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Total war mods

With so many people replying to the Warhammer II thread, I wanted to see what evryone's favorite mods for a total war game is. Please name game and mod, and a basic overview of the mod. My favorite is third age total war for medieval 2. It makes everything take place in the lord of the rings universe, with lord of the rings factions and units. Plus, it is well made and the community for the mod is still growing.
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Stainless Steel was my life in highschool. Made the base game basically unplayable for me because it added so much content and made the whole game much more interesting. It's literally spoiled every Total War game for me since, nothing has measured up (besides Europa Barbaroum for RTW1).

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Third Age Total War is literally my favorite mod for any game ever.

It was amazing and the amount of work, lore, etc they put into was mind blowing.

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