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Ulúk Tgalieh

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Name: Ulúk Tgalieh

Region: Far Unknown
System: The Furian Pulsar
Suns: One; Furia, Neutron Star
Orbital Position: First planet; "habitable" zone
Moons: Õilgnut (larger), Ruðamaðárrof (smaller), Nnaðuad'ritfe'fíl (artificial)



Rotational Period: 25.1 standard hours
Orbital Period: 421 days

Class: Terrestrial Standard
Diameter: 14,567 km/equator
Atmosphere: Type I
Climate: Controlled
Gravity: 1.2G
Primary Terrain: Grassland (5%), Mountainous (3%), Oceanic (62%), Arctic (6%), Desert (2%), Forest (22%)

Native species: Ruferalahuín
Immigrated species: None
Primary languages: Alat Rufer (Ruferalahuín), Galactic Standard Basic (Ruferalahuín & immigrated)
Government: Tribal Congregations
Population: Ruferalahuín-3,300,000 Other-Unsubstantial
Demonym: None
Major cities: Raion, Origin (Hidden), Nidus


Major imports: None
Major exports: None
Affiliation: None

Raion is a small settlement nestled up on the side of a jagged valley. It, like all Ulúk Tgalieh cities and villages, is comprised purely of Ruferalahuín. It is home to the Ruksenmih tribe and is thus, by nature, very difficult itself to find. The population here numbers around 12,000-14,000, consistently Ruksenmih to the last resident. The people here are usually very quiet and soft-spoken, often forgoing words for foresight and body language. Just like the city, its inhabitants are quiet, illusive and introverted to outsiders. Assuming one is fortunate enough to find the city, they will find apt difficulty being allowed within and fitting in. It's native inhabitants are very weary and apprehensive of outsiders. Raionites are predominantly nocturnal.
Origin is a hidden construct city, buried on a sunken platform deep below the sea level. It has yet to be discovered or raised and as far as all are concerned, it is not even known to exist in any way. With no inhabitants, defined culture is literally nonexistent.
Nidus is considerably the largest population center of the Ruferalahuín. It is primarily inhabited by the Tera'Ma race, however all are welcomed within its safeguarding reaches. It is a city of grand stone and clay structures cut or build into the mountainsides of the tallest, deepest range on the planet, roughly 200 kilometers below the arctic circle. About 200,000 people live there, ranging all of the four tribes and beyond; even the occasional human is known to live among its ranks. Society is relatively simple here, similar to medieval human times. Emphasis is placed on hard work and community effort.
The World
Ulúk Tgalieh is a generally dangerous and unforgiving place. From outside its atmosphere and dense magnetic field, outward rays from the pulsar can constantly be seen, day and night. Of the many different biomes and terrains that exist, even the noble Ruferalahuín have taken to the one thirty-third of the world that contains full mountain ranges due to the safety it provides from the monstrosities below and throughout. The Ruferalahuín do not use credits; the cities and larger of the tribe-owned villages use minted coins, while the rest of the known world may use the barter system for trade. Only dozens of foreigners travel to and from Ulúk Tgalieh each year. Many Ruferalahuín are assumed to have left in this manner with others, though almost none of these outsiders stay. Tribes, though relatively peaceful and caring, tend to stay within their own borders and associate primarily with their own kind. Thanks to mild ideological and geographic isolationism, the main three tribes have remained very distinct and racially pure. Ruferalahuín do not breed with humans or near-humans and thus have or will avoid(ed) such relationships.
(For more information on the racial Tribes, see the Ruferalahuín species page.)

