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To Live and Die on Naboo [Open to All]

Jim Pehico was not one to stay on a planet for long. Once people started remembering your face that's when you should leave. that being said, Coruscant is different. You can see a guy every day down the same alley and never recognize him because there's far too many people living in the lower levels. That's why Jim Pehico enjoyed the seedy lower levels Coruscant. However he misses his homeworld of Naboo.
Once an Honor Guard pilot for the queen of Naboo, Jim Pehico was framed after someone remotely sliced his N-1 Starfighter and forced him to attack the queen's ship. After his R2 unit took back control of the ship it was too late and he was forced to flee or risk being destroyed by his former comrades. This led to Jim becoming a scoundrel and a smuggler. After doing a couple years worth of smuggling Jim finally has enough information to find out who the slicer was, what their motives were and bring them to justice. But first, Jim had to find a crew. Jim walked down the alley in the lower levels of Coruscant, looking for anyone who caught his eye, eventually he decided to get off the street and enjoy a drink. He entered the first seedy cantina he saw, "The Angry Acklay" and began searching for a drink and crew members to help his cause. he went up to the bartender and ordered a shot of lum.
Giana Rhyker didn't last anywhere for very long. So here she was on Coruscant, looking for something to do. She had joined a crew once, but they didn't stay together for very long. Giana had been to quite a few planets in her time. She had been to the more well known planets and even ones that people on other planets didn't even know existed. Today she had just been wandering around Coruscant until she looked to a pinboard on one of the buildings and saw her face plastered on a piece of paper.. She ripped it off and crumbled it up and threw it into a trash can. She had an iffy past and it was a sad story. No matter though, she was still alive for now.

Giana's appearance was that of a pirate and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, but it was her best cover. She was originally a Jedi and chose to hide that side of her for now. She would reveal her Jedi side in good time, it just depended on who asked and how they wound up fining out. Giana walked and walked for a little while until she found herself in the underworld part of Coruscant. This wasn't unfamiliar to her, but it still freaked her out a little bit. Even though she was hiding her Jedi side, Giana still had her lightsabers for protection. Soon enough, she found a bar and walked in. She was thirsty, so it was well needed.

~ [member="Jim Pehico"] ~​
Ra had grown up here, though she did not actually know where she came from. An orphanage had taken her in and she lived her life there until they kicked her out. This was a few years ago, but somehow she kept returning. Something here drew her to return home. After checking up on the little girl she left at the orphanage a year ago, Ra made her way through the streets.

Going down a level or ten, Ra found herself among a part of town, she frequented when she was younger. The familiar stench filing her nose and the life or death of the people around her felt by her.

Realizing she had not had anything to eat or drink for a while and her stomach starting to growl, lead her to the "Angry Acklay". It must be newer establishment in a location where they almost rotated in and out every few months.

She strode confidently through the door, not bothering to hide her silver hair here. If somebody were to approach her, she knew how to fight. Nothing like that happened this time and she stood inside the door, searching for a place to sit.

Various types of people filled the room and a lone person stood at the bar ordering or waiting for a drink. A female a few years younger than her also appeared to have just walked in and was dressed like something Ra had never seen before. Shaking her head slightly, she moved in further and found a spot to sit at the bar, near to the man ordering his drink.

"I'll take a Twi'lek Surprise."

It was all she said as the bartender turned his attention to her. Turning to look around again at the people, Ra waited for her drink.

[member="Giana Rhyker"] [member="Jim Pehico"]
Jim had just received his drink at the seedy bar, at first no one but a Wookiee caught his eye, the problem with that is that Jim doesn't speak Shyriiwook at all. While sitting in the corner of the bar he noticed two women who've entered the bar, the first to come in was definitely a pirate, a beautiful yet dangerous looking one at that. She would definitely be a welcomed addition to his crew, the second woman was a silver haired beauty, not a very common look for a young human. There was something about her that made her seem very qualified to join his crew. She sat down next to him and ordered a drink.

