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Tiiona Eld'eth

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NAME: Tiiona Eld'eth
FACTION: The One Sith
RANK: Sith Apprentice
SPECIES: Miraluka/Ferroan interbreed
AGE: 22
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: Not too tall, nor too short for a female. Let's say 1.75m (5'9)
WEIGHT: 57kg
EYES: As an offspring of a Miraluka, her eyes (although are there) are blind from birth. She would sometimes wear lenses to make them look normal, but without that they are pupil-less.
HAIR: Short white hair, really nice, I might add.
SKIN: Pale blue, more pale than blue, let's call it blue-ish pale.
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, inherently and naturally so.


Tech Adept - If adept is the right word for it. Tiiona had a love for all things technical, electronic, mechanical and whatnot, since she was little. Hacking and jamming, repairing and modifying, given enough time and proper tools the girl could do any of those. Despite growing up on a farm and despite being force sensitive from birth, she was still drawn to this cold world of metal and numbers. In a way, for her it represents the real world, with energy flows much like how force flows through all living things. It also combined with her natural gift allowed her to view the physical, non-living world like no other Miraluka could.

Natural Force Sight - As a Miraluka offspring, Tiiona never had the ability to see the world like most creatures do. Instead, she relies on a racial ability of Miraluka's to perceive the surrounding world through force. The ability called force sight, which she uses continuously, as naturally as breathing.

Gunslinger - A quite unusual trait for a force user, the girl had spent a lot her life in the criminal world before being recruited to a Sith order. And in the world of crime it was shoot or be shot. No doubt, her inherent ability of Force Sight helped her to shoot before she got shot, but that's not the true reason she is good at it now. The actual reason is that she got a lot of practice, certainly more so than with a lightsaber.

Force Precision - A newborn ability, or rather a fusion of three other force abilities, Tiiona developed this only quite recently and it is yet far from its full potential. This skill utilizes the force powers like Ionize and Telekinesis to effect specific sections or even circuits in usually electronic or other equipment. It is a unique skill, because it requires her natural force sight to pinpoint the exact spot where to apply the power in order to achieve the desired effect, while also clearly coming from the side of her that loves technology. Influencing or disabling equipment is easier the closer they are, while taking much greater focus and longer concentration the higher this distance is. Another factor of efficiency is power level of the device, as this essentially works by disrupting electronic and whatnot currents and flows in a device, it also makes it harder to disable or sabotage powerful devices without prolonged concentration.


Blind - A reasonable trade off for the natural talent to perceive the world through the force, one might say. This unique genetic setting of Miraluka's made her eyes unfunctional. No kind of treatment could ever make her see the world like normal people do.

Slightly Paranoid - Being hunted by some nasty people might do that to you. Some of the worst years in the underworld had made Tiiona distrusting of other people and constantly on the watch for any followers. This is amplified by her observant nature, but luckily does not go anywhere near a full blown paranoia. This usually only manifests in a crowded area, where she can't manage to keep an eye on everybody.

Certainly not a Brute - She's fit yes. But relying on her senses to avoid fighting or to finish it swiftly with a few good aimed shots, it made her not so good at physical confrontation. Only recently being taught to use the lightsaber, Tiiona would not be able to stand her ground against nearly any in such fight. She's quite nimble and good at running, don't get me wrong. But if it came to sword fighting or hand to hand, she'd rather tumble a few steps and blow a hole in their head with a pistol.

Hemophobia - Not a severe case, but thanks to some people who are no longer in the world of living, Tiiona had seen her share of blood. She would not be capable of treating a bleeding injury or do half of the medical stuff, if it involved blood. That being said, lucky for her most injuries in her daily life involve blaster shots.

Tiiona is of average height and weight. What may be noteworthy is her white hair and pale skin, a result from the genetic mixture of her two parents' races - Miraluka and Ferroan. Normally Miralukas develop no eyes and see through their natural attunement to force. In this case of interbreed, Tiiona did grow eyes, but they never saw light as her father's genes did not let them develop properly. Luckily for her, the same genes allowed her to use force sight as if it was as natural to her as seeing would be if she had proper eyes. And though she does not use her eyes, they might sometimes glimmer from under her shroud.

She has a fit and nimble body, result of no lack of physical work in her young life and what followed her after, that is a life of crime, a lot of running, you get the picture. She generally wears dark, her suit has light metal plating for minimal protection, a cloak and hood is usually used as well.

As already mentioned above one of Tiiona's parents was a Miraluka. That would be her father and her mother a Ferroan. The two have known each other only briefly, but that spark of love between them was enough to light the flame of life for Tiiona. This happened on Telos in the Outer Rim and although the union did not last long, that would be the planet that Tiiona would call home. Telos being mostly an agriculture world, it should not come as a surprise that the girl grew up on a farm. Her mother did not have any other children, but they lived together with Tiiona's aunt and her family. The uncle was an interesting man, someone who had failed Jedi training and was sent to Telos. From him Tiiona learned about the force as well as she learned Potentium, the philosophy that he family followed regarding the force. Being kind of blind she was always the odd one out, but she learned to live with it. For thanks to her expertiese with technical stuff, her family and friends would always need her. To fix a harversting droid and such for the family, to hack into someone's diary for the friends. It was a bright and although colorless (cuz she was blind, geddit), it was still a fun life.

That is until the girl was kidnapped. She was about 17 at the time and it happened on a rainy day, when she stayed too late in the barn, fixing the damn harverster droid again. It was then, as she left the building, that she was stunned and grabbed by a passing group of slavers. Honestly, it was all but by a chance, the group did not intend to raid that settlement. They were merely passing by to be picked up by their ship after a successful raid. But there there she was, all alone after dark, a girl in her late teens, what kind of slaver would turn away such free cash? So they got her, and they hauled her onto their ship and she woke up only after they left the Telos system. Lucky for the girl, these were 'honorable' slavers and would not damage their goods, so they didn't touch her. After a short stop at Elom, where they traded some of the slaves off, the band set course for Lianna, which was supposed to be their next, but only next to last stop. Unfortunately for them, one of the brain dead ones had bragged about their lucky haul to some wrong people on Elom. And a few hours later, as they dropped out of hyperspace in the Lianna system, their ship would be attacked and boarded by a group of pirates. This would be essentially the introduction to Tiiona's life - criminals killing other criminals. Using the confusion she would break out of her containment and use one of the ship's emergency evacuation pods. Before the smoke cleared on the ship, she was already on the surface of the urban world of Lianna.

Eventually the pirates won the fight and figured out how one of the slaves had escaped. With nothing but her clothes and the pirates on her tail, the girl was too confused and too scared to try and report this to the local authorities. No, instead she hid in the darkest corner, where she was the least likely to be found and waited it out. After a couple days the pirates gave up and left the system. That's when the starved, cold and scared blind teen would go into the light. If she had reported what had happened immediately, this might have been different, but the path she took led her to the depths of the underworld. And that's where she grew up. She only managed to survive because of her natural use of force sight. Soon she learned the hard ways of the crime and dealing with it. Defending oneself was a priority. She spent five years there, until she finally had enough money to leave that world. In that time she had learned many lessons, lost friends and sacrificed allies. When she finally could, the young woman would no longer want to return to her home planet. Instead she decided to seek greater power, solidify her position. After a couple smuggle runs to and from Raxus she would find herself on Korriban, where her path would bring her to the One Sith order. Being taught of Potentium it did not strike her as bad or evil. It was a way to survive in this terrible world and it did not matter what color or shape it took.

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