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Approved Starship TIE Raptor

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  • Intent: To Submit an Elite Fighter that can go toe to toe with the X-wing Series Vessels

  • Image Source: Image

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems, Brandt Volcata Industries

  • Model: TIE Raptor MK I

  • Affiliation: First Order

  • Production: Limited

  • Material: Duramentium Skeletal Frame, Alusteel Hull Plating, Anti-Ion Mesh insulation, Glasteel Viewports, Reflec Coating, Solar Panels, Electrical Components

  • Classification: Elite Fighter

  • Length: 12m

  • Width: 8m

  • Height: 8m

  • Armament: High

  • 4 Solar Ionization Cannons

  • 2 NK-3 Ion Cannons

  • 1 Slaved Light Auto Turret (Rear facing, 60* Firing Arc)

  • 2 Tube Launchers (Proton Torpedoes (5 each) OR Concussion Missiles (10 each))

  • Defenses: Average

  • Squadron Count: 8

  • Maneuverability Rating: Very High

  • Speed Rating: Average

  • Hyperdrive Class: 3, Range 10,000 LY

  • Solar Ionization Cannons

  • Fast Acquisition Targeting System

  • Variable Fire Pattern Control System

  • Advanced Tactical HUD System

  • Integrated Droid Brain w/ Heuristic Processors

  • Upgraded Engine Suite

  • Emergency Thrusters

  • Chaff Launchers

  • Light Deflector Shield

  • Sensor Scrambler

  • Reflec External Coating

  • Small Tractor Beam

  • Pilot Ejection System

  • Self Destruct System


  • Extreme Maneuverability

  • Enhanced Weapons Systems

  • Increased Pilot Visibility

  • Highly Responsive Control System

  • Short Range Primary Weaponry

  • Sub Par Hyperdrive

  • Poor Performance In Atmos

  • Weak Shielding

  • Fragile Solar Arrays
Description: During various conflicts over the course of time, most notably with the Galactic Alliance, First Order High Command commissioned Sienar with a new fighter system that would not only increase the surviveablity of their pilots but also be capable of going toe to toe if not outperform the standard X-Wing series - a staple of the Galactic Alliance’s fighter wings. While examining their existing assets, it was determined that if any one model held the primary attributes they would need to capitalize on, it was the TIE/d.

After several failed attempts at simply modernizing the TIE/d model, it was decided that the new fighter would need to be built from the ground up. Taking inspiration from the TIE/d, additional support struts were added, increasing the number of solar panels from three to four, the TIE Raptor was able to actually decrease its overall silhouette. Though not designed as a stealth vessel, the reflec coating and decreased profile of the fighter allow it a minor decrease in overall detectability in addition to providing a smaller target once sighted.

Carrying the extreme maneuverability of the TIE/d, the Raptor also makes use of enhanced weapons system, boasting four Solar Ionization Cannons. Unlike traditional laser cannons, Solar Ionizations ignore most conventional deflector shields and fire an intense enough beam to melt durasteel - the major drawback? Range. To be effective they must be much closer than a standard laser cannon to achieve their full potential. While this complements the Raptor’s extreme maneuverability, it can provide difficult when faced with fighters who are able to keep the ship at distance. While not able to keep up with an A-wing in level flight, it would be hard for any interceptor to outmaneuver the TIE Raptor.

One of the newest features implemented into the TIE Raptor is a proprietary HUD system. A major drawback of the old TIE/d was the limited view because of the oversized wing panels, a critical weakness when dueling in close quarters - the TIE Raptor does not suffer from this. A complex network of video and sensor data is displayed on the pilot’s HUD allowing almost a full 360* view from where they sit. Semi-transparent outlines still display where the structure of the vessel is to allow for extremely precise flight. While it takes a bit of getting used to, this proprietary system focuses on making the pilot a part of the ship itself, feeding sensor data and weapons system to the HUD, sealing the man/machine mashup with a neurological link to the pilot. While the vessel is designed with this functionality, standard configuration flying is available sans neuro-link if so desired or if it encounters a malfunction.

As discussed, the Solar Ionization Cannon’s main drawback is it’s short range. Another system that was sacrificed to give the Raptor its edge was the hyperdrive systems. While the its predecessor boasted a class 2 Hyperdrive, the TIE Raptor is equipped with a Class 3 Hyperdrive and is limited to 10,000 LY travel by itself. Another drawback of the new design is the additional solar array and pylon. While giving it a clear advantage in the vacuum of space, in atmos it creates additional drag, further reducing its speed. While still a decent performer in atmos, it can easily be outclassed. Finally, as is the par for most TIE series vessels, the TIE Raptor is equipped with light shields. In a perfect world, the light starfighter shielding will give the pilot just enough buffer to once more gain the advantage. While it can stand up to a few solid hits, any prolonged draw on the shields will open up the vessel to direct fire.

Another inherent weakness is the vessel's solar panels, their construction while sturdy is fragile and will not withstand heavy kinetic force. These solar panels are liable to shatter, dramatically decreasing their effectiveness in flight as well as creating a substantial power draw in their absence.

Travis Caalgen

Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.


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I have instead added another weakness. The rationale for the Average Defensive rating is in part due to the enhanced visual range as well as the maneuverability of the vessel. As well, the rear facing auto-turret. All in all, I feel as if the "Average" is justified and balanced out by some of the other features which have been downgraded.

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Travis Caalgen

[member="Nils Brenner"]

I find your change acceptable; Pending Secondary Approval
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