"I'll take a Twi'lek Surprise."

Jim looked at her as she looked at the crowd of people, waiting for her drink. Jim decided now was the time to lay the charm on her. Even in a dump like this, Jim was able to make most woman swoon.

"Excuse me, miss? Can I buy that drink for you?" Jim smirked confidently.

Jim decided once he was able to convince the silver haired girl, he'll be able to convince the pirate girl to join their merry crew.

[member="Giana Rhyker"]
Drax was already sitting in a booth at the Angry Acklay when several people had stumbled in. These tiny booths never had seats big enough for someone as big as Drax, and it was starting to get annoying. He was fully coated in metal plates that caught the light of the dingy bar, or at least whatever light was able to seep through the dusty haze of the building. He sighed as he stood up, walking to the bar. He attached his helmet to his utility belt as he swaggered by other patrons of the bar.

"Give me the usual..... actually make it a double."

He grunted the words as he looked down the bar.
Ra turned her golden eyes to look at Jim as he spoke to her. He was half a foot taller than her and had green eyes. The look in them was confident and he smirked slightly at her. It wasn't the first time she'd been out, so she knew a pick up line when she heard one.

All in all, he wasn't a bad looking guy, but it would take more than that to get her in the sack...a lot more. If it even got that far. So far none of them had and in a way, Ra was quite happy with that.

"What form of payment do you expect from me if I allow you to buy me the drink?"

Nothing was ever free and as she spoke, he would feel her eyes almost caress him again.

At that point another man walked up to the bar. If Ra had thought Jim tall, this man towered over him two feet. He ordered a drink, she guessed he was a regular here and turned her attention back to Jim.

"My name's Ra. If you're trying to get smooth with me, we should introduce ourselves."

[member="Drax Malachore"] [member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Giana Rhyker"]
The woman looked over to him with golden eyes, once she heard the offer. This only made Jim more attracted to her because besides Woman, it was precious metals like gold, her eyes, and silver, her hair. Jim's mind got sidetracked wondering if any part of her body was copper colored. The woman grounded him back to reality.

"What form of payment do you expect from me if I allow you to buy me the drink?" she asked, seemingly unimpressed. She was playing hard to get. Jim didn't mind it, hell the easy ones were typically not interesting. She on the other hand. She's amazing.

The beautiful girl with silver hair and golden eyes noticed someone behind Jim was at the bar, Jim didn't care about whoever it was, He was too fixated on the girl. She also noticed this and decided to continue the conversation.

"My name's Ra. If you're trying to get smooth with me, we should introduce ourselves." she said as their eyes locked.

Jim needed to think of something smooth fast. Jim softly grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips, softly kissing it as if he was kissing the top of a newborn child. "Charmed. My names Jim Pehico, professional outlaw and the form of payment do I expect from me if I allow you to buy the drink, Well just listen to my proposit-" Jim was cut off by a booming voice behind him.

"Give me the usual..... actually make it a double." ​Said the man. Jim looked behind him, he couldn't believe it. This was the creature Jim mistook of being a Wookie, who, when out of the shadows, was actually a humanoid.

"Excuse me sir, would you care to listen in on this proposition? I'll pay for you're drink." Jim nervously chuckled looking up at the towering giant. Jim also knew that he wanted the pirate girl, as apart of his crew. She was his next target.

[member="Drax Malachore"]
[member="Giana Rhyker"]
As Drax waited for his drink, he noticed a male human attempting to flirt with a female at the bar. This made him chuckle. In his village, if a male wanted to impress a female, he would challenge the mightiest warrior to a duel. How frail humans are, despite their similarities to the Spintiri. Drax's kinfolk are no doubt the Spartans of the galaxy, and 4 of them were still at the ship, waiting for Warlord Drax to return. Then, the male started speaking to Drax...

"Excuse me sir, would you care to listen in on this proposition? I'll pay for you're drink."

