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Approved Starship Trition Prime Station

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Dunames Lopez

Megalomaniac CEO of Star Tours

  • Intent: To provide the long-overdue Factory sub for the Gandle Ott station
  • Image Source: Here (credit: [member="Gir Quee"])
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Star Tours, Fa Holdings, Lucerne Labs
  • Model: Trition Prime Station
  • Affiliation: Outer Rim Coalition
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Reinforced Titanium hull
  • Classification: Large Civilian Platform
  • Length: 5000m
  • Width: 5000m
  • Height: 2200m
  • Armament: Very Low

  • 12 Turbolaser Batteries
    12 Ion Cannon Batteries
    10 Flak Cannon Batteries
    20 Quad Laser Cannon Batteries
    10 Point Defense Laser Cannon Batteries
  • Defenses: Average
  • Hangar: 0 Squadrons; however ten docking pylons capable of accommodating up to small star destroyer scale capital ships, numerous docking clamps and hangars for smaller civilian craft craft
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
  • Speed Rating: Very Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: 1

Extensive Docking and Star Port Facilities: Trition Prime Station is a vast hub of commerce that is centered around ten spoke-like docking pylons that jut of the station's center. Each spoke is capable of supporting the docking, cargo and personnel transfer, and basic maintenance needs of some of the galaxy's largest ships. A myriad of smaller docking pylons and rental hangars provide the same services for smaller ships.

Gandle Ott Travel Center: The Gandle Ott government maintains a travel service center operated by a mixture of civil servants and corporate workers. The center provides information about various cultural aspects of Gandle Ott, such as the cattarash mushroom ceremony, as well provides travel information about the world's cities, attractions, and links to passenger and cargo companiesthat provide servics to the area. One of the companies present in the city, Zil's Speeders, provides rental of a variety of repulsorcraft to better explore Gandle Ott's legendary natural beauty.

Trition Market: This six story mall contains a bewildering variety of shops that fill basic needs to the most exotic. The nature of the station's transient customers has shifted many of the shops to cater towards independent spacers and wealthy passengers. Many of the smaller shops and stalls are specialized, so it's not uncommon to see a Mandalorian smith set up right next to an Ithorian botanist selling herbal remedies. The sixth floor houses a food court that seems to routinely rotate through a variety of galactic food chains.

Lang Recreational Complex: The Lang Entertainment Complex was designed by the locals to ensnare as many credits from visitors looking for entertainment after completing the long and sometimes dreary Trition run. Much of the complex has been modeled on the interior of the Wheel, with several large casinos including the Crimson Katarn and the King's Place. For less bold visitors, the Lang Complex has several holo-vid theaters and several dozen Anywhere rooms. Ostensibly used to explore and experience different environments, rumors perpetuate their use as arenas for an underground fight club with ties to a local underground gambling syndicate. The complex is also home to several cantinas that cater to different cultural and species subsets.

General Warehouse: This area provides storage facilities to rent for independent spacers. Most of these areas are pretty small and come with only the most basic of security features, but the area is easily accessed by freight turbolifts that run from the hangars and docking points. There is an unwritten code that people don't pay attention to other people's cargo moving through this area, which has facilitated some small time smuggling.

Corporate Warehouses: These large warehouses are linked to the largest docking pylons and their freight turbolifts. Each cargo hold in this area can easily accommodate the cargo of an entire CEC Action IV Bulk Freighter. This typically means that only corporations and wealthy individuals can afford the price to rent each hold, though many feel it's a fair price for the convenience and heightened security in this area.

  • Port of Call: Trition Prime has all the necessary facilities of a large-scale spaceport including docking pylons for massive star destroyers or the largest bulk freighters, and an almost countless number of tramp freighter-sized hangar bays for independent spacers to rent. With these landing facilities also come with fueling and repair services.

  • Commerce Hub: Trition Prime is well-suited to handle all the tasks of facilitating the movement and holding of large amounts of cargo. The network of bulk freight turbolift cars stocked with binary loadlifters can easily move a bulk freighter's cargo to any of the station's internal warehouses in a matter of minutes.

  • Attraction Center: Much like how Gandle Ott was once known as Little Coruscant, Trition Prime is sometimes referred to as “the Little Wheel” is reference to the notorious Wheel. Like that station, Trition Prime contains casinos, cantinas, and a variety of other attractions that not only provide a source of recreation for visiting crews, but also serve as a tourist attraction in their own right.

  • Civilian: Trition Prime's civilian grade armament makes it vulnerable to attack by anything more than a ragtag band of pirates. The station relies on the defense forces of Gandle Ott and any nearby good samitarians to protect it from any substantial threats.

  • Stationary: Trition Prime cannot move either at sublight or superluminal speeds.

  • Large Target: Trition Prime is exceptionally large, which makes it fairly easy to hit with even the most inaccurate weapons at great ranges.
Description: Situated at the end of the Trition Trade Route, Trition Prime is a massive station designed to help facilitate interstellar trading not only with Gandle Ott, but also to serve as a tourist attraction of its own right with casinos, cantinas, holovid theaters, a full-sized shopping mall, and several dozen Anywhere rooms. With all of these amenities, Trition Prime has grown to become a busy base of operations for spacers of all types looking to kick about Wild Space.

This influx of people has drawn a larger group of business people to the station, with many hailing from Gandle Ott but nearly just as many coming from other systems in the Rift or from beyond. The native Ottians have been quite accommodating of their new found friends, just as eager to rub shoulders with them as to take their credits in business transactions. This interest in commerce first has led to a very free wheeling atmosphere aboard Trition Prime, where credits often hold more sway than the official laws of Gandle Ott itself.
<p>Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.</p>
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