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True Blue

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Hangar Bay

The social gathering, meet up, kickoff event for the Army of Light had proven to be a display of the male ego at its worst. Even the Jedi were not immune to the carnal display of dominance that was natural to every species in the known universe. The event had not proven to be fully unproductive for the Jedi Sentinel however. Judah had enjoyed a good whiskey and met @[member="Cambria Zadira"], the Rutian Twi’lek that had followed him into the hangar bay. The invitation was simple. They both needed to finish their post flight checks on their respective starfighters. Judah had been amused she actually followed him, and grateful. The Sentinel walked a lonely path as a Jedi Shadow, and as much as he said he did not need it, Judah needed friendship.

The pair was met by Judah’s R9 astromech droid "Sparky." The droid bleeped and blooped something about how attractive Cambria was, to which Judah simply smacked the droid lightly on top of its dome. He started moving toward his starfighter as he spoke.

“Never mind Sparky. I think he’s Corellian.”

Pointing to the starfighter, Judah smiled proudly.

“There she is. Isn’t she a beauty.”

Judah’s attention turned briefly to Sparky again.

“Sparky get up there and put the post flight readouts up on the display. You did do the scan right?”

Sparky could be temperamental and decide to take breaks at the most inopportune times. Fortunately Sparky did do the work, and Judah started to look over the display as he continued to talk with Cambria. Judah was good at multitasking. He could fully pay attention to a conversation and work at the same time. It was a must if the work on the fighter was to get done, since Judah was used to being his own mechanic. The hooded cloak was taken off and set aside as it would only get in the way of the work.

“So Cambria tell me a little bit more about your life as a Jedi? You said the path of Guardian has always called to you. How did you know for sure that was the right path?”
A Blue Guardian Angel
@[member="Judah Lesan"]

A dark eyebrow raised in amusement at Judah and his R9 unit. It was good to know someone else had a quirky astromech droid. "Why thank you, Sparky. You are not so bad yourself," Cambria said understanding perfectly his droid speak, then she patted the little green droid's domed head as she passed by.

The Rutian Twi'lek smiled appreciatively at the Eta-2, then to Judah. "Yes, your Interceptor is very nice… Seems you care well for her. That says much of the kind of pilot you are. I will be happy to fly as your wingman," she nodded, then proceeded around to the other side of his starfighter to hers. "And, this is mine with my co-pilot in her socket. Give a salutation to our compatriots, Geenie."

The light blue astromech droid, which matched the ship's exterior color scheme swirled it's doom around and beeped what essentially was a simple "hello". Cambria's lekku twitched as if she had just sighed, then she slipped off her cloak as Judah had leaving the Twi'lek dressed in her modified Jedi attire. She opened a small compartment on the port side fuselage and took out a tool kit along with a pair of mechanic's overalls.

After slipping on the overalls, the Jedi Ace climbed up onto the craft's port wing with the tool kit and opened the cockpit's canopy with the flick of her hand. "When I was found to be Force-sensitive at the age of three after I made a big boulder move while hysterically trying to help my pinned father after a cave collapse in the lower caverns of my homeworld, the Jedi Watchman of Ryloth took me to the Temple to be trained. I am thankful for that as otherwise I would have had the same destiny that befalls other female Twi'leks of lower class clans in my culture instead of being in a position to help free them from their forced slavery," Cambria shared, then continued as she took out a small hydrospanner.

"My youngling years were unremarkable really except it was evident I had a strong affinity for telekinesis and my skills with a training saber. I was taken by Master Alince at age thirteen to become her padawan learner. I continued to grow in the physical Force skills as well as mind trick and to an extent healing. When I was nearing the time for the Jedi Knight Trials, I accompanied my master on one of her archaeology quests looking for Force enhanced artifacts. We encountered a Dark Spirit, which I fought with and destroyed without being turned to the Darkside. Upon our return to the Temple, Master Alince knighted me saying that I had shown the true qualities of a Jedi Knight. After that I followed the path of a Guardian, serving the Council to aid, defend, and protect Republic citizens as called upon to do, and freeing some slaves along the way… How about you, Judah. What made you decide upon the path of a Sentinel?"
Codex Judge
@[member="Cambria Zadira"]