Drax observed the human as he spoke the words. He seemed to have some sort of nervousness. Many creatures did in the presence of Drax, and he chalked it up to the lesser physical presence of the human.

"What Pro-po-si-tion" Drax enunciated carefully, speaking in an accent native to his homeworld. Some words still were difficult to him, due to the modified version of galactic basic he used throughout life. He then pulled a blaster from his holster, setting it on the bar for all to see. This wasn't a threat, but a display of dominance. If you aren't the most dominant in the room, as Drax has learned, you are vulnerable. Never be vulnerable
Ra allowed Jim to take and kiss the back of her hand, maintaining eye contact the whole time. Gold to green. Before he could finish introducing himself and what form of payment was expected of her, the beastly tall man caught his attention. He was then included in the conversation and offered what Ra assumed was the same proposition. Have Jim buy them drinks and listen to what he had to say.

The giant spoke carefully, enunciating the words carefully and speaking with a slight accent. Ra had the ear to pick up on it and wondered if she knew his language or if she could learn it. That would be something to asked about later though. He drew his blaster and rested it on the counter. Though he didn't hold it in a threatening manner, the bartender backed away slowly and mixed his drink up right away, handing it to him, along with the Twi'lek Surprise and the run Jim had ordered.

" charge this time."

He scampered off and disappeared around a corner and would be seen working at one of the other bars, leaving the them alone.

Looking down at their hands still together, Ra looked at Jim again with a slightly flat stare.

"You can let go you know..."

[member="Drax Malachore"] [member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Giana Rhyker"]
"What Pro-po-si-tion" ​The Wookie-like man said, right before laying his blaster on the table.

Jim was never crazy about blasters and never crazy about alpha males who'd fight over having a friendly chat, however knowing that he'll hopefully win them over to join his cause calmed him. The bartender and surrounding patrons backed away from the man. The bartender didn't even charge the three for drinks, which was something Jim was happy about. Credits don't grow on trees. Ra didn't even seem to flinch at the move made by the towering man, and decided to keep the conversation going.

"You can let go you know..."

Jim looked down at his hand and took it away, awkwardly grinning. He hadn't even realized it. He had gotten so distracted by the big towering man that he forgot to let go of the girls hand. This was the first time in years the scoundrel had screwed up in years. Jim cleared his throat awkwardly trying to ease the tension.

"Look I haven't really told anyone about this in a while but I was once a pilot for the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps, Now I don't know how much of Naboo culture you guys know but I was an Honor Guard, pilots who accompanies the Queen and long story short, my Starfighter was remotely sliced into and I was forced to attack the queen. Leading the Naboo government to name me a traitor."

Jim reminisced his old life, before the lower levels of Coruscant and hiding from the law.

"Now what I need you guys for is to help me find out where this slicer is and bring him to justice to clear my name, my N-1 Starfighter isn't much help for a group of us, so if either of you have a ship, I'm listening. If not, I should have enough saved up to buy a used light freighter. Now onto payment, considering how important of a figure I was in Naboo, once they clear my name, I'll reward you with whatever you desire, credits, rare items from my personal collection." Jim said hoping to win them over.

"Giant man, Forgot to ask for your name buddy, I know you're a big strong guy, but I got an antique Gungan Personal Energy Shield, still working, great condition, it's very rare these days. Great at deflecting blaster bolts, plus I heard rumors that they they are even able to deflect force lightning, you seem like the kind of guy who could use it, I bet you've even killed a sith or two." Jim said believing that there was a good chance what he said was true.

​"As for you" Jim said bringing his attention to Ra. "I think you're payment will be a great picnic with yours truly on the Naboo plains." Jim chuckled softheartedly and continued quickly before she decided to leave. "In all seriousness, After my 100th flight with the queen, she presented me with an incredibly unique gift. It was a lightsaber hilt built by an ancient Jedi who came from Naboo in the old republic, the Hilt is a polished wood, it's color was royal purple, stained by Cambylictus berries native on my planet. the metal on the hilt was 10kt gold, sturdy enough to last thousands of years and hopefully thousands more. Don't worry about taking this either, it's just been sitting on my fireplace mantle." Jim said ,hoping that Ra was intrigued by Jedi culture, he also hoped he was impressed by his class.

