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Eater of the Dead
LOTF- 2 Dominions 80/21 posts
May create 2 unique ships with the size of Frigates that have the firepower of a Heavy Cruiser.​
May Create 1 production ship the size of a Frigate that has the firepower of a regular Cruiser.​
So we have some choices of what we want. They are interesting choices and I like the idea of 2 ships but it is the entire factions decision

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Much as I would absolutely love to make two unique super-heavy ships like that, I've looked over the Valen dominions and seen an awful lot of effort from an awful lot of people. That has two implications. a) I tend to feel like the reward should be spread out to everyone, and b ) I'd like to hear what you all think.


Like Lightning
Really I don't care what you guys do with it. During the Valen event I had to leave because of an emergency. So I didn't really do much in the events. I was hoping that I could do more, but when I got back, almost everybody had already given up on it. so I got almost no where with it.

As long as it helps the Faction stay active, that's all I could care for.