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Approved Location Trader Outpost

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Fiolette Fortan



  • Intent: To create and submit Primo Victorian Trader and Acquisition Outpost.

  • ​Image Credit: Geoff Shupe // Artstation (x)

  • Canon: N/A

  • Links: Allecto City, Tatooine (x)

  • Structure Name: Trader Outpost

  • Classification: Trader Outpost

  • Location: Allecto City, Tatooine (x)

  • Affiliation: Primo Victorian Shipwright (x)

  • Accessibility: Public

    Set inside Allecto City, overlooking where the fires had once burned brightly from the Cantina, Fiolette had visited. Primo Victoria has opened up an office on Tatooine specifically for those who do not use or have credits, but may have other items to trade or barter with. Additionally, Jawas come by to barter as well - so there’s that.

Description: A rather pristine building, nothing like a good ol’ fashioned power wash to take away the dust and grime from a building. This particular office fits right into the typical Tatooine setting and is rather small compared to other offices belonging to Primo Victoria. Inside it sits about two stories that you can see and another three beneath, mostly housing those who end up with this particular ‘tour of duty,’ out in the land of the binary sunsets.


  • Jawa Alley, just an alley but the Jawas usually swing by there and offer up their goods in exchange for whatever little shiny Primo Victorian traders have.

  • Store, technically it’s the lobby but this is where a lot of the wears go for show a scale and other currency marks are held in a vault behind a counter. Scales are on top of the counter where a few traders are usually waiting.

  • Second Floor, mostly storage.

  • Sublevel 1, layout reads like most cantinas if cantinas were tiny and crammed into about forty five square meters met with a small lounge area roughly the same size.

  • Sublevel 2, kitchen, latrine, and living area same size as the floor above.

  • Sublevel 3, medical, communications and workbench, same size as the floor above.


  • Keycard Access (All Areas)

  • Numeric Locks (Key Areas)

  • Security Droids outside

  • Security Guards inside
Fiolette Yvarro after watching a good portion of Allecto burn at the hands of the wild peoples who frequent the city, let alone Tatooine. She decided to slowly ease the presence of Primo Victoria, starting by changing the typical front. Rather than plopping a sales office, she decided to go for a trade and acquisitions office for the time being until she’s secured more of a foothold in the area.

When the office opened, Jawas somehow found them and at first there was nothing for them to trade until corporate shipped spare and loose ends to the office there. And when the Jawas came next the trader had to flag them down and show them they indeed had nice things to trade. This struck up some curious folks who began to wander in.

The goal of the office is like that of sifting for gold, Primo Victoria expects most of what they find won’t be great and have set themselves up knowing that the Tatooine location, as of now, operates at a loss to the company. The hope is to - find gold, however; that may be a long ways away, and thus new operations may be required to justify the Tatooine location.
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