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Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
Just joined the Republic under the tutelage of Diana - the timeline has him joining after the current invasions are finished. Was wondering if anyone wanted to do threads with the new adult Padawan?

Here's my character sheet for those who aren't familiar with me:

And some of the information that Jedi might know about him:

  • Freshly recruited by Diana
  • At the very least, he's in his late twenties
  • He arrived on his own ship, an Omega CR90E Blockade Runner - it's crew is entirely droid
  • He hasn't given anyone his name, just 'Preacher'
  • He's looking for combat training
  • He wears full beskar'gam under his robes, meaning he's likely Mandalorian

So, with that being said, anyone down for a thread? I prefer private ones, just because sometimes school picks up and it can take me a few days to post; I don't like leaving four or five people hanging at a time.


Blessed are the peacemakers
Oh. A Mandalorian Jedi.
Sounds neat.

stealing my image, are yah?


Blessed are the peacemakers
yeah well at least I didn't get beat by a hero that could be named arseface or chicken chaser