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Approved Tech || TITAN || T-1 Tiamat Recon Droid

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T-1 Tiamat Recon Droid


The T-1 Tiamat Reconnaissance Droid serves as the first massively produced product off the line at Titan Industries, financed by Tefraxis Obauldi and served to the Galaxy through the production factories established on Ord Mantell. The main goal of the T-1 is to provide it’s user a smooth, exploratory experience.

“Let us be your eyes.”

Intent: To provide Titan Industries with a basic, modular reconnaissance droid that can perform any of the following functions for its customer: territorial exploration, combat reconnaissance, orbital bombardment or general companionship.
Development Thread: None
Manufacturer: Intergalactic Solutions
Model: T-1
Affiliation: Intergalactic Solutions
Modularity: Yes. All T-1 Tiamat Reconnaisance Droids come standard loaded with the AR-2 Arreat Chipset* and the PRO V repulsor engine*.
Production: Mass Produced
Material: 9095-T8511 Grade Durasteel
Classification: Fourth Degree
Weight: 1.8 kilograms
Height: .2 meters
Movement: Repulsorlift
Armaments: None (See below – Modulation)

Misc. Equipment:

-AR-2 Arreat Chipset
-PRO V Repulsor Engine
-Central Photoreceptor
-Magnetic Imaging Device
-Thermal Imager
-Orbital Strike Beacon
-Retractable Antenna


The T-1 is capable of territorial exploration only. Its primary usage is reconnaissance planet-side, though due to its size the droid can be carried in multiple quantities and released once its owner is planet-side or within the atmosphere. It’s ability to float is granted by micro-repulsor lifts, and it’s small size allows it to reach areas most humanoids cannot. Given the atmosphere of a planet, in normal conditions any T-1 may reach even the stratosphere, though beyond that the droid loses all functionality. It also requires to be within a minimum of 32.8 kilometers of the user before loss of functionality occurs.

Combat Usage:

Though not equipped with any weaponry to conserve both bandwidth, space, and energy consumption, the T-1’s AR-2 Arreat Chipset comes standardly equipped with a holo-relay X559 antenna and an internal orbital strike beacon. This beacon can be used to pinpoint high priority targets to a ship equipped with the ability to perform orbital strikes, sending out a precise GPS location, verified to be accurate within 25 feet without usage of an internal satellite network native to the planet. Three or more T-1’s may provide triangulation using this function.

Beyond its combat utility as an orbital strike beacon, T-1’s AR-2 chipsets come loaded with Groshing version 4.5.5 holovideo recording data and a direct uplink, providing it’s user with the ability to transcode video data on-site and provide real-time video feeds.

All video-feeds are capable of thermal imaging, night vision, and real vision.

T-1’s will see popular usage among Snipers.

Characteristics | Physical Description:

Manufactured with durasteel plated covering, all T-1 units come painted matte black on their outer shells and their sensors are green. T-1’s are shaped spherically, though no visible antenna is seen as it been manufactured as retractable and only protrudes from the top of the shell when required to provide the AR-2 chipset with a uplink/downlink status. With such a smooth outer shell, multiple quantities can be carried with ease, with a maximum of five comfortably fitting within an Imperial Soldier’s standard garrison bag or one being able to fit in a medium to large cargo pocket (though it will be obviously visible).


All T-1’s may be modulated with weaponry, though this will obviously provide a bigger draw on power consumption and overall weight of the droid. Such statistics should be taken into consideration with modulating and Titan Industries is not responsible for the drastic limitations of capabilities on modulated T-1 droids.


AR-2 Arreat Chipset: This is player-made and is produced by Titan Industries. It will be provided its own submission upon request, if necessary.
PRO V Prometheus Engine: This is player-made and is produced by Titan Industries. It will be provided its own submission upon request, if necessary.
Groshing version 4.5.5 software: Video recording software that is player-made and is developed by Titan Industries. It will be provided its own submission upon request, if necessary.
Micro-repulsor lifts: Not a real term, just a small repulsor lift.


R-1 recon droid: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/R-1_recon_droid
Orbital Strike Beacon: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Orbital_strike_beacon
DRK-1 Dark Eye Probe Droid: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/DRK-1_Dark_Eye_probe_droid
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