and large targets, that is one weakness you could add. Please give me three fleshed-out weaknesses and we will take it from there.
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