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  • Name: Ulki

  • Designation: Sentient

  • Homeworld: Crystalsong

  • Language: Crystalsong Standard, Ulkirappa

  • Average height of adults: 2.10 metres

  • Skin colour: Light brown, beige.

  • Hair colour: None, though horns are dark brown, black, or gray.

  • Breathes: Type I

  • Strengths:
Physically Strong - Ulki, due to their body build, are stronger than an average human.
Horns & Claws - horns and claws of Ulki are useful weapons when attacking someone. They are also good when there’s a need for self-defense.

  • Weaknesses:
Low Intellect - compared to the galactic average, Ulki are really stupid. They don’t have much logical thinking and learning new things takes more time than it takes for humans. They are also unable to learn too complex things like creating a lightsaber, meditating, founding a company, etc.
Primitive - compared to the galactic average technological and cultural advancements, Ulki can be considered primitive.
Warmongering - the warmongering nature of Ulki gets them into lots of troubles. Because of their low intellect and primitive technology, they don’t often understand, that they can’t fight against more advanced species.

  • Distinctions: Strong body build, horns growing out of their head instead of hair, no body hair, claw-like formations instead of nails, heads are in the shape beasts normally have.

  • Average Lifespan: 70

  • Races: “Browns”, “Beiges” - come from skin colours.

  • Diet: Meat, plants. Niok meat is poisonous to them, but it’s not known, why.

  • Communication: Verbal, written. The Crystalsong Standard is a modified version of the Galactic Basic Standard, though it’s unsure why it’s so. There are a few hundred new words, about a thousand removed ones (which the inhabitants of Crystalsong don’t need) and many modified ones. Letters are almost the same as they are in GBS. More commonly is used their own language, Ulkirappa. They have almost the same letters as the Galactic Basic, but they enjoy having double consonants like there are in Ulkirammor and Ulkirappa. They also put the word “Ulki” in almost all of their main nouns.

  • Culture: Ulki, the most primitive beings on the planet, are ruled by their Supreme King, but basically that’s everything. They don’t have formal laws, there’s only one fact: Everybody must obey the orders of the Supreme King. A person would probably consider them anarchic, but actually there’s order in their state. They can just do everything they want as long as they don’t do anything against their ruler. Partly because of that, common culture doesn’t exist. But like Nioks, they all celebrate their ruler’s birthday, which is basically everything. Though it’s not culture nor a law, all people have to be members of the Ulki Army. The Supreme King title is hereditary. Ulki see the Force like most of the people see: there’s a Light Side and then there’s the Dark Side. They prefer the Dark Side. Most of the wealthy people are land-owners, warriors, warlords, warlocks, shamans. They are stuck in a completely different time period the galaxy has not seen in a while. While some species could be considered as living in the Middle Age judging by their cultural advancements and technology, Ulki could be considered as living in the Ancient Era or even before that, judging by their culture.

  • Technology level: Their technology is really primitive. They still use weapons made out of nondurable metals, they know nothing about holotechnology, neither have they ever seen any starships. It’s surprising, that they manage to fight against technologically advanced species.

  • General behaviour: Ulki are warmongering. They are also very brutal and if they want something, they can do everything from threatening the person to destroying their family. If they see another, new person, they don’t treat them well. That’s because they think Ulki are the most important species. Also, they don’t think much about cultural and technological advancements. They think culture makes people weak and thus, they shouldn’t be left alone near museums, in theatres, other cultural places.

