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Time Travel (Interest Check)

Gavin Wilis

Commander Wilis of The Scorched Earth
My idea is to attempt to perform time travel inside of a public event. For this to work, lots of things have to happen at once;

  1. The ship's hyperdrive must be malfunctioning
  2. Lots of force users must be present in one area
  3. Those force users must manipulate the force at around the same time
  4. The target of this manipulation must be the ship
  5. The manipulation must occur at the same time as the hyperdrive kicking in

With all this in place, I believe it could happen. Now, how do we make an RP opportunity, and how do we make it cool?

I have a few ideas on this as well. If the Jedi and the Sith were to be having a ground skirmish that numbers in the hundreds, there would be enough force users to start a cataclysm. But why would they be fighting in the exact place and time as the ship? And why would both sides turn on this ship at once? The Darkstaff. When it was destroyed, it shattered into hundreds of pieces, but someone has been hunting them down. After decades of finding the shards, this man assembled the dark weapon, and gave their life to restore it to its full power. Now it is waiting somewhere out in the galaxy, its dark allure like a small beacon amongst the stars. If it fell into the wrong hands, and someone wanted to use it to alter history, then everyone in the galaxy would be forced to bring them down.

Not even sure if this would be possible within our canon, or if anyone would even want to do something like this. It would be a MAJOR RP thread, drawing in nearly everyone on the site. The entire galaxy would be at risk here. Let me know what you think.


What I really want is an RP event that involves everyone on the server, and gives them a reason to care. I want it to be so big, that it's another section on the timeline. What it would consist of is someone playing this dark lord. He would have grown up, being told the stories of the wondrous power of the dark staff. The dark staff was extremely powerful, and the young boy's imagination was so thorough, that he began to unknowingly feed the spirit of the staff with his own imagination. He was taught to use the dark side of the force from a young age, corrupting him further. He began to have vivid dreams where he was chasing a purple light. This light eventually turned into the crystal at the center of the staff. Every night he would see the crystal, close enough to see every inch of the design, but never in reach. While the young man dreamt, the power of his force fed the sentient staff. Eventually the dreams became clearer as the man grew in power. The crystal was feeding him, and feeding off of him. The crystal wanted to be reborn, wishing to take revenge for its destruction. The man was lead by his dreams, to distant nooks and crannies of the galaxy. At each stop, he would find a small shard of black glass. With each shard, the crystal's influence on the man grew, his dreams became even clearer, and he knew the dark intent of the crystal. He was a slave to the Darkstaff. He would be the harbinger of a new age. With the Darkstaff under his control, he would shape history to his will. He would create the galaxy he always envisioned.
But only if he succeeded.

I think if it was done well, and done right, it would be freakin' awesome. Also, with such a big part as this, I feel like the character would have to be played by the entire administration team, to make sure that everything was being done right.

Also, if the reassembled darkstaff was used, I would want the dark lord to be transferred back to the start of time itself. This man would essentially become God. He would be free to create the universe as he saw fit. Before there was anything, there would be the force. Pure and untapped. This raw energy, having nothing to occupy would search for a host, finding one in him. Wielding this power, so immense that no one should be allowed to wield it, the energy would kill him, and his blood would spray out among the nothingness and become matter. Larger pools becoming galaxies, with small drops being planets and stars.

(Just refined the idea and added more concrete things)

I say this with as much love in my heart.

I don't foresee this working. Time Travel, in itself, is iffy business. Furthermore, I doubt that it's

Gavin Wilis

Commander Wilis of The Scorched Earth
Well, the Darkstaff was a thing. And if it's manipulated by the force it can create a Force Storm which acts like a black hole that sucks in everything around it and sends it forward or backward through time. Also, the Darkstaff was an extremely powerful artifact. It was even sentient. Something that has had so much force channeled through it could conceivably retain its sentience and willpower through 'death'. And if someone was focused on bringing it back. Obsessed with the power this thing held, I don't see why it couldn't happen.

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
@[member="Gavin Wilis"] The only thing that's existing about the dark staff right now are pieces, and people had to claw for those. Believe me, things like that aren't just "started."
Unless you want to do something clever with it I’d suggest not doing it. If you subscribe to the self-fulfilling prophecy school of time travel then it could be rather interesting, if done well.

However, it’s not something to be done on a whim, and canon Star Wars is very much against time travel in general.
I’d suggest not…but feel free to PM an admin with a detailed plot breakdown so we can make an informed decision of just what it is you want.


Well-Known Member
Dude non canon or not, I'm in. I've wanted Zaiden to be thrown back to a time where things were different than he's used to.

Katagiri Ike

Jericho Baby Momma
@[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"] I believe the time traveling went one way in the few canon instances. The darkstaff I don't remember going backwards but it did send the sith who used it forward. If this goes through it could be an interesting thing. Maybe something goes back in time and lands on a machine planet creating a new form of life. (even though that was a strange scenario for VYGER in Star Trek the Motion Picture.


I've always considered the potential for time dilation but stand pretty much completely opposed to the idea of reverse time travel, as in theory you could sling your self forward but everything else would have to suddenly and simultaneously repel its self back on the quantum level just to replicate prior instances in time. There's a reason we only perceive it in one direction.

I even wrote a whole theorem about it but I won't bore anyone on this site with that.

With that said, I may be interested if it isn't going to be groundbreaking or completely preposterous in execution.
I’ve replied to your PM.

I have no objections with you running a small campaign, or trying out a non-canon time travel plot, but large board wide events are reserved for staff as they are very hard to pull off well.

We encourage members to take the initiative, so long as it doesn’t disrupt matters overly.