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Twilight of Prophecy

The Two Who Were One
For months the League of Voss has been a thorn in the side of the Sith Empire, attacking its border territories and stymying its growth into the Tion Cluster and other areas of space once occupied by the Silver Jedi. Now the opportunity has come to deliver a hammer-blow to the League, and cripple the organization once and for all. Come and join your Emperor as he brings forth ruin to the mystical world of Voss, and ultimately help claim it for the glorious Empire!

Success or Death.
The Dominion of Voss has ben approved!
The planet is ours!​
As usual, here is your shiny:​
You can find this and more in our Faction Art thread.​
Join us next time as we proceed further out in our expansion into the Tingel Arm!​