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Training for NPC soldiers


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Maybe we could perhaps have some threads where we redo the training program, make them a bit tougher to fight? We could do it over a long period of time. It would include training current soldiers and recruiting newer ones with higher standards, etc.
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What i've done here is

@[member="Tracyn Ordo"] @[member="Kahne Porte"] @[member="Arumi Zy"]

To introduce a small security unit, which will slowly expand in threads, and slowly need training. People could either do the same or use that one happily. I've not got around to naming that yet, but I will do as the thread progresses.

So please join and maybe bring a few of your own NPC's into it that we can develop! Options for pilots, technicians, support staff, medics, infantry on board, escort ships or the ships crew itself spring to mind.

Kreegan Vesh

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And so I was born! :) For said unit!

The unit was named the wildcards, taking inspiration from a show cancelled well before its time! Call signs taken from here:
That's deck or card names, anything really that fits.

To make it more interesting this guy is republic intelligence as well as assigned to the security detail, so it gives us twice as many plotting options :D, happy to have several of the wildcards be same kind of setup.
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@[member="Cody Jorin"]

1, We'll have to do some plotting on Intel/Army stuff Cody if you want to have a look at that. it gives us more ways to use the military and nfu characters together if you are game. The basic idea was to tie the two together into a unit, and if you like the idea maybe put a couple of intel operatives in your unit in deep dover?

2, At the moment the wildcards security detail is just 30 well trained men and women, but if we want to expand it through training threads and such were going to need a trainer! Someone with experience hint hint ;) to help sort out the rookies we bring in.

3, Are you in the dominion thread, or taking a look at it here: