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To Master Ones Self.. (Self-Training)

FORM V: Djem So - The way of the Krayt Dragon

Djem So, in Meta's opinion was the most deadliest form in the right hands. That being his, he had the build and the speed for it. Djem So fit him like a glove and he intended on becoming a master of it. In the training grounds of the Jedi Temple where he had been imprisoned by the council, Meta had been practicing against I-19. A proxydroid that was a study in all of the forms, though Vapaad and Juyo required restricted access codes. He had been here for a week or so now, he was getting used to the solitude. Out of robes and in simply armour. Meta stood with an orange training saber in his hand. He found he liked orange better than Green, his previous lightsaber had a green crystal. Once he was able, his new lightsaber would have a orange crystal. But for now, he was to practice and become more powerful. That was his main objective.
A single proxydroid stood a few metres ahead of him. Programmed to use Ataru, a quick form that focused on the conservation of stamina. Djem So placed a heavy focus on brute strength and pure power, with wide, powerful strikes and parries followed immediately by a counter attack. Djem so was for those like himself with endurance, speed and power. His main three things that usually gave him the edge in a fight, if he were to utilize this form appropriately. He would be unstoppable against most opponents. In regards to saber combat of course. The proxydroid activated its blade, the blue illuminating the arena. The orange conflicting and causing massive strokes of dark green to shadow the walls. The proxydroid lunged forward, leaping into the air. The blade in a diagonal line coming towards Meta's upper chest. Meta's blade stepped back, taking a defensive stance he parried the blade, knocking it to the left. The proxydroid flipped in the air and landed behind Meta, not allowing Meta to parry; the proxydroid landed down, crouched. Meta's was already in mid spin, turning around his blade in a reverse grip, the proxydroid leaped into the air, and spiralled it's upper body, bringing its blade down with its right hand. Meta stepped back and parried the blade after spinning the saber in a diagonal to his left. Knocking the blade aside. Meta followed up with a counter attack, bringing his boot up to the droids leg joint. Pushing down on it, he weakened the Ataru users defence. The orange blade still keeping scorching against the green, Meta pulled the blade from the clash and turned on his right heel, spinning and bringing his orange blade across the chest of the proxydroid. Of course, the droid had recuperated from the hit to its knee. Seeing as it was a droid, it brought the blade up with its right hand, catching the orange blade. Using Meta's strength against him, he spinned to the left and brought its blade down to Meta's legs. Matching and passing the the droids speed, he brought his blade into a reverse grip and caught the under belly of the droids blade. Manipulating the blade and bringing both up to the ceiling, he brought in his free right arm into the proxy droids chest. Causing the droid to disorientate and stumble backwards, Meta then brought his reverse grip left hand up through the droids now non-existent defenses. Slicing through its hand, disarming it and then grabbing his left wrist with his free right hand, he brought the orange blade down through droids chest. The Proxydroid stumbled backwards and fell clumsily to the ground.

"Well done!" The proxydroids communicator was filled with static. Its body damaged from the savage slash, "You did good too I-19." The droid sat up, tilting its head. "Referring to me by my designation?" Meta nodded, putting down the orange training blade. "So, how was I?" The droid sat still and silent, scanning over the data. "You've improved substantially against my Ataru. But, you haven't managed to defeat any other of the forms. Especially Soresu, you had serious trouble combatting it." Meta nodded, listening to I-19. "I know, we'll practice some Shii-Cho tomorrow. See how that works out." I-19 nodded and stood up, picking up the blue blade. "Yes, though I would advise not rushing again. You've trained night and day against Ataru, that's the only reason you've learnt to beat me so quickly. Real practitioners will not allow you to make mistakes when you're tired. You need your rest to fight real enemies." Meta nodded. "You're right. However, I will rest now. We'll begin to practice Djem So in a few hours. Come and collect me in six if I'm not back by then." I-19 nodded its head obediently. "Of course." Doorways snapped closed as Meta left the arena, I-19 sat down and stared blankly.


Meta lay bare chested in his bed, in nothing but his small clothes. He stirred in his bed, images blurred his concentration. Subject 25 standing over a multitude of bodies. Though there faces were blurred, he stirred again. A burning image of his loved ones being engulfed in flame caused his to shiver. He began to hear a voice. Calling out, something pulling him to a light. Then jumping up and out the dream. I-19 was standing over him, his eyes glowing in the darkness of Meta's 'cell' "You told me to c-" Meta knocked his hand away clumsily before pushing his bed sheet aside and sliding his legs out and sitting up. "Yes I know, just... wait outside." He said, covering himself. His whole body exposed to I-19; though it was just paranoia. He had nothing to be afraid of. "....Of course master jedi..."