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Approved Tech Utai Kolto Dispenser

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To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before

The Utai Kolto Dispenser


  • Manufacturer: Utai Magic Circle
  • Model: Utai Kolto Dispenser
  • Affiliation: [member="Vaudin Miir"] [member="Jorus Merrill"] [member="Joza Perl"] [member="Kole Harper"] [member="Zef Halo"] @Janick Beauchamp [member="Sebastian Thel"] [member="Gib"] [member="Davin Skirata"]
  • Modularity: Yes: can change the contents

  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: Alchemized reinforced plasteel
  • Lightsaber resistant
  • Can resist EMPs
  • Can grant the user limited precognition ability as it pertains to sensing injuries and illnesses within ca. 50m of the user
  • Lightsaber-resistant
  • Can resist ion/EMPs
  • Can hold a wide variety of liquids
  • Allows its user to sense physical injuries or illnesses within 50m
  • Force-nullifiers: The presence of Force-nullifiers can render the Utai Kolto Dispenser nothing more than an ordinary kolto dispenser.
  • Presence: Force-imbuement presence means that unless you somehow hide it, Force-users can detect you.
Made out of reconditioned reinforced plasteel bottles originally designed for holding toner refills used in the Shusugaunt skirmish, the Utai Kolto Dispenser was alchemized so that it could be made to hold a variety of liquids, including the eponymous kolto, with the plasteel reinforcements allowing it to contain electrolytic fluids. The alchemical treatments also allow its user to sense physical injuries or illnesses within a 50m range, which is admittedly a little limited, but is not a substitute for proper diagnosis. Even with these alchemical treatments in place, it still suffers from the usual weaknesses of alchemical items: the presence of Force-nullifiers will render the Utai Kolto Dispenser nothing more than an ordinary dispenser, and also it will allow the user to be detectable in the Force if they aren't already. Nevertheless Janick deemed the Utai Kolto Dispensers a worthy gift to give to the key participants in that covert operation.
Not open for further replies.