Technology: The Ruferalahuín are the only known sentient species to have inhabited Ulúk Tgalieh; though they are not the first. Long ago, nearly a hundred millenia into the past, an advanced race of unknown name and origin dubbed the Progenitors ruled the planet and its nearby systems. For reasons unknown, all traces of their existence simply vanished, and they were obscured from the annuls of time and history for all of eternity... or so they thought. In the early 800's, a single group of explorers and excavators found the first ever traces of former civilization, shards of technology fallen from the old moon Nnaðuad'ritfe'fíl, buried under thousands of years of earthen rock and land changes. Among one of the oldest creations in the known galaxy, suddenly... the Ruferalahuín were not alone. However, only the horrors of their originators' extinction and their once thought erased constructs would remain. Unsuspecting of the locals' eyes.

Early in history, somewhere around 95,000 BBY, an ancient advanced race of solar spacefaring beings (known for history sake as Progenitors) lived on the planet known as Ulúk Tgalieh. Their civilization nears its peak. The Progenitors faced global warfare, and a weapon of mass destruction is developed with the intent of "resetting" society by the losing side by eliminating their entire population. It is delivered in the form of an ICBM and unleashes a biological agent which specifically targets all advanced sentient beings. Within years, global population reaches near zero. After centuries of civil wars, the few surviving Progenitors spend the remainder of their fated lives tending to final preparations to remove all signs of civilization and maintain the natural environment. A bio-engineering project secretly conducted prior by a private subdivision is all but lost to history and remains sealed within the surface of Ulúk Tgalieh. The final Progenitor died in 91,567. 77,500 BBY; One of the three celestial bodies orbiting Ulúk Tgalieh, originally believed to be a low-class moon, finally loses sustained orbit and enters a trajectory for the second smallest moon. This critical failure of the construct causes the ruinous containment cells on Ulúk Tgalieh to release. The Ruferalahuín race is born. Over the next few millenia, it intercepts the moon and collides off-center, splitting it open and sending debris and chunks of the moon to rain down on the planet. The local flora and fauna population is decimated. Trace amounts of remaining bio-agent samples are unleashed on the planet. However, it has no negative effects on the new population, mostly due to their related genetic construction. Circa 1,200 BBY, the second moon reaches a perigee of 42,597 km from Ulúk Tgalieh thanks to its accidental artificial orbit. A historic but unsung day, in 457 BBY the first Ruferalahuín leaves Ulúk Tgalieh.

The Ruferalahuín were born as a species tens of thousands of years ago. Aside from that, little if anything is known about their past or their origins. Unknown to anyone, there was once an advanced race before theirs which once civilized the world of Ulúk Tgalieh. However, some sort of global event had removed them and all traces of their existence, somehow leaving the rest of the world and its inhabitants intact. They are, in truth, the true progenitors of all the tribes. All that remains of this enigmatic race is a small, hollow artificial moon cracked open from a grazing collision with its true moon, thrown into decay by many millenia of disrepair and abandonment. The surface of the planet is littered with visceral beasts, thick rainforests and Force-irradiated debris fallen from the lunar Dyson; a place where only the Force adept would survive. Having minimal contact with the outside galaxy due to location, they weathered the Gulag Plague and those who would spread it. Despite their comfortable but solitary existence alone in the fringe of the Atrisian Unknown space, a very rare few seized the means to leave everything they know behind in search of something greater. Answers.

Notable PC's: None

Intent: Planet for the Ruferalahuin, and location for the faction-hosted event I am planning. It is yet hidden and secretive, as I intend it to be used at first exclusively for this big thing I'm planning, then the conclusions of that will decide what happens to it as of then on. When that is said and done, it's free game for anyone and any faction. Anyone is free to "stumble" upon it at any time, however it's borders are heavily guarded and there is the potential for incarceration.


Then explain to me, despite me being actively working in the background, why we (still) have a Work In Progress button. Please and thank you. xD
@[member="Alachei Mnemenos"]

Looks good at the moment, but there are a few things I'd like to point out at the moment:

1. You should copy-paste the culture and history parts into this submission, too. It would be much simpler.

2. Your intention is to have a planet for an event. But what happens when the event is over? Will it still be used?

3. Are you sure it's a neutron star? It wouldn't provide the needed amount of heat to keep anything living. It would also send out a 'considerable' amount of radiation.