​Looking at both of them Jim continued

"And along with those personal items I'll reward you with 15,000 credits each. 2,000 now and 13,000 upon completion. Now do we have a deal?"

Jim gave them his signature smirk. Hoping he was able to buy 2 new friends.

[member="Drax Malachore"]
[member="Giana Rhyker"]
Giana only sat a few chairs away, listening in on their conversation. It was typical for her to do such thing, but at the moment she had a feeling she'd be targeted as well saying as how she was dressed. One woman who wound up being a main target was almost confused or even disgusted seeing how she was dressed. It was unsure to Giana. Hearing he needed a ship, that she had. Hearing about the lightsaber and of Jedi culture, she was immersed in the Jedi culture. Giana was a Jedi. She had left the Jedi life for a little while, not disconnecting herself from their order, but more like taking a break. She had recently gone back though since her last group didn't last long. So he was looking for a group.

She found it pretty interesting to see the man's face when a pretty larger sized man came up behind him with a booming voice, ordering his drink. The smaller outlaw would probably walk with a tick for the rest of his life from that experience. Giana found this to be pretty interesting and entertaining while it lasted. He hit on the other woman big time because of her looks. Giana hated when guys judged based on looks, but he seemed to be getting a pretty good grouping by far. She sipped her drink casually, not minding when the giant sized man laid his blaster on top of the bar. It wasn't being harmful in any way and it earned respect from her.

Giana was almost curious when the man just continued with the two. Would today be her lucky day or had she missed the bullet? He almost seemed to speak loud enough so even she could hear him. Giana was more interested in the larger man though. His accent was easy on the ears and fun to listen to. The bartender seemed frightened by the larger man putting his blaster on the table. After finishing a small drink he had given her, she flagged him down before he could go too far and ordered a drink real quick.

"May I have the Icy Hoth margarita please?"

she asked. He nodded quickly and made her drink as quickly as possible before handing it to her and running off to the other bar. A few seconds went by and she realized that now there was no one running this part of the bar..

~ [member="Jim Pehico"] ; @Ra'a'mah ; [member="Drax Malachore"] ~​
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Jim had noticed that the woman dressed as a pirate had sat near the group. Even after the hulking man had come over and laid his blaster on the table, she stayed. She was perfect for the crew. Jim called her over

"Excuse me miss, would you be interested in making some credits, possibly a rare item from my personal collection, on Naboo?" Jim said before the other 2 could answer in his party.

[member="Giana Rhyker"]
[member="Drax Malachore"]
Giana stared forward taking a few sips of her new drink. She watched in her head as the bartender had run off. He was truly frightened of the larger man. Sure, he'd probably gotten some blood on his hands at one point, but up until they knew, he was an innocent man. Giana wasn't afraid. She had nothing to fear. She had grown up around people like him, so he wasn't anything different from what she was used to. All of a sudden she had been shaken from her daydream when the smaller man had seemed to be calling over to her. Giana looked over to him, just to make sure it was her he was calling out to and no one else. When that was confirmed, she picked up her drink and moved closer until she was standing in front of him a little bit of distance between her and the silver haired woman.

He was a little taller than her but either way, he proposed a deal and this is what she had been waiting for for months.

"Well that depends. What do you want from me?"

she asked as she set her drink on the counter waiting for his answer. Giana was a mandalorian by birth and a Jedi by training and the force. She had her mother's beauty and mouth and her father's intelligence and charisma. She had her father's intelligence in knowing how to make a deal. They always came with a price.

~ [member="Jim Pehico"] ; @Ra'a'mah ; [member="Drax Malachore"] ~​
"Well that depends. What do you want from me?" The beautiful woman had said.

