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Character Val Khaar

Val Khaar

Agent of The Elysium Empire

Name: Val Khaar
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Height: 6'1
Allegiance: The Elysium Empire
Force Sensitive: No
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown


Tall, Thin, Brown eyes, Dark Brown hair. Often has a thin mustache. Wears leather coats and a leather ""Cowboy"" hat (Or whatever Star Wars has lol).

2x SH-9 Slugthrower Pistols
1x Nym's Slugthrower Rifle
1x Scatter Gun
1x Blaster Buster
1x Blister Blaster
1x Boomer Blaster
1x Outland Rifle
Thick Leather Trench Coat
Light armors, depending on the mission.

Born on Bespin, Val Khaar had a simple childhood. Everything changed when his dad disappeared. The loss sent his mom into insanity, leaving a teenage Val alone. He took various jobs, from security guard, to bartender, to working in the gas harvesting. At the age of 21 he discovered Heath Valhoun, and The Elysium Empire. Seeking adventure, he joined the small group. Now, 29 years old, Val is an extremely loyal and talented member of The Elysium Empire. Since he joined, he worked on combat skills. He was the special forces of the Empire before there were special forces.

He doesn't serve under any branch, nor is he officially employed...he does work for The Empire, and the Empire feeds, houses, and arms him.

He favors the uncommon Slugthrower type weapons, even suggesting to the King over dinner that the Empire begin production of the weapons, perhaps commonizing them again. His arsenal includes slugthrower pistols and rifles, depending on his mission. He has mastered the type, controlling the recoil very effectively.


Val helps destroy Cloud City

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