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Unicron v Death Star v Galactus

Valx Raizod

PkMn Trainer Red
So while reading a comic book the other day, I had an epiphany--what if Unicron, Galactus and The Death Star were to get into a fight? If you don't know who Galactus or Unicron is I'll give a short explanation below.

---Galactus is a character in the Marvel comics universe. He is a being that devours planets for sustenance. He is accompanied by the Silver Surfer who acts as a harbinger for planets who will be eaten.

---Unicron is a planetoid-esque sentient robot from the Transformers universe. It also devours whole planets. It is an extremely powerful being in the Transformers universe.

That being said, who would win in a battle?

Satine D'nara

Queen of Zygerria
Well it depends on how the fight would go. I mean Galactus is big but in reality, he's about as tall as Godzilla, maybe another hundred feet bigger. He eats planets by draining the inner resources and all that, not actually eating them whole. Unicron is about the size of a moon, bigger I think if he transforms. The Death Star needs people to fire a blast for it and it takes time to charge the laser.

If Galactus hops onto Unicron and starts attacking him and the two are busy fighting each other then the Death Star has a chance to blow both of them away with one shot. But of one or the other knows how powerful the Death Star is then either one will likely take it out before going after each other. But then there's if the Silver Surfer is involved in which case Galactus would tell him to take down the Death Star in some way while he fought Unicron.

Idk I'd have to say I think Unicron might be the winner in the end. He seems to have a bit more of an advantage.


Jedi Dragon
"Galactus, Proceed your way to Oblivion!" Unicron eatting Galactus.

Deathstar starts charging,

Unicron starts the eatting proccess of the Deathstar as chunks get ripped off from the vaccum of Unicrons stomach.

Deathstar exploads as everyone on it are killed from the breach of the pressurized walls being ripped from themselves, therefor nobody left to discharge the weapon.

Guess Unicron wins this one.