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Unrest in the Streets

The streets of Coruscant were never quiet. There was something going on at every hour of the day, which drew many a person to the planet. For Nylea this was not the reason, however. Coming here wasn't much of a choice at all in fact. Many years ago now she was brought here by her old Dark Jedi master for her to be trained in the ways of the Dark Side, despite it being against her will. Things had changed drastically since then, but she still lived here. The Echani felt at home here now. Her home hadn't been a good place to be in the last few weeks, however. Small protests and riots had grown day by day and all Nylea could do to help was take care of the wounded from the fighting as well as she could. She was thankful for her training in Force Healing from the Jedi who helped her step into the Light. She now had left behind the civilized world to unravel the secrets of the Force, but her wisdom wasn't forgotten.

Today however was the day things truly got out of hand. Stores were being vandalized, things were getting set on fire, people were getting straight up killed. It was a dark spectacle which left Nylea with more than she could handle. She wanted to tend to as many people as she could, but with her limited medical knowledge and only one pair of hands she couldn't do much. It was a draining and saddening time for her.

The Echani was currently carrying an unconcious body out of the mess of rioters when a man charged at her with a broken bottle. Wasting no time she reached out with tendrils of the Force, entering his mind. You don't want to do this. Lay down your weapon and go home. The words she planted into him were calm but firm and without hesitation the rioter dropped the bottle and started walking off. She continued carrying the wounded woman until she found an empty alleyway and sat her down against the wall. She put her hands close to her stomach and closed her eyes, focussing on the wounds. A glow came from her hands as she tended to the rioter's wounds with Force Healing as best she could. "Can someone come help these people, please..." she muttered, hoping she wouldn't be the only one helping out for long.

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Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
After everything that had happened recently, Hazel just wanted a bit of normality back into her life. Albeit, that generally consisted of situations that any other person would probably avoid. Such as warzones and in general just areas of conflict. It had been a while since she had actually gone out to answer someone's call, whether it was through the OSL or own channels. Either way when the Sacred Lotus had received word that there were increasing tensions on Coruscant, Hazel was immediately onboard to helping. At first she had been happy enough to go alone, intending to set up in one of the local clinics and provide medical aid from there. But given that the situation was likely going to involve riots, she was required to take some of the Lotus Guard with her.

Hazel had been against it initially, citing that she'd be fine and would enlist some of the local security force if needed. However, she didn't get far with that argument and conceded to take a few though provided they only used non-lethal means should things get violent. The situation on Coruscant was essentially what she had feared could've happened on Mustafar back then, only this time it seemed it would break out into violence. And they certainly the Sacred Lotus to be known for killing rioters, even if it were in self defence. It was just not what they did. With that all said and done, Hazel with a couple other doctors and Amaya with a few more of the Guard departed Monastery and headed for Coruscant.

When they had arrived, the riots had already beginning in full swing. Thankfully it was only confined to a district, and a relatively small one at that. It took a bit of effort to get there, as the Sacred Lotus had to land some distance from the destination and had to haul themselves and the equipment the rest of the way. Eventually though, Hazel led the group down towards the streets. They took a brief detour to start setting up at the local clinic, leaving the two other doctors and a few of the guards to take charge. Hazel on the other hand pushed on with Amaya, heading further into the streets where the conflict was happening.

"All right stick close, our priority is to reach any wounded and get them back to the clinic." Hazel stopped and turned to face Amaya and the few other Lotus Guard that were with them. "Let's try and not start shooting straight away. Though I'm sure we'll be accosted the moment we try and intervene." With that, the Hapan turned on her heels and led on. As she began to pass by an alleyway, something caught her attention - the familiar presence of Force Healing being used.

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Coruscant, Amaya couldn't say that she'd ever really had the pleasure of being there. And now that she was here, she wasn't entirely sure that she wanted to stay. The daughter of House Verd and House Cardei volunteered to play guard on this particular mission. The Mandalorian's reason? She needed more combat experience as it was she had little to none. Increasing tensions, dangerous extraction mission, and provide aid in a place that would probably shoot you. Maybe. Sure, sounds like a thing to do. [member="Hazel Zanteres"] had been against taking any sort of armed forces with her at first, but being that the Galaxy was always at a state of constant war. Amaya and her friends won the argument and here they were.

