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Vale Lok Vetuuk of the Corporate Sector

Vale Lok Vetuuk

With all the recent wars going on and factions invading factions; I figured I'd create a new character that wasn't centered on war. So I rummaged up an old character that was completed, though not fully in some parts. I hadn't really gotten a chance to use Vale back when I first created the character; then again the faction she had been created for on another site was never really active. Nor was I given the opportunity to get it up and running due to lack of information on the faction; as it was withheld from all members of the site.

I figured that Chaos would be a better home for the character anyways and so I have Vale Lok Vetuuk. Originally slated to be a member of the previously mentioned site's 'Corporate Alliance.' Now shes on Chaos and aimed directly at the Corporate Sector Authority.