  • History:
430 ABY - first recorded history of Ulki.
431 ABY - Ulkirammor is made. The first Supreme King is called Gnik Emerpus. Law and order has been brought into the former Ulki clans.
432 ABY - five of the former Ulki clans have been united with Ulkirammor. Rulers of the five former clans become the personal advisors of the King.
433 ABY - sixteen former clans of Ulki ally with Ulkirammor. The five advisors lose their positions due to Gnik’s orders. He gains enough power and influence to declare himself the absolute ruler of Ulkirammor.
434 ABY - all Ulki clans are now a part of Ulkirammor. People are inspired by the power of their supreme leader, so they start planning invading other species of the planet. The Supreme King starts feeling a bit ill. Local doctors find out he has been infected with a powerful virus unknown to the species.
435 ABY - the Supreme King dies. His son, Roinuj Gnik Emerpus, gets the throne, but people don’t believe in him as much as they did in his father. The unknown virus starts spreading in the capital city.
436 ABY - Ulkirammor falls to virus, now known as the Gulag Virus.
437 ABY - Ulkirammor struggles to keep their citizens alive. Citizens have lost all faith in their ruler and demand giving the throne to someone else. Roinuj denies their wants and thus, people consider him as a tyrant who must be eliminated.
438 ABY - the capital city is almost desolate. People from all around Ulkirammor are building citadels which are supposed to protect the healthy from the infected. Roinuj escapes the Kingdom.
439 ABY - things have become serious. Most citizens are now dead. The living ones have escaped the Kingdom and are now forming clans again. The former glory of Ulkirammor ceases to exist.
440 ABY - Ulkirammor lies in ashes, twenty clans of Ulki have formed and are now independent. Instead of living in camps like they did before Ulkirammor, clans now have strongholds which still serve the purpose of protecting the healthy.
445 ABY - Ulki are desperate. They demand an antivirus, which, unfortunately, doesn’t exist.
450 ABY - some Ulki clans unite and discuss recreating their former powerful nation. There’s no knowledge of Roinuj’s current status. It’s believed, that he fell to the Gulag Virus with the whole family.
460 ABY - fifteen Ulki clans have come together again and have signed the Treaty of Democracy. The New Ulkirammor is ruled by the United Clan League, which consists of 15 members who are all former rulers of Ulki clans.
462 ABY - all Ulki clans have decided to become one with the New Ulkirammor. The League now consists of 20 member.
463 ABY - Roinuj Gnik Emerpus comes back and states the following:
“I, the rightful ruler of this fine nation, demand the throne to be given back to the rightful owners, the Emerpus family. In the meanwhile, when you struggled at staying alive, have I talked with other inhabitants of this planet and with an amount of discussions, have gathered an army which will serve as my personal militaristic force. Anybody who shows disloyalty, are appointed to die through my mighty companions.”
The speech is now the first paragraph of the Ulkirammor Law, which, strangely, is made out of this one paragraph and the law, that the Supreme King is absolute.
464 ABY - Roinuj Gnik Emerpus gets the throne back, the New Ulkirammor is renamed Ulkirammor, the United Clan League is deassembled. The era of peace starts, though many people still die because of the Gulag Virus.
479 ABY - strongholds, citadels, fortified houses fill Ulkirammor. The latest infection wave destroyed all outer regions of Ulkirammor. The capital is shivering.
481 ABY - Roinuj Gnik Emerpus dies. His son Gnouy Relur Emerpus gets the throne, restoring faith in the Ulki people.
553 ABY - Gnouy Relur Emerpus dies. His son Em-Gnik Emerpus gets the throne. The former glory of Ulkirammor is being restored.
600 ABY - the most recent wave of Gulag Virus hits the capital especially hard. Ulkirammor is facing their second desolation.
708 ABY - the Gulag Plague is almost gone. Ulkirammor recovers from the damage caused by the virus.
764 ABY - the Supreme King, Ultekke Emeprus, a descendant of Roinuj Gnik Emerpus, of Ulkirammor invades the Larrik Republic. Millions of innocent people die. Ulkirammor wins the invasion and also a part of the Larrik state. The little part is renamed Markhareim City.
800 ABY - Larriks, Nioks and Mankarii combine forces to fight against the Tatooine colony which has grown bigger than Ulkirammor and has gained much influence. Ulkirammor and Nàrdanhect don’t choose sides in that war.
836 ABY - adventurers of Coruscant arrive to Crystalsong. Ulkirammor frequently invades different states, but has not won any of these smaller invasions yet, Tatooine colony seeks to invade the Larrik Republic with the help of Ulkirammor and the human colony quickly becomes one of the major powers on Crystalsong, becoming a serious enemy for Ulki.

  • Notable Player-Characters: None yet.

  • Intent: I am trying to make this species to have a new, a bit different species in Chaos. It would bring new storylines and possibilities.
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