Riots, nothing new to Amaya. Taris was full of it, perhaps more so - the place wasn't ever stable for long. Always in a state of flux, rakghouls, swoop bike gangs and salvage from the old days. The guards stuck close to the team of doctors working to be their meatshields as they got through a relatively small district. Even the detour didn't seem to so bad and as standard protocol would have it. Amaya dispatched some of her own to stick by the two doctors. She pushed ahead, following behind Dr. Zanteres, and it was here that Amaya realised. The life of an engineer didn't quite match up to one of a soldier, or in this case Sacred Lotus Doctor. "Hey, is that some sort of Mandalorian remark?" She asked while attempting to catch her breath, "because." She paused, "I'll have you know."

She watched as the blonde turned on her heels. "Are you fething serious? Do you even breathe, lady?"

[member="Nylea Apollodor"]
The woman who Nylea tended to slowly regained conciousness, making her sigh a breath of relief. "Come, I'll help you up." She gently pulled the wounded woman up to her feet and put one of her arms on her shoulders, letting the woman lean on her. "Let's get you somewhere safe." They slowly emerged from the alleyway and almost if on queue two rioters targeted the duo. Like before she spoke inside their minds through the force, aiming at making them retreat. Go home. There has been enough violence already. They prompty stopped their charge and stood still for a moment before retreating into the mass of bodies.

Something within that crowd caught the Echani's attention, however. A group of people that seemed completely out of place. They seemed to be looking out for something, but didn't show any kind of violence. She wondered if her prayers had been answered, and there was only one way to find out. "Hey! Over here! I need help! I have a wounded person here!" She slowly made her way towards them, hoping they were friendly. It was a risk, but one she felt she had to take. A man heard her shout and started coming Nylea's way, but it was too late to enter his mind. She was forced to draw her saber as quickly as she could, the silvery blade coming to life as the hilt activated. She held it in front of her, but did not strike out. He stopped dead in his tracks, momentarily dazed by confusion and intimidation. She used the distraction to wrap the the Force around herself once again, but now she spoke to him directly instead of from inside his mind. "There is nothing for you to gain here. Leave." He stood there for a second, then reacted to what she said. "I have nothing to gain here. I will leave." He walked off much like the previous rioters, giving the Echani a clear path towards the people she had laid her eyes on earlier.

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Hazel Zanteres

The Angel/Devil on your Shoulder
"Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Either way it's not exactly going to put the Order in a good light if the HoloNet News is suddenly 'Sacred Lotus kills rioters'." As they moved through the crowds, she heard Amaya's comment, the exasperation in her voice and the fact she was struggling to keep up. Hazel looked back at the woman with a teasing smirk. "I thought you Mandos were meant to be tough and fit, more than enough to keep up with a little doctor like me."

Though then again, that was said by someone with a decade's worth of experience running across battlefields.

"Though if I do recall, you're an engineer right?" Hazel had remembered Amaya's name back when she had familiarized herself with all the faces that had come to join the Sacred Lotus. Most especially the ones that comprised the 'Lotus Guard'. There was enough experience in her past to know to look out for any potential loose cannons, which was quite crucial for a pacisfist order like theirs. That, and the fact Mandalorians were typically known for shooting first, asking questions later.

Not a minute later Hazel's attention was suddenly drawn to the side as a voice shouted for help. It could've been towards anyone else, not specifically them. But Hazel wasn't going to ignore any plea for aid if she could help it. With a small signal to Amaya and the others, Hazel pushed forward towards Nylea. She stopped though when the woman suddenly brought out her lightsaber to halt the rioter's progress towards her. The Hapan looked on with a curious expression as a seemingly silent exchange went down, resulting in the man walking away for no reason, his previous violent intent vanishing.

"Nice work." Hazel said, walking the rest of the way to Nylea. Then immediately began to examine the wounded woman she was helping. "How is she?"

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