The dark haired Knight quickly skimmed the post flight reports before he grabbed his own tool kit. Routine work was all he needed to do. There were some fuel lines to tighten, but other than that everything had checked out okay. The twin ion engines held up nicely, and the hyperdrive was checking out at satisfactory performance levels. Unlike Cambria, Judah decided to forgo a set of coveralls. He did not mind a little dirt. The stains that were sometimes left behind helped with his mysterious look anyway. It was the shadow in him that desired to maintain a bit of that mystery, but here he was talking with someone he had just met. She had summed up her past, and he was about to sum up his.

“Thanks Sparky, I got the repairs I think buddy,” Judah said letting his companion know his work was done.

Reaching for his hydrospanner Judah went to work on the adjustments he needed to make in order to have the fighter ready for its next flight. What caught Judah’s attention the most about Cambria’s story was her certainty of what her fate would have been had she not been force sensitive. Yes, Judah had been listening, and he just shook his head at the thought, or mention, of the slave trade industry. His personal feelings on the subject matter were strong, and there were days he wished he could shut it down entirely. The thought was noble, but much larger than anything he could do alone, but that did not stop him from helping one at a time, when he could.

“Well personally I’m glad you’re here and not dancing for some perverted slug somewhere,” Judah said, the tone of his voice indicating he actually cared. It was the first time in their conversation where the sentinel’s words carried more than just the normal, casual tone of a light conversation. “Your species definitely has a rare and exotic beauty, but that doesn’t mean it should be exploited for the profit of others, or against the will of the individual.”

That was about as close as Judah was going to let himself come to say what he meant by that. He thought Cambria was very beautiful, but considering they just met, and the fact they were both Jedi, Judah refrained from expressing the thought. The Army of Light held a much more relaxed view on the idea of attachments, chaos, passion and other things. Judah was not sure where he was with all of that yet, but his reaction to Cambria’s observation, and the way he seemed to be taking his frustration out on the repairs, showed he lived closer to the creed than the code. Mentally though, Judah had always forced himself to view the code for what it was. The creed presented an entirely new mindset, one that made him think about things.

“I don’t know too many people who have remarkable years as a youngling. Mine were the same old routine day in and day out. I was always a strong empathy though. That’s what got me identified. My parents did not believe in the force. Jedi, Sith, they were all just cheap parlor magicians. Even at a young age though I could tell what people were thinking, and in my immaturity I had no filter so always blurted it out. My parents thought I was a freak, but for once in their lives allowed for the force, and had me tested. As far as I know they were happy to hand me over to that recruiter.”

Judah sighed. It had been nearly twenty years ago when that had happened, but in some ways the thought still stung as if it had just been the day before.

“Master Odin Gannik took me on as his Padawan learner when I was about twelve or thirteen. He picked up on my natural abilities as an empath, and focused my initial training with much of the mental abilities and telekinetic skills. The physical ones came as well. All in all you could say my training was well rounded, as it should be for a Sentinel. When I was approaching the time for my trials we were sent to investigate rumors of hidden library. It seemed the Sith were after it as well, and we were caught in battle. After defeating the Sith and retrieving a very rare holocron, Master Gannik pushed my promotion through.”

Stopping there, Judah tried to stop himself from getting choked up, but he felt it coming, and knew his body language was giving him away. One tear slid down his right cheek. It was all he would allow.

“Master Gannik was killed on a mission shortly after he knighted me. It’s been just me following the path of the Shadow alone ever since.”

Judah quickly moved on from the topic. He was till guarding himself somewhat, and did not want to leave himself vulnerable for sympathy. Sympathy from someone could potentially lead to friendship, and Judah was avoiding it, or trying to. Something about Cambria was not letting him though. Despite wanting to remain behind the mask he presented, Judah found himself showing Cambria a glimpse of what was hidden behind it.

“You fly the right ship,” Judah said getting back to the subject of their fighters, “I’ll be your wingman, besides as far as we know right now, it’s just us.”