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Intent: To add the submission to the metal I used in my old Darkestnite Saber, as well as a few other items. Forgot to post it back then, thought I had. (even had a dev thread)
Development Thread: Being simply a metal, and nothing beneficial I'm not sure if I need one, since I lost the other.
Manufacturer: J.A.C
Model: Ultrasteel
Affiliation: J.A.C
Modularity: N/A
Production: Minor
Material: Ultrachrome + Steel
A much acclaimed metal Ultrachrome is, but hard to find as well. Ha. Ultrachrome is exceedingly rare (even on the restricted items list) so Zaiden decided to break down what few weapons he had left that held Ultrachrome. Once the metals were spread and pure, Zaiden sought the utmost potent strain of Steel he could find and spent nearly a year searching, and a 10 million dollar credit expense to traverse the cosmos etc.

Many believe it foolish, but Zaiden retains the serenity of mind that the metals would combine to create a new, cheaper and durable metal. With the molecular roughness of the Steel, and the complex combinations in the Ultrachrome, he believed he could graft a metal that would be durable against energy weapons and melee weapons alike.

Energy Weapon - 6
Melee Weapon - 8

A couple of big flaws here.

I’m no metallurgist, but I’m pretty sure that trying to alloy two alloys isn’t going to work. Generally, the reason for an alloy is to add something which stabilises the core element. So tin is added to copper for form a harder, more durable bronze. Likewise carbon is added to iron to make steel. Even a fictional material like Phrik is made of Phrikite ore and Tyderium.
Alloying also requires a lot MORE of both metals, as material is lost in the alloy process, so it would not be cheaper, it would be more expensive.

I’m not sure what you’re actually hoping to achieve here since you’re making a rare product even more rare.

However, let’s assume that actually works, I am going to want a Dev thread detailing your journey and the process of doing this. Your submission is incredibly vague, so I want this put into action. I can’t take a lost dev thread as proof.

As it is, with no dev thread and the prospect of making something already rare even more exclusive, this has to be denied.

You can second chance it once you’ve done a dev thread, or if you think I’m being unfair in my judgement.
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