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Training With My Homies!

There is a significant sum of growth that I'd like to undertake with Josiah, and to this end I'd like to have a few training threads with a couple of you guys!

@[member="Darren Shaw"]; If I'm not mistaken, your character has access to the ability Electric Judgment. If it's not too much trouble to ask, would you care to get a training thread going between Josiah and Darren in which he imparts that knowledge?

@[member="Daxton Bane"]; You're easily one of the best duelists on the site, so would you care running through the lightsaber forms Daxton knows with Josiah? At present, Josiah is adept in Djem So/Shien and Ataru; and he could go for some brushing up on the other forms.

@[member="Vorhi Alestrani"]; Teras Kasi! It's been a long time coming my friend, and I'd like to have Josiah learn Teras Kasi from Vorhi.

Look forward to hearing from you guys, and I'll be more than happy to kick us off.
Thats fine with me. and there is more lightning forms that just Electric Judgment. So if you want to dig more deeper into that you can.

Daxton Bane

Not a problem. Do you want strictly the approved forms or including the ones I have custom made for myself? I am slowly developing a new form which uses elements and plan to dev a technique which uses the Force to create my blades, thereby passing through any standard lightsaber defense counters. :D