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Uroy Thake



Name: Uroy Thake
Alias(es): N/A
Title(s): N/A
Homeworld: Atrisia
Current Locale: Eshan; somewhat nomadic
Force Sensitive: Positive
Force Rank: Apprentice
Force Alignment: Light

  • Order of the Sacred Lotus

Species: Echani/Epicanthix hybrid
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Eye Colour: Silver
Hair Colour: Black
Skin Pigmentation: Pale, light tanned

[+] Epicanthix Trait - As a half blooded Epicanthix, Uroy has the unique ability of having a barrier that protects his mind from mentalist attacks; however, as he is only half blooded, one who has mastered the arts of mentalism can penetrate his defenses.

[+] Martial Artist - His mother was an Echani and his adopted father was an Atrisian. Both parents taught Uroy their ways of combat, thus making him a formidable warrior.

[+] Specialized - In the Force, he specializes in enhancing his body and senses. No mentalism or telekinetic powers for him.

[-] Specialized - As mentioned, Uroy only specializes in physical enhancement. He will have none to little knowledge of any other Force power that is irrelevant.

[-] Ranged weaponry - Pretty self explanatory. In any shape or form, he will just suck at aiming. Not to mention that he prefers fight with his body and a melee weapon.





  • The story of Uroy begins when two individuals met on the planet of Eshan where they both sparred which resulted in the female's defeat and being attracted to her victorious adversary.
  • The woman than offered herself to the man in which the man accepted.
  • There a seed was planted and the man left the woman without noticed.
  • The woman than fully reflecting on her decisions came to a depression and then was in a dilemma of what to do with her unborn child.
  • Then she met an Atrisian noble that was attracted to the woman and then asked her to be at her side, and also accepting her unborn child as his own.
  • The woman accepted and then moved to Atrisia, living a life of luxury due to her partner.
  • Eventually, the child was born and was given the name of Uroy Thake.
  • Both parents taught Uroy their cultural styles of combat while also educating him by themselves, the boy's adopted father's relatives, and the finest tutors. Little did anyone know that Uroy was gifted with the Force.
  • However, their way of life would be interrupted as a man by the name of Mythos suddenly overthrew the government and established his own regime, thus leading to the unchangeable turmoil of Atrisia.
  • Fear entered the minds of the parents and shipped off Uroy with his mother back to Eshan with the mother's family, Uroy's beloved adopted father promising the boy that they would be together at some point.
  • However, Uroy learned the news of the events that took place on Atrisia which killed countless of people including his adopted father.
  • This resulted the boy having mixed feelings about the Sith and the Galactic Alliance.
  • Now he resides on Eshan with his mother and relatives, but he receives visions and dreams about a temple that is off world. This made him to trek off into his own path and try to find this mysterious temple that his subconscious constantly reminds him of.
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