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Male Titan

Female Titan
  • Intent: To create a new species that creates both complications and fun in RP.
  • Image Credit: Female, Male
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: Savitor Draay(Half-Titan)
  • Name: Titan
  • Designation: Sapient
  • Homeworld: Weik
  • Language: Tiron
  • Average Lifespan: 2000 Years
  • Estimated Population: Rare
  • Description: Titans are a massive species standing over two meters on average, they possess four arms and the ability to shapeshift, though the process of shapeshifting is extremely painful and can take hours to recover from completely. They also possess the ability to telepathically communicate only with other members of the Titan species
  • Breathes: Type One or Type II
  • Average height of adults: 2 and a Half Meters(Male) 2 Meters(Female)
  • Average length of adults: NA
  • Skin color: Black and White in natural form, any when shapeshifted,
  • Hair color: None in natural form. Any when shapeshifted,
  • Distinctions: Males are typically much larger than females and are less agile, with their horn-like features pointing up while females pointed down. It was noted that Titans had the ability to shapeshift and as such were able to look like other species.
  • Races None
  • Strengths: Titans can shapeshift allowing them to look like a being of a different humanoid species, though they are unable to look like a specific being. Though the shifting is extremely painful and can render less experienced Titan's incapacitated for hours, and shifting too often can hurt the beings synapses. The shifting normally isn't quick and can take up to an hour. Strangely their clothes and armor tend to shift as well, though only the appearance of it changes.
  • Titans also possess four arms when in their natural form allowing them to wield more weapons than most other species, though significant training is required to be able to possess any prowess while doing so.
  • Titans can telepathically communicate with other Titans or part Titans with a range of a hundred yards, through projecting their thought to them.
  • Vegetables are poisonous to Titans because all subterranean greens on Weik are toxic.
  • Fruits will make them very sick, causing them to rendered incapacitated if consumed for at least 24 hours.
  • A discovery made by the Paladins of the Adamite Tower during the first Terranian Wars, Titans are extremely susceptible to wounds from Quadranium and Quadranium Steel weapons.
  • Diet: Titans are a carnivorous species and all vegetables are poisonous to them, interestingly, however, fruits will only make them ill.
  • Communication: Telepathic Thought, Speech, Fighting,
  • Technology level: Typically below standard, though Titans in the galaxy have most likely acquired at least standard technology.
  • Religion/Beliefs: The Titans place war as a thing to be hailed, almost worshiped, as such, they are extremely violent and warlike. They also believe in other primordial forces as gods, such as speed, life, death, night, day, order, and chaos. After becoming aware of the more advanced technology of the galaxy, the Titans stopped believing in the stars as another deity due to the fact that their religion was already crowded and that the stars were hardly ever thought of.
  • General behavior: The Titans are a warlike species, organized into Houses, each tribe is named after an animal, state, element, or place (i.e. House of Death, House of Fire, House of Trollbanes, House of Caves, etc.) though there were some exceptions. Members of the same house were fiercely loyal to each other and to be more loyal to family than to your house was considered a capital crime punishable by death. Titans are not stupid and from birth to maturity, which is reached at roughly 200 years, go through a period of schooling, both formal and in the military arts. Thus most Titans are skilled warriors and capable at least basic intellectual problems. Titans are considered old when they reach 1900 years of age and from then on can retire from combat. Titans were a long-lived species reaching an average of two thousand years of age when not killed in combat, a much more realistic age time when there was almost non-stop fighting between the houses was roughly a thousand years, but since the Titans have become more peaceful, their life expectancy has returned to its normal.
Thousands of years before the Republic, the only sentient life on Weik was underground, the Titans, massive, four-armed 2-meter tall humanoids, capable of shapeshifting into any form they wanted to. The Titans remained underground, fighting amongst themselves until they were united. In the year that the rest of the galaxy knew as 250 ABY, the Titans reached the surface on Weik and began to wage war with its other inhabitants, and chaos broke loose. At first, the Titans managed to defeat the Lanniks, Twi'leks, Humans, Duros, and Zabraks, that populated the planet, easily. Until late in the first Terran War, the Paladins of the Adamite Tower discovered that Quadranium weapons wounded the Titans more easily than any other type. As such, they enlisted the help of the Cenidary Priests to forge many Force-imbued blades of Quadranium to be used to defeat the Titans, and the Paladins led the other inhabitants of Weik to victory against the Titans. In the Second Terran War, the Titans tricked the Skyhole Lucite's into beginning a war against the Paladins. Then the Titans took advantage of the chaos to launch several attacks against the main cities of Weik to stop the war from truly breaking out. But though the Titans managed to destroy most of the other side's quadrennium blades and take almost all of their cities, they were stopped at the fateful battle of the Crystal Peaks. During the fight, just when the Titans had begun to win, a small army of Lanniks riding Trollbanes, Weik's apex predator, managed to fall upon their rear distracting the Titan army long enough for the Skyholme Astromancers to convince the Lucites that they had been tricked. When the Lucites joined the battle, the Titans realizing that they had lost again returned to their tunnels deep bellow the surface, planning their next move.

