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Approved Species Triticum Invicta

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  • Name: Triticum Invicta “Resil Wheat”
  • Origins: AgriCorp laboratory, Christophsis
  • Other Locations: Various
  • Classification: Wheat
  • Average Growth Cycle: From time of planting, maturity is reached in 1 galactic standard month. Asexual reproduction happens at full maturity after 1 galactic standard month. Plant continues to produce seeds until death occurs after 3 galactic standard months.
  • Viability: The crop can grow in virtually any environment or climate, even in lightly irradiated areas. Requires very little water to grow and maintains seed freshness for 6 months after harvest. Extreme cold and heat hampers growth, though it can survive with more maintenance.
  • Description: Deep green during initial growth that turns yellow-green upon maturity. Seeds turn golden yellow upon maturity and grow in “awns” wrapped in yellow-green leaves. Secondary leaves grow independently from awns along the main shoot.

  • Average Height: 2 meters
  • Average Length: N/A
  • Color: Deep green before maturity. Yellow-green upon maturity, with golden-yellow seeds.
  • Nutritional Value: Highly nutritional. Densely packed with protein, moderate carbohydrates, and numerous vitamins.
  • Toxicity: Naturally toxic to most insects, fungi and pestilence. Harmless towards harmless, pollinating insects and edible for larger lifeforms.
  • Other Effects: The plant’s usage in food can change depending on the level of refinement of the seeds. Plant produces high amounts of photosynthesis and expels unnecessary water, minerals or toxins through its secondary leaves.
  • Distinctions: The plant is incredibly durable and can grow in nearly any type of environment that has soil. Requires very little maintenance or water to fully grow, and has a naturally occurring pesticide that wards off potential hazards. Plant has the ability to “sweat” out unneeded water and minerals, or potentially harmful substances. The plant itself adjusts its natural internal heat depending on the climate it grows in.

  • Resilient: The plant can survive in nearly any kind of situation and has natural properties to help keep it alive in potentially deadly environments.
  • Growth: Genetically engineered to produce a large harvest as quickly as possible, the plant can reach maturity in a single galactic standard month and maintain viability for another 3 months, continuing to grow fresh seeds after each month.
  • Healthy: Designed to be grown particularly for emergencies, the plant contains high amounts of vitamins, protein and carbohydrates for just about any lifeform to live on.

  • Rare Pestilence: The plant only defends itself against the most common hazards to crops found in the galaxy. Rarer breeds could pose a danger to the crops.
  • Cold: While the plant is incredibly resilient, extremely cold climates can seriously hamper growth and even kill the plant entirely, especially in its growing stages.
  • Fire: As is to be expected, the plant will still catch fire, albeit more difficult, when exposed to intense or otherwise weaponized forms of heat. Furthermore, inhaling the smoke from the burning leaves and shoot produce mild hallucinogenic, relaxing and euphoric effects, as well as an increase in appetite.

Genetically made to solve numerous problems at once, including emergency rations as well as famine, Triticum Invicta, more commonly known as “Resil Wheat”, is the biggest product to be exported by AgriCorp.

The wheat was specially engineered to grow anywhere with as little maintenance or resources as possible, while growing quickly and producing large quantities of seeds. It has been immensely popular on worlds devastated by disasters or otherwise hampered abilities to produce edible, sustainable crops.

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