"Look, all you need to do is make sure Authorities stay off of me while I clear my name. I'm going against a very experienced slicer. He was able to remotely slice my N-1 Starfighter without a trace. Now I'm just letting you know I'm wanted in several systems, Even have a Bounty on my head. This job is not going to be easy. And just to let you know I'm not a bad..." Jim thought of what he was saying, and decided to rephrase it. "I've never done anything irredeemable, like murdered a guy in cold blood." Jim stated to clear her conscious.

"Now as for an item in my collection, I don't have anything else really except an old battle droid." Jim thought for a second.

"Though come to think of it, I've recently had to deliver an extremely rare variant of kyber crystal, unfortunately for me, the man paying top dollar to have it delivered was killed, so now I'm stuck with it." Jim put his hand in his pocket and took out a translucent kyber crystal.

"This Crystal is known as a Ghostfire Crystal. when put in a lightsaber, the blade is nearly translucent and it does not hum. Perfect for stealth. Now as I know nobody who'd find use for this crystal, it's yours." He said reaching out his hand. "Consider it a pre-payment." He smirked.

[member="Giana Rhyker"]
[member="Drax Malachore"]
Giana listened carefully to him. He seemed pretty truthful in what she had sensed about him. He gained her respect when he rephrased his statement assuring her that his hands were clean. She nodded listening to him and decided he was going to be good enough. Now she knew that he wasn't going to undercut her, she would offer her own services as well.

"Great. I know your position.. I also happened to hear that you're in need of a ship as well. I've got that as well. It's big enough for all of us to fit on there. It will also fit any extra cargo you need to store on board."

She responded. Giana then heard that he only had an old battledroid. It would be good enough.Soething she could polish up and help her on whatever missions she would have later on. She was thinking about it for a second before he then spoke up again about a crystal another man had sold to him. This had peaked Giana's interest. This was something she could actually use. Giana stepped forward to look at the crystal as he then handed it to her. These crystals were extremely rare and overly expensive on the black market.

Her eyes grew wide as he gave it to her claiming it as pre-payment. Not many Jedi Masters in the universe had these. Few were lucky to have any at all. Taking it in her own hand she looked at it as it started to glow the very slightest. Giana smiled widely.

"U-uh.. Thank you."

she had lost composition for a moment but after looking at the crystal again, she regained her footing on her words and spoke once more.

"I have studied these crystals greatly. I have great use for it. I promise you that."

she finished. Giana had heard of these crystals many times during her days in the Temple and so had done research on them. One of the high masters in her Temple had a crystal like that, but he had left three days later and she never saw him again. Actually getting her hands on one of the crystals, she was pretty impressed.

~ [member="Jim Pehico"] ; @Ra'a'mah ; [member="Drax Malachore"] ~​
Ra listened as Jim spoke, the big man had remained silent and the oddly dressed woman was called over to join them. She gave them each a polite nod and turned her attention back to Jim.

"How do you expect a rag tag group to clear your name? I got a ship and provide transport."

Her YT would do just fine and she had been to Naboo before, so clearance wouldn't be an issue at the spaceport.

"This picnic...are you cooking or am I?"

She would return his smirk with one of her own. It was out of character, but she went with it. This was home and she was comfortable.

Giana Rhyker Drax Malachore [member="Jim Pehico"]
"I have studied these crystals greatly. I have great use for it. I promise you that."

Jim thought about what she said, What use would a pirate need to study the crystal for? Unless she wasn't a pirate but actually a scholar. However as far as Jim knew, Most scholars didn't even know about Ghostfire crystals. Jim was intrigued that he may have hired a Jedi onto his crew. While in thought the silver haired lady brought his attention back.

"How do you expect a rag tag group to clear your name? I got a ship and provide transport."​

Jim thought about this for a second and replied.

"Simple, doll. all you need to do is make sure is that I don't die, and if I do, the least you can do clear my name." Jim said shrugging and awkwardly grinning.

