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Teynara Jeralyr

Resident Sig Lord

Distinct from those among the Sith that live to enjoy the pain and suffering of others, Tirdarius approaches life in a far more clinical, rational manner, taking into consideration the objectives and aims of the order, rather than working only to achieve short-term goals of his own and to obtain the minor gratification that comes from subduing or crushing those that stand in his way. He is often cold, always aloof, and rarely inclined towards displays of outward emotion, beyond those that serve a particular purpose - even the anger that often characterises the actions of his brethren only appears when he considers it an appropriate way of getting what he wants: oftentimes only when he feels that violence or the threat of the same becomes necessary.

As a consequence of this penchant, he also tends to be something of a long-term planner, and possesses unusual patience in waiting to achieve his aims, giving him something of an odd perspective among the Sith. This particular tendency has even led to moments where he has seemed inclined to demonstrate mercy when there is no need for it, since he does not believe in taking life without very specific cause, lest the death of the person concerned have wider ramifications than might initially believed. In that same vein, he is generally not inclined to dismiss the lives of others quite so quickly as his fellow Sith, considering everyone as a potential resource rather than a being that exists simply to be dominated or destroyed.

The majority of those relationships in which Tirdarius does engage are formed purely on the basis of mutual benefit, rather than due to any need for companionship on his part - the Coruscanti Sith is particularly driven with regards to seeing his plans through, and has little time for those that are not capable of providing assistance in some form. When encountering others, he is oftentimes brisk and abrupt in his attitude, and his mannerisms will often betray a certain impatience for their dealings to be concluded, so that he can proceed to the next stage of his endeavours. He is, as a consequence, an extremely private individual, and will protect both that with a far greater zeal than he will under any other circumstance.

As a Sith, Tirdarius might be said to have swallowed a brochure in its entirety, since he believes in the ancient doctrines of that Order without a single doubt, and will thus often convey these understandings in his everyday conversation or within his actions. He has a great respect for personal autonomy, and for those willing to take their destiny into their hands and thus determine their own path, even should the individual concerned lack the Force Sensitivity that is valued among the Sith. To a certain extent, this may very well explain his reluctance to take life unnecessarily, since each individual life snuffed out thus destroys all the potential that person may have had, which he considers to be a waste, and distasteful in the extreme, though he has some understanding of why others may resort to such measures even when not required.



Tirdarius has always been a very thorough individual, and exhibits this though a high attention to detail and a tendency to always complete any task he might begin, demonstrating a persistence that goes well beyond a mere desire to get things done. To that end, he can be relentless in seeking solutions to problems, dealing with any obstacles that might come his way, and in obtaining the means by which to accomplish his goals.


Rather than simply live according to the whims of the moment, Tirdarius tends to always plan for the future, seeking new and different ways to put circumstances to the advantage of the Sith, and ultimately always tries to manipulate a situation to fit his own goals. He believes that is inefficient to waste resources, and does not display the same ruthless sadism of his brothers: he thinks that it is better to spare a life and gain the allegiance of such a being than to kill them purely to demonstrate his power over them.


Tirdarius has spent much if his life in the study of esoteric knowledge and arcane techniques. He is a collector of relics and artifacts, and has a sizable library, as well as several well-hidden caches containing copies of all of the data he had obtained over the decades. His particular fascinations are the interactions of the Force with inanimate objects, particularly the crystals which most Force Users use as lightsaber foci (though he observes that they have many other uses in addition to this), as well as the various means by which the Force can be manipulated. He considers Light and Dark to be mere facets of the Force, and has little time for such meaningless distinctions.



Tirdarius is entirely confident of his own capabilities and has very little time for those who feel it best to challenge those, or to prove themselves by targeting him. He tends to be quickly dismissive of threats and has little time for the egotism or blustering of others, thinking that it detracts from completion of his goals. Although Tirdarius does not therefore consider himself superior to others as such, his mannerisms often suggest otherwise, simply because of his apparent disdain and dismissive nature.


Although trained with the suspicious nature demanded of a Sith, Tirdarius has never believed that such things are necessary unless one is inadequately prepared to deal with betrayal. His creed is simple: always expect treachery, but do not act as if it is inevitable. He will extend willing trust to those who have shown no perfidious behaviour, in the expectation that his faith is maintained. Though he views this as a strength, and a means by which to repay loyalty and friendship, many Sith view this as a considerable weakness, leaving him open to betrayal and death as a consequence.


While some Sith are quick to anger and quicker still to raise their hand against others, he considers this the sign of an undisciplined mind, and an inability to find a more creative means of handling the situation. As Sith go, he tends to be of the calm, collected variety, directing anger and any such impulsive emotions inwards, rather than outwards: his servants, rather than in control of him. With that in mind, he tends not to commit acts of violence unless necessary: only, ultimately, in his own defense, or when the needs of the Empire are threatened.


Tirdarius has long believed that all beings can serve the Sith in some fashion: whether as mere servants, as students, as cannon fodder, or as those capable of becoming equals in the Sith hierarchy. To this end, he would rather preserve a life and put it to the service of the Empire rather than extinguish it for petty reasons. To his mind, violence must serve a purpose, and where those lives might be put to better use, it is better to push them towards servitude.


Tall and wiry, Tirdarius does not fit the general stereotype of the Sith - though in good physical condition, he does not have the bulk associated with those constantly engaged in heavy physical activity. Rather, he prefers to cut a more slender figure, using his considerable height and intense expressions to accentuate the dark presence he possesses through the Force, this expressing itself outwardly with a self-confident and focused poise.

His expressions can vary quite significantly, although more often than not, he prefers to adopt a calm, cold expression that reflects little of what he is thinking or feeling. The majority of his emotive expressions emanate from his intense icy-blue eyes, since he generally prefers to maintain a level of personal restraint that is based more upon expediency than any desire to withold his feelings from others.

In terms of attire, the Sith does not generally dress as would be expected, although he does prefer the traditional black as opposed to any other colour of clothing. Typically, he can be seen wearing a dark tunic with a tight collar at the neck, along with black trousers and black rancor leather boots that extend up to just below the knees. Around his waist, he usually wears a black sash, to which his lightsaber is attached on the left side, so that he can draw it with his right hand in a natural motion. Over this, he usually wears the long black outer robe that Sith traditionally use, although he rarely makes use of the hood attached to it, preferring to leave his features uncovered.



Teynara Jeralyr

Resident Sig Lord
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