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To Strike a Bargain

Ra had gone back into business for herself having more time on her hands now that things had gotten stable in her life. Three days ago, she had gotten the message from a new client. They needed some common medical supplies delivered to Voss. However, she was a little surprised at the price they were wanting to pay her. It was barely above the cost of the supplies themselves. Those she should be able to bargain with the vendor and get at a lower cost that way the trip still went somewhat in her favor.

She contacted the medical vendor when she first got the message and gave him three days to get the items together. Ra went picked them up and told him he would get his payment when she got hers. They had worked together before, so he knew she was good on her word and he would get his money.

Loading up the supplies on her ship, she arranged for take of and clearance of the planet. She set her course for Voss and would arrive in only a couple of hours. She turned the alarm on to alert her when she arrived and went to shower off the grime from the loading docks she had just left.

When she got out, she put on her normal attire for when she went in public. A black shirt with sleeves that held her saber hilts, black pants and her boots that went to just below her knees. Her only visible weapon was a blaster on her hip and a staff across her back. In her boots, she had knives hidden though. Her hair dried quickly and she braided that easily, placing the spiked ball at the end. She didn't know what Voss held for her, so came prepared for the worst.

Soon enough that little alarm went off and Ra brought her ship out of hyperspace. The planet below was orange and yellow through the viewport with a few clouds in the atmosphere. Taking control of the ship, she gained clearance and directions on where to land for her delivery.

As she entered the atmosphere, even at a great distance, she sensed peace here. Ra was a little surprised by this having felt it so very rarely and only when in the company of a Jedi. Almost feeling like she over thought where she was going, Ra regretted outfitting herself with all her weapons. In the end, she took all but the staff.

She brought the ship for landing and set down. When she lowered the ramp, she grabbed her cloak and threw it on over her shoulders. Peace or not, that cloak had saved her skin more than once and she wasn't going anywhere without it. Dock hands came to relieve her of the cargo and when she asked for their manager, she was pointed in the direction of a stern looking man walking about with a datapad.

Approaching him with what would look like a friendly smile, she introduced herself and asked about working on a deal for payment. He gave her a flat look before speaking.

"I have my rules I need to follow ma'am. If you're unhappy with what I can offer, then you need to speak with the high ups. They's the ones that sets the prices."

He pointed her in the direction of another door and gave her instructions on who to speak to. Through the chain of command she went and eventually it lead to a door in a hallway of what appeared to be a temple. Until she had arrived at this door, she only seem people in uniforms for working the docks or their supervisors. Here however, she started seeing people dressed more like what Dune had worn and she wondered more openly about who they were.

Nothing like the present, Ra thought this to herself and found her hand raised to knock on the door in front of her. Knocking, now she waited for the person within to respond.

[member="Arisa Yune"]
Arisa would be unable to speak with Ra the first time she came around, as duty called once more. Some raiders that had required her direct intervention as a naval commander. However, months later, they would cross paths once more as the Resurgent Empire had gone on a warpath against the Dominion. In that short lived campaign, Arisa saw that the fledgling republic was much weaker than she had thought. The shuffling of leadership, betrayals, and failed campaigns had certainly taken its toll. Her confidence in the Dominion remaining afloat continued to wane even as the resurgent Empire lay crumbling. Because an even stronger group of Sith was on the rise on the Dominion's frontier to the west.

Concerns about the future of the Dominion had her call upon Ra once, to speak about the future. Though instead calling her to meet at Voss like the first time around, she would invite the woman on her command ship which was currently parked in high orbit over Ord Radama.

Whenever Ra did appear for the meeting with Arisa, she would be led through the ship's hangar area to the crew quarters to meet with her in one of the conference rooms. Meanwhile, Arisa herself would be within the CIC, planning with her counterparts on how to proceed against the Resurgent Empire, or what remained of it at this point, bickering Sith Lords each trying to secure their own little fiefdoms within the Caldera

After her first interaction with the Jedi on Voss, Ra had left very displeased and had made a mental note not to do business with them again. However, when she was contacted again by them, it was for something different. She had set aside her previous business and moved onto other things, knowing that if she had to, she could go back to it.

A message got to her to meet with the Grandmaster and it made Ra very curious as to why. She was a sith lord now though that fact wasn't known by many. It was something she had kept rather quiet and wondered if somehow this woman had learned. Ra wasn't one to let ideologies get in the way of life outside of a battlefield, knew she would answer this call to a meeting.

She had been provided a location to meet and piloted her craft there. Once aboard, she was lead to a conference room and requested to wait.

Taking a seat at one of the table, Ra still wore what she considered her business clothes. The only change was she now openly displayed a lightsaber when before she had not. Waiting for Arisa to appear, she sat facing the door.

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