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Approved Tech Tytheish Royal Fusilier Unifrom

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  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances
- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High

- Kinetic: High

- Lightsabers: Average

- Blades: High

- Other:

Elements: Average

Sonic: Low

Acid: High

EMP: Non

  • Layers can be removed as needed, can be worn in almost any occasion
  • Grazing: Can deflect almost any attack if only grazing, lightsabers, blaster, blades and more are unable to penetrate the armor if not a direct hit due to multi laying.
  • Light: Being mainly made from fabric based armor the TGU is light and easy to move around in fur the user, good for skirmishers and light infantry.
  • Easily fixed: The layering style means if one section is damaged it can easily be replaced and repaired, even during the middle of combat.
  • Fancy: The ornamentation and flashy colors means that this suit is easier to spot (outside of red environments) then most armor.
  • Heavy Hits: Though able to defect much punishment from grazing and other forms a direct hit from a saber or heavy caliber round will penetrate this armor.
  • EMP: Does not provide any EMP protection.
With the establishment of the Principality of Tythe the need for a local military uniform to set them apart from regular CIS troops became a subject to discuss. In time with aesthetic interjection by Chikako the Royal Armory soon developed a light layered fabric bases armored uniform for Royal Gurads to wear as protection. This armor is made of woven Armorweave with the over all body comprised into 3 separate armored layers This allows the armor to remain relatively light weight while still maintaining a good amount of protective properties.
Hello, I'll be reviewing your submission this evening.

So off the top, i think i need the production value raised to Limited due to the high number of resistances. If this is not what you'd like for this set of armor, please lower one of your resistances.

Chikako Liona said:
EMP: Does not provide any EMP protection.
You have a very low rating for EMP, please reduce this to None to make this weakness true.

[member="Chikako Liona"]
After a second look, I'm still going to need to raise the production of this uniform to limited. It has extreme resistant capability and while it is fine for a guard unit, I'll need it raised to reflect such.

[member="Chikako Liona"]
The uniform is not for a specific unit and will be used by a large amount of NPC's and possibly PC in the future so I can't put it down to limited, unless I am able to re-sub this same design with minor differences several times over for different units. [member="Adron Malvern"]
Chikako Liona said:
Intent: To Sub a standard Light armor for the Tythish Royal Guards
What you just said is contrary to your intent on making the submission. Here you state it is being utilized by a royal guard style unit. Which should well fit under limited.

If this is for a "large" amount of NPC's these ratings will have to be adjusted once again.

[member="Chikako Liona"]
Limited is intended for small tasks forces and groups. I.E. Guard forces, special forces groups, there is no specific number so long as it makes sense to the limit.

[member="Chikako Liona"]
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