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Unconventional Student in need of Lightsided Mentor

King of Midvinter
So, my new species, the Valkyri, recently got approved so here I am with the very first to grace the board. :D

What I'm looking for is someone to take on this Space Viking Prince (yes, that's right) and break through his stubborn way to view the world, as he follows the traditions of his people and thus puts no stock in such a thing as the Force. I am in need of an eye-opener. ;)

That said, joining a major faction is out of the question for now, as he remains fiercly loyal to his people and this is his first time leaving his homeworld of Midvinter, so I would prefer to remain unaffiliated to any government. I do intend to join the Army of Light, so if you're also a member it would make more sense for you to take him on. Also, I would prefer that you're a Jedi. :3

His biography can be found here.

Give me a @mention if you're interested. ^-^


Velaeri Mortaine
I know you said you're not interested in a Major Faction and that you plan to join another Minor, but you might be intrigued by the Moross Crusade.

Our Pantheon is Norse-based, which goes hand-in-hand with what I'm seeing of your character here. :)


Velaeri Mortaine
I don't know that Moross has established any rapport with the Army of Light, ICly. Don't think we've run into anyone from there yet.

It is possible to be part of both factions, being that only one of them is Major. There are likely to be some IC complications, but that's the fun of these sorts of things. :)