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|| TITAN || A-4X2 Atlas Gate

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A-4X2 Atlas Gate
"Safety, security, and trust."

Titan Industries is proud to announce the introduction of the new A-4X2 Atlas Gate, a non-invasive security scanning machine that will determine the amount of midi-chlorians an entity has who passes through it.

Intent: The intent of this submission is to provide the customer the ability to set up several terminals which will detect the amount of midi-chlorians a person has without actually stopping the person. Though the terminal will likely require surveillance and maintenance, this scanner will provide the capability of biologically inquiring whether or a person who has passed underneath the scanner has the potential for using the Force.
Development Thread: Provided upon request.
Manufacturer: Titan Industries
Model: A-4X2
Affiliation: None
Modularity: AR-2 Arreat Chipset.
Production: Mass Produced.
Material: Durasteel.


Upon passing through the Atlas gate, the structure undergoes the automated, non-invasive method of “nanobiopsy” provided by miniature tractor beams located within the frame. While the user experiences no discomfort, the machine uses the AR-2 Arreat chipset’s processing power to quickly perform the nanobiopsy and analyze the blood sample for midi-chlorians using the hundreds of years old technology of Force detection.

Within microseconds, the gate quantifies and computes the potential for Force use. The Atlas Gate then compares the patient’s average midi-chlorian count to the average of any given humanoid – usually 2,500 midi-chlorians per saturated blood cell. If the user’s count is higher than the average, three resounding tones beep and the single photoreceptor placed upon the crest of the gate flashes red. Due to the amount of research that has permeated over the past centuries, the A-4X2 Atlas Gate claims a 99% success rate.

The A-4X2 Atlas Gate maintains it’s passive, non-invasive approach to indentifying people with high midi-chlorian counts and has no defensive mechanisms, such as stunning or tasing, put in place by default though they may be modulated upon the customer’s request using the AR-2 Arreat Chipset.

AR-2 Arreat Chipset: Just the standard modular chipset Titan Industries uses across it’s products, this is player-made and is mainly aesthetic.

Midi-chlorian: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Midi-chlorian
Force Detection: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Force_detector
Nanobiopsy: http://www.kurzweilai.net/new-technique-allows-minimally-invasive-nanobiopsies-of-living-cells

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
Well , more big TITAN stuff hunh? This is a pretty nifty system here. The link to the Nanobiopsy procedure was a good read, nice touch. All of the tech checks out. However, I really can't in good conscience just throw this out there. The study of Midi- Chlorians was primarly done by various Jedi Healers, Plageus, and Palpatine with his paddles. The public as a whole can be assumed not to know of their existence. As such I'm going to ask you to do a dev thread for this, in whatever form you prefer. As for production, I'm alright with this being mass produced on a strictly per-order basis. Tis should be extremely expensive technology. High security and high profile buildings should have one, no building should have more than three or four(and only capital billding and area 51 type bases should have that), and the average spaceport and non-essential military base shouldn't have one at all.

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