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Tobias Cross - Dead

Smug Slug
Status: Deceased

Tobias Cross


NAME: Tobias Cross
FACTION: Confederate of Independent Systems
RANK: Knight
SPECIES: Firrereo
AGE: 28
HEIGHT: 1.77 meters (5'10")
WEIGHT: 74 kg (165)
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Red-Blonde
SKIN: Bronzed


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Firrerreon: can heal extremely quickly and see in ultraviolet spectrum
-Crusader: Anyone associated with the Darkside earns Tobais' instant ire

Relevant Tropes:
The Ace
Blood Knight

Force Powers:
  • Battle Precognition
  • Force Speed
  • Electric Judgement
  • Force Sight

Templar fighter

Yellow Lightwhip

Born to Jasper Shorn, but orphaned early on, Tycho was raised as a Tapani Nobleman of House Melantha under Casperli Shorn. His mother is a noblewoman of House Mecetti, her father and his father before him were part of a long lineage descendant from members of the Mecrosa Order. Tycho's grandfather is a member of the Bladeborn and a Masterblade. Casperli played the role of the neglecting Uncle, leaving Tycho to be raised mainly by members of House Mecetti, including his grandfather. Unlike his younger cousins, Mikhail and Seth, Tycho was neither overly empathetic nor openly rebellious in his youth. He obeyed the commands of his elders, questioning occasionally, but always dutifully following through. Jasper indeed came to have some semblance of pride in the boy.

Vicci, Tycho's grandfather, trained him to wield a blade. Not a lightfoil like those saber rake fops, but a true sword of metal. The boy proved a natural with the sword.

Soon, the time came when Tycho joined his uncle and grandfather in defeating the other noble houses in games of political intrigue. Tycho himself became a pawn of Casperli's. The wily Nobleman would have his nephew duel others on the slightest provocation. Tycho defeated them all. Expert of the cat's paw, Casperli never wished for open combat, until it could no longer be avoided.

In the last push for dominance over the Tapani Noble Houses, Casperli pitted Tycho against Ryan Korr, the High Lord of House Cadriaan. Ryan also happened to be Tycho's closest friend. The younger Shorn refused and Casperli flew into a rage, slaying Ryan personally and then challenging his own son to a duel. Tycho lost the duel.

Declaring Tycho devoid of honor, Casperli exiled him from the system. Shorn fled to the other side of the galaxy, but before he went Vicci gave him a Sith Tremor Sword, the weapon of a Masterblade. Vicci told him to regain his honor with it among the Sith Empire, for there would he find strength.

When Tycho joined the Templars after the fall of the Sith, he began to edge toward the Lightside. His final conversion occurred after his Uncle turned him into a Garhoon. Rather than live out life as a blood-sucking parasite, Tycho sought out a premier healer and had his soul transplanted into a brain-dead Firrerreon man. Their consciousnesses merged and became one entity who goes by the name Tobias Cross and whose earnest desire is to see the Dark Side utterly destroyed.




Smug Slug
Character revamp.

  • Blue Eyes instead of Green
  • Didn't lose his hand in the bio
  • Mikhail's cousin instead of his half-brother
  • Owns an actual Sith Sword instead of a Tremor sword, which I have been informed is not the same thing.
  • New Playby