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Thread Partner Needed - Force Users Only :)

Aran Finn

I was exploring a concept on another site with Aran a while back and it never really came to completion. As I now have the muse, I'd like to try to finish it off here.

It basically revolves around the concept of divinity, and man challenging gods while learning things about his own faith. In my first thread I set up Aran in Felucia as some sort of mad god-King of the Force sensitive natives, only for him to be cast down by a mere Jedi Padawan who teaches him that he is only a man. In the second thread, this thread, Aran will explore the difference between gods and men, and will learn that much, much more is required to bridge that gap, and will understand that it will probably never happen.

Basically, I am in need of a Force user character of Knight level or higher. No alignment restrictions, you just need to enjoy duels and not mind getting your butt kicked. I'll elaborate :p

Aran will go to a mountain on the world of Hoth in search of a being he hears is the strongest in the universe in order to test his strength. He meets another Force user with the same goal (you, if interested), and duels that person for the right to ascend the mountain. After a brief but fierce struggle the two Force users agree to ally with each other and climb the mountain together to face this powerful being. What happens to them up there changes their outlook on the Force and everything forever.

Interested? Let me know :)

Aran Finn

@[member="Eldoc Quasat"] Alright, guess we're doing this. I'll try to have something up tomorrow, kind of feeling worse for wear today.

@[member="Anwen Talith"] Sounds good. Aran has a famed protective, paternalistic streak so I'm sure he and Anwen will get along just fine. Any idea or do you wish for me to have a brainstorm?

Old Man

Ugh. I would be so interested in this so much. I'm afraid my schedule would be a major inconvenience to you, and thus far the Old Man is still a bit in the developmental stage.