I will see if there are any other problems when you are done with these.


1. Edited.

2. Yes. Already stated in intent.

3. Oh, I know, it's a "Climate: Controlled" world. Artificial climate. Generated magnetic field. All that good stuff.

@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"]
@[member="Alachei Mnemenos"]

So... I'm going to ask for more information about culture. You should write about daily life, government, the Force, society... It's needed because there are also humans and near-humans on the planet.


4,000 humans on a planet larger than earth, a society doth not maketh. @[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"]

Edit: Also, I felt like reducing it to 2,000. No need for so many researchers.
@[member="Alachei Mnemenos"]

*sighs* You don't have to remove humans. It doesn't matter if there are humans or not, I'm asking for more cultural information. Otherwise I can't approve the planet.


When it said refer to species, you told me to copy and paste the info from, to.
I did.
You asked me for more cultural info because there were other species.
I removed the other species.
Now you're asking me for more cultural info still, even though I copied and pasted the info from the species that owns it.

If that was approved with only that much cultural information, and that's all that lives here, why do I have to add more info if that was approved? My following question is inevitably going to be, "then why was that approved?"

@[member="Alachei Mnemenos"]

I understand you, so please understand me too. I work with planets, someone else works with species. All FJs and RPJs judge submissions according to how they feel about them. I try to be veray strict about everything, I want to see detailed information, not only some general talk.

So would you add more information about the culture?


A planet is just a rock.

There simply is no connection between the culture of the single sentient species and this rock. I don't see why I should be bothered to write about the culture of the species again when I already have and it was approved with said species as such.

However you're new to this rodeo so I will be giving and do it anyways.

At my own pace, in my own leisure.


Yes, exactly, it's not the whole planet. I shouldn't have to be asked to write more about the species' culture for the planet sub. I already did that, it's called the species sub. If you were to roleplay there, which wouldn't happen because it's not meant to be open until after the event/campaign and will be updated to fit the results of the event at a later date, quite frankly you wouldn't know anything because there isn't anything to be known about it. It isn't a planet full of people and civilization and... whatever lively, active, "fun" stuff you want. That is the point. Oh, and if you roleplayed there through the event, you still wouldn't know much about its almost inexistent culture because the event was designed to be surprising and interactive.

No matter how you look at it, you're asking for something that has no association with the planet itself. Granted, the -one- very small civilized species lives there, but again, others need only look to that species for its culture, because that is its culture.

TL;DR: There's nothing to know. That would be the idea, milady.

However I invite you to partake so that we may build that civilization IC together. c:
I will have to deny this submission because of lack of cooperation and disrespectful behaviour. This is not only my decision; many other judges agreed on it.

You may ask for a second chance, but I recommend you to change your behaviour and start working with judges to make the submission better. Also, the statement, that no one can RP on it until the event is over is not an option. You are creating a planet where everyone can RP on, after all.
Second Chanced with the understanding that attitude and argumentative adjustments are to be made when dealing with Factory Staff, edits to History and Culture to be made, etc. This was not wrongfully judged initially, but provided the writer can co-operate rather than work against we're willing to let it be worked upon more.

@Alachei Mnemenos

You argued throughout the entirety of the thread with a brand new Factory Judge and then wonder why she's asked to deny it?

Next time think about how you phrase things, this isn't a debate, it isn't a bartering system, if you were going to edit then edit - there's no need for excessive posting in a submission thread, you should only be replying when the edits have been made as asked.

With that said, I'm going to ask that you build upon the history a little more, and try to make the intent less exclusive - planets can be stumbled upon by people, even if to begin with it's unknown and hidden; do not restrict the roleplay of others.

I'll unarchive this and will expect you to make the changes asked for by Lilith and my own request for history additions. Remember you're adding to the lore of the site through submissions. If the history was condensed it wouldn't even make a substantial paragraph.

I'll be taking over this submission.
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