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Approved NPC Thugs of the Viper

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Evelynn Ostium


  • Intent: To be the main part of Evelynn's hired muscle for her organization.
  • Image Credit: NeonDystopia.com
  • Role: This group acts as Evelynn's property and personal protection, defending both her and her Crime Syndicate's HQ.
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: Evelynn Ostium, The Paradox Complex
  • Unit Name: The Scale Gunners
  • Affiliation: Evelynn Ostium is their boss.
  • Classification: Infantry
  • Description: Every member of the "Scales" wears a mixture of casual clothing and hidden armor plating. This is usually in the form of hoodies, jackets, jeans, boots and hidden light armor under it all. Any Cybernetic weapons are hidden with clothing. Each of them wears an emblem of a purple snake's skull with its fangs bared, dripping violet venom. This is the regularly shown insignia for Evelynn 'Viper' Ostium.
  • Unit Size: Large
  • Unit Availability: Common (usually street thugs or criminals/ hired muscle)
  • Unit Experience: Trained (each knows how to act in a Firefight and how to use a variety of weapons from blasters to melee weapons)
  • Equipment: Coruscant Police Blaster Pistols, Roughly made Armored Clothing, Hachete, Slugthrowers (shotguns and some pistols), Blaster Rifles
  • Combat Function: When in a firefight, they will begin by taking cover, firing some shots to act as a suppressing Tactic. Once behind cover, they will begin to fire from over or around their protection. When not in an area with cover, they will try to move somewhere hard to aim and attempt to push them back. Their habits will tend to be that they are either resting or on patrol when inside The Paradox Complex. The more larger built members of this group utilize Slugthrowers like Scatter Guns (Shotguns) to maximize effectiveness in short areas.

    Evelynn always has a company of 5 Slugthrowers and 7 blaster units with her, acting as her personal protection during out of base meetings and deals.
  • Versatility: Due to the large range of weapons that the Scales use, they are effective in most combat situations. Whilst their weapons might be a large mixture of ammunition types and effectiveness, sheer numbers deal with targets quickly.
  • Large Numbers: The massive amount of them allows for high levels of incoming blaster fire without any relief for opposition counter attacks.
  • Causal Attire: Just like Evelynn, these people wear mostly casual attire, mostly worn on coruscant for locals, with hidden uses. Their outfits hidden function is light levels of interwoven armor plating.
  • Lacking Armor: The lack of heavy armor with only the very rare usage of medium armor keeps most firefights a fight for survival. This can lead to heavy casualties in battles. However, their light movements compromise this flaw.
  • Few Weapon Types: The weapons used are often the most common variety of a weapon type and is easily recognized and countered in battles.
The Scales reside as a large gathering of criminals, thugs and hired muscle from the streets of Coruscant. They all work for, and are loyal only, to Evelynn 'Viper' Ostium. Most of them are street thugs that learnt the ways of street fights and how to survive. This has earned their place as Evelynn's private force and personal protection for both herself and her property. They are from a large diverse amount of races found typically on Coruscant.

As a mark of their devotion, they all wear her insignia, a snake's fanged skull, dripping venom, along their jacket backs, sleeves or even as a tattoo. Whilst the latter is very uncommon, they all wear this mark with pride as it shows they belong to something greater than if they were just living on the street. Being a part of the Scales gives them more protection from the local Police Force. However, they all understand NOT to mess with the boss. Otherwise, it will be their bodies in her trophy room next.
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Evelynn Ostium Evelynn Ostium

This is a great submission. There are just a couple of technical items to tweak here.

Permissions | This deals with permissions to use another writer's submission so you can put N/A in that category as you are not using someone else's work here.

Combat Equipment | Since you are using items from the Wookiee you can just remove the chart that you kept in under this session.

Tag me once you get those quick edits, and we will get this approved for you.
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