Three hundred years after the end of the Second Terran war, in 575 ABY, the Titans began a century of infiltration, finally launching a massive almost Omni locational, attack on the other inhabitants of Weik. Killing the main force of the Paladins of the Adamite Tower in one fell swoop at the battle of Rimesa and eliminating the Skyholme Lucite's at their main fortress. Then they began to conquer Weik in earnest; unfortunately, a Jedi ship escaping the Gulag plague bringing a battalion of soldiers crashed on Weik and assisted the other inhabitants of Weik in a Third Terran War against the Titans. The third war however ended when the Titans proposed a truce and by the time of the Netherworld event, the feelings between the Titans and the other Weikans had cooled off enough that neither side accused the other of wrongdoing. Instead, it only rejuvenated the inhabitants of Weik's attempts to get to the stars. When they did reach the stars, the Titans began to spread out and individualize, learning that some of their kind had already made it to the stars on ships that had stopped to resupply on Weik.
Savitor Draay said:
Average Lifespan: 2000 Years
Is there anything specific that allows them to live this long?

Savitor Draay said:
Titans can shapeshift allowing them to look like a being of another species, though they are unable to look like a specific being.
What exactly can they shapeshift into? Sentient beings? Non-sentient objects? Can they alter their mass when shifting? Here's a link for research.

Savitor Draay said:
Titans also possess four arms
Savitor Draay said:
the Titans, massive, six-limbed 2-meter tall humanoids,
These statements contradict. I'm assuming this is a mistake.

Tag me once you've done these edits.

Also, I really, really dig the weakness to metals. That's not something I see often in here.
Savitor Draay said:
Titans can shapeshift allowing them to look like a being of a different humanoid species, though they are unable to look like a specific being.

Tell me a little more about their shapeshifting abilities. How long does it usually take for them to change forms? Does their clothing change with the changing? Are there any painful or detrimental side effects that come with changing too often? Just some generic stuff. I just want this little ability to be balanced and detailed enough so that your fellow roleplayers know what to expect.

Tag me when done.
Savitor Draay said:
Strangely their clothes and armor tend to shift as well.
Hm. Does this merely alter the appearance of their armor? I'd rather not see a Titan running up on some Mandalorians wearing beskar'gam, shift, and then be wearing that beskar'gam as well.

Savitor Draay said:
Titans can telepathically communicate with other Titans or part Titans through projecting their thought to them.
Is there a range for their telepathic abilities?

Tag when done. Let's get this thing approved quickly, my dude.

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Zeradias Mant

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[member="Savitor Draay"]

  • Please change the designation to either sentient, semi-sentient, or non-sentient. If you are unsure of what to choose, here is a guide.
  • Cut the average lifespan by half at a minimum.
  • Please reduce the height by at least 0.5m. 2.5m is considered tall for a Wookiee, and such a height would seem unrealistic for Titans as an average.
  • I'm going to need you to add at least two more weaknesses that could be exploited in a PvP scenario, as your current strengths are not offset by an allergy to fruits and vegetables. I would recommend permanent weakening and eventual damage after shapeshifting so it is not often utilized or done so frequently, as well as brittle bones or dulled senses (vision, hearing, etc.).

Just make sure the rest of your sub is edited to reflect the changes required above, and once that's all taken care of, we should be golden.

Zeradias Mant

Democracy Dies in Darkness
[member="Savitor Draay"]

I'm moving this to the Pre-Codex, where you will have two weeks to make the necessary edits before the submission is archived. When you are ready to have this moved, please tag myself or another member of Codex Staff.
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