"But on a serious note, unless anything changes all you got to do is accompany me to a casino on Nar Shaddaa. I have a contact waiting there for me. He told me he knows about this slicer, and where his current whereabouts were. As for a ship..."

Jim said trailing off as he started to think.

"If either of you ladies own a ship fast enough to outrun an N-1 Starfighter, that'd be preferable, however I'd just say whoever has the least inconspicuous ship."

Jim knew he couldn't use his own, G-9 Rigger-Class Light Freighter due to it being recently stolen from a Hutt. He'd prefer not running from the slugs more than he has to.

"This picnic...are you cooking or am I?"​

She brought his attention back to her once again, this time with a charismatic smirk. She didn't seem to be the type who did this a lot so Jim felt kind of special.

"Doll, I think you're going to be the one cooking." Jim said smirking, he then pointed to her smirk. "And you should do that more often. Suits you well." Jim said while putting a handful of credits on the table. enough to pay for the drink and a little bit more for the bartender's troubles.

"So," Jim said walking towards a booth"Let's choose us a ship." Jim said, wide grin and all, ecstatic that after this he can return home. It was time to plan
Myles didn't like being on Coruscant much, as he wasn't much of a city man. Growing up in the Naboo countryside, he was spoiled with awe-stricken views of waterfalls and green hills. But Myles was here visiting an old friend back in his service years.

After visiting the friend, Myles figured it would be best to visit a cantina as he usually does and observe people. This was a small hobby of his, people-watching, sometimes he could strike up a good conversation and sometimes he could make potential allies. It was a skill that Myles prefer not to perish.

The haze of the cantina and the smell of various drinks hit him hard. Good.
Walking up to the bar, he sat down on the bar stool and prompted to the bartender. "Jawa juice with a shot of Corellian whiskey please" He looked around inspecting the people that would be in here.

Looking over the scene again, Myles noticed a gathering of people nearby. Whether it was a gathering of friends or not, he did not know. Job opportunity perhaps? He thought to himself.

Myles wasn't the one to beg for a job, but he would for sure put his name out there. It would be awfully rude to barge in on their conversation, heck they may be spice dealers for all he knows. He would need to find out for sure.

After paying for his drink and receiving what he ordered, Myles walked nearby to the gathering and sat at a nearby booth, keeping his aged ears open for anything that may strike his fancy. He would retain his low-key appearance by pulling out his physical map of the region and glance it over.
@Ra'a'mah [member="Drax Malachore"] [member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Giana Rhyker"]
Jim noticed someone had began spying in on the conversation, Always paranoid that a bounty hunter was going to sneak up on him, he looked as the man was looking at a physical map. Jim had seen the old man before. It must've been years ago when Jim was a kid. The old man was an old Naboo hero, Jim began remembering. Growing up, the old man, who was slightly younger when Jim, his biggest fan, had learned he was honorably discharged. He remember seeing it on the news, disbelieving that they would ever do that to his hero. Not many heard of him afterwards, however every now and again Jim would see his mother, a government official, at local events and such. She always seemed to be living comfortably. Jim suddenly left his party for a second.

"I'll be right back" Jim quickly said nearly jogging to the man, who was strangely looking inconspicuous,

"Excuse me sir, are you THE Myles Davorak, former Naboo military officer known for putting down dozens of insurgencies on Naboo?" Jim said, slightly over excited.
Ra turned her attention to Giana for a moment since they had both offered the use of their ships.

"What kind of ship is yours? I have an old YT-1300 and it would have enough room for all of us."

Figures she would be the one cooking and looking back to Jim, she nodded.

"Well, I am a good cook."

His comment about the smirk caught her off guard and she just gave him an odd look and shook her head.

At that point another person wondered into their area. Chuckling lightly at the sight of somebody she never expected to see again, she noticed Jim excuse himself and walk over to the man. Raising a hand in his direction, Ra waved at him. If he remembered that fateful cruise which was kind of hard to forget, he would remember her as well.

"Nice to see you, Myles."

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