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Approved Tech Trajan-Class War Droid, Mk. I

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  • Intent: To provide a reliable, multirole battle droid.
  • Image Source: Assassin Droid by ApneicMonkey
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Helix Syndicate
  • Affiliation: Helix Syndicate, Closed-Market
  • Modularity: Yes (Programming, Attachments)
  • Production: Mass
  • Material: Dura-Armor/Duravlex (Exterior), Durasteel (Skeleton)
  • Model: Trajan-Class War Droid
  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Weight: 142 Kilograms
  • Height: 1.9 Meters
  • Armaments: N/A
  • Misc. Equipment: HD Audio-Visual Recorder, Segregated Comlink, Computer Probe, Vocabulator, Sensorscope, General-Purpose Scanner, Myriad Visual System, Ionization Buffer

Essentially, the primary special feature of the Mk. I is versatility.

The Epicurus-Class Droid Brain allows the Mk. I to utilize the Pythagoras-Class Programming Suites. Although the Sallust-Class is limited to the B2 module, it is incredibly versatile in what programming it can accept and duties it can take on.

Much like the Sallust-Class Service Droid, it is possible to outfit the Mk. I with additional attachments. These are, of course, much more limited than what can be put on the Sallust-Class. The attachments for the Mk. I are mostly geared towards usefulness in military scenarios, allowing them to provide basic first aid to wounded organic personnel and make basic repairs to vehicles and structures.

Those who want to get even more combat mileage out of the Mk. I may elect to add a personal shield generator to their units.

  • [Strength] The Mk. I has incredible versatility, able to be programmed or designed for any conceivable combat or security role.
  • [Strength] It is also built to last. Units can suffer a tremendous amount of wear and tear before performance takes a hit.
  • [Weakness] Units are prone to the development of personality quirks. Frequent memory wipes and close monitoring are required.
  • [Weakness] Even before personality quirks come into play, the Mk. I has been noted to be standoffish, rude, and condescending towards just about anything that isn’t a Trajan-Class War Droid. This can cause a great deal of tension in mixed militaries.

The Mk. I was designed to directly supplement organic military personnel, both in logistics, command, and combat roles. Thanks to the versatility of its design and its modular programming, the Mk. I can perform just about any role requested of it, provided it is given the proper equipment to carry out those tasks.

The droid’s exterior is primarily composed of reinforced Dura-Armor. Dura-Armor is the logical choice for many combat droids, as it is readily available, cheap, and reliable in terms of withstanding damage. This time, however, the droid also contains segments of Durvalex to reinforce this armor. Duravlex is an alloy made from kevlex and durasteel, specifically for the purpose of protecting droids from heat. Aside from the kinetic impact of a blaster bolt, the most damage is done by the fact that it is a bolt superheated plasma. Dura-Armor already made the droids somewhat resistant to kinetic weapons, but the incorporation of Duravlex will help the Mk. I resist more than a few blaster bolts before finally succumbing. Just as well, an Ionization Buffer gives the droid solid protection from Ionic and EMP based attacks

Depending on the programming installed, the Mk. I can be proficient with a wide range of weapons and is even capable of overseeing military operations, either on a grand scale or fulfilling leadership roles in small squads. The Sagittarius-Class Targeting System also affords the Mk. I an edge in accuracy against other droids, and perhaps even some organic soldiers.

Mk. I War Droids come with a variety of added implements to help it perform its duties- whatever those might be. The Myriad Visual System allows the droid to cycle between night vision, thermal vision, and other visual spectrums as necessary. The Audio-Visual recorder also enables the droid to produce high definition recordings of whatever it can hear and see, provided it chooses to activate the feature. A segregated commlink allows the droid to receive orders and communications without the risk of a slicer hijacking the signals and seizing control.

Other basic equipment includes a vocabulator capable of both traditional and binary communication. A Computer probe grant the droids the ability to directly interface with most computers to retrieve data or manipulate computer systems. A sensorscope and General Scanner work in conjunction to allow the droid to passively scan anything that needs scanning. Finally, an Ionization Buffer protects the droid from outright deactivation through EMP or Ion based attacks.
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