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Triad Security


  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Development Thread: Ill be writing one very soon.
  • Primary Source:
  • Corporation Name: Triad Security
  • Headquarters: Outside of Raider's Cove, Rishi
  • Locations: When not conducting operations on Rishi, most planning and coordinating is done aboard Myles' ship, The Tempest
  • Operations: Private Security Contractor/Risk Assessment
  • Tier: 1
If you are not sure if your business is protected from the dangers of the galaxy and want someone there just in case? Triad Security has you covered on all bases. Triad Security got its name from Triad meaning three. There were three principles the company was founded on: Fortitude, Strength & Reliability. You want armed escort from Planet X to Planet Y? You got it. You want armed personnel to oversee your mining operation? You got it. No matter the job, Triad will deliver.**
**We reserve the right to deny any job if if presents more harm than benefit. Restriction fees may apply.

Myles Davorak founded the company while on the rise in Rishi. He met soldiers and mercenaries of all statuses and this sparked the idea for him to start his own business. The security sector can pay very well and is a competitive field. While most contracts and planning is done on Rishi, Myles uses his ship; The Tempest to plan and coordinate his small company on the go. He has a small number of personnel watching and maintaining HQ while he is away. Davorak is also looking into the possibility of being able to manufacture vehicles/armament should he get successful enough. The location on Rishi is temporary. He will disband operations on Rishi once they settle into a more "permanent" home.

Subsidiaries: N/A
Parent Corporation: N/A
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Hey there, please review the company template and add the missing fields.

From first glance you are missing the Subsidiary and Parent company fields, if you aren't using them simply add N/A behind them.

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