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To Build A Rebellion



In the years where the Republic held sway over the core Talasea was used as a waypoint for many travellers heading towards Coruscant, not much changed when the One Sith took the core either, with many cargo ships calling through Talasea in their approach to the rich core worlds for trade. Yet this small planet in the Morobe sector would not be a port of call for further travel for the Millennium Falcon or indeed for the other ships currently converging upon the planet.

No Talasea offered them something else. A chance to gain valuable resource.

The Rebellion has started to evolve. Once a base of agents and freelancers who carried out small level espionage and political motivations was fast turning into a fully militarised force that would be capable of standing up against the fledging Imperial factions and the rumoured Return of the Sith. Yet through it all the Rebellion lacked resource, one particular resource being naval ships.

Thanks to a small group of feelers that had been spread out into the galaxy in search of anything that would aid them the Rebellion had learnt that Talasea housed a fleet of ships that were abandoned there when the Republic had retreated with haste following the collapse of the government and the scattering of the military. It was these ships that the Rebellion needed and thanks to a small gathering they had managed to get a potential way to gain them.

This was why Kira was inbound aboard the Falcon. To meet with these potential benefactors and begin to build a fleet they could use to strike into the First Order and the Remnant holdings.
T A L A S E A , M O R O B E S Y S T E M
An old EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate trailed behind the Millennium Falcon while the duo approached the planet of Talasea. Segments of hull were missing, some openings leaving entire decks of the frigate exposed to the vacuum of space, the midsection looked as if it was being held together by a thread and a godly amount of luck. This was the reality of the Rebellion, those who served would scrounge everything ranging from simple blasters to disabled warships from the remnants of past conflicts. But there was one thing that they all had that couldn't be salvaged; hope.

They survived, they fought, and they died to put together anything that resembled an army or a navy to fight against the tyranny of those such as the Sith and Imperials, or worse, those who claimed to fight for good and the citizens of the galaxy, only to murder them out of sheer greed. Osto Rann, a Mon Calamari, had already emerged as a veteran and survivor at an attempt at resistance against the Imperial Remnant, under his command numerous rebel ships had destroyed an entire fleet of Imperial warships at Kothlis, only to be countered by a superweapon that obliterated their soldiers on the surface.

The man now sat on the bridge of the dilapidated frigate, a solemn look emanating from bulbous hazel orbs, but there was a glimmer of hope in them as always. He moved his hand to press a switch on the command display in front of him, opening communications with the Falcon. "General Vaal, this is Major Rann. We're ready to proceed with the mission, the Provocateur will keep watch while you negotiate with the contributors." He croaked into the microphone, staring out of the viewport at the planet before him.

Rebellions were built on hope, someone had said that to him before, and he believed them.

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With the Provocateur sat on guard in orbit Kira had flown the Falcon with haste down to the planets surface. The YT cleanly cutting through amber clouds to settle a few miles south of the meeting point within a small forest clearing. Leaving several rebels to guard the ship, which had a large canopy pulled across it’s hull to blend it in from any surface scans, Kira and Charlwook, her trusted Wookiee companion headed off into the forest.

The meeting point was a small abandoned mining facility once operated by the Republic to fuel their large holdings across the core worlds. Later it fell into disrepair as the One Sith found no need for it among their already established systems. It was the perfect place for a covert assignment and a meeting of rebels. Caste away from prying eyes and hidden ears. Yet despite the apparent seclusion both Kira and Charlwook kept their blasters near.

“Hope?” The word rang across the large storage shed they had found themselves within, Kira glancing around until she found the shadowed figure standing above them on a elevated walk-way. She couldn’t quite make out his features or species.

“Is what we are built on.” She returned back and an obvious level of relaxation seemed to fall across the entire room. From behind crates and walls people started to emerge, men and women all in the traditional military garb of Talasea, the held no threatening pose and many met Kira’s glance with their own curiosity. Charlwook gave a slight rumble next to her, but had already lowered his nowcaster completely.

“General Vaal I presume?” The shadowy figure had come down to the ground level as the rest had appeared, his furred exterior betraying him as one of the Zygerrian species. With large almost feline ears bordered by rough horns, his face one of stoic calmness. His attire was military again, but far more elaborate then many in the room. “I am Lord Commander Atai Zitoc, Prime Minister of Talasea and for all intents and purposes…” He paused to give a large bow. “At your service.”

Kira returned the gesture in her own way, the slight bow of the head being taken with respect. “It is an honour Prime Minister to put a face with the voice at last. I hope you forgive our delay in arranging the meeting, our security has been escalated since the situation that has arisen on the Alliance’s southern border.” Damn, why did it sound so bad when she tried to be diplomatic.

“We understand General.” He gave a small smile. “These are those loyal to myself who are willing to help you and your Rebellion. We have seen the true evils of governments who believe themselves to be above their people, never again we say. Never again.” The room collectively gave a bow. “We also have the fleet ready.”

It was going too easy.
“We have organised nav-points for your fleet to get to our rally zone. There we will take command and integrate you into Rebel Fleet One.” She said, trying to take note of any worried look cast around the room. “Are you ready to leave now?”

“Of course, however…” Of course there was going to be a however. “The Charlat forces, loyal to the traitor Governor have our fleet in lockdown. We will need to remove them before we can get off planet.”

“Charlwook get hold of Major Rann. Tell him we have a slight issue.”

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