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They Call Me...Grand Marshmallow

The Lindor Apartments, Bothawui

Genesis watched as the news reports came streaming in, with a bemused smirk plastered upon his lips. Had his tactic worked? Had he succeeded in causing untold sums of damage to the heart of the Galactic Empire? Eh...Well...Not as much as he had hoped, but collatoral damage would suffice. This wasn't the sort of thing that the Galaxy would take lightly, as evidenced by the fact that the local law enforcement and military had begun swarming the apartment complex he called home. T'was upon a datapad he watched the news reports, with a cigar jammed between his lips. Today was all about going out with a bang as it were; and as such Genesis had to look the part. He was garbed in his typical MX-00 Templar Armor, minus the helmet of course, and held within his hands a rather beautiful Verpine Rifle.

His apartment, once an orderly space with not even a speck of dust out of place, had been battered into ruin for the last several minutes. Warning shots were fired at the penthouse floor, and the former Grand Marshal had lost count of how many snipers he had put an end to today. Five? Six? Eh, something along those lines. According to his beloved people, he had lost all sense in rationality; and part of him agreed with that judgment...only a madman would have waited so long to lash out at such a historically-flawed entity! Some said that his growing "madness" had everything to do with the unique method of his cloning; and that Vong-shaping a human clone would eventually produce some sort of insanity that rivaled duplicating Force-sensitives. Of course, Genesis didn't feel insane at all.

He simply felt alive.

With glee plastered across his face, he lined up a shot and harassed the ground units below; and my oh my it was quite the audience! Above, airspeeders casted the stereotypical light upon his residence in an attempt to give their comrades clear shots. Below, additional forces were mustering for an attempt to storm the building...of course, they'd have a difficult time if they tried the elevators the clone had seen fit to blow apart on his way up. And if they were to be sneaky, then blowing apart the baracades he had set up were just a sure fire way to give away their position. Oh, Genesis knew he wasn't walking out of this situation unscathed. He could practically feel the sting of the afterlife! But if he was going to go out, he sure as all feth wasn't going to let Zev Stargo's grand exit dwarf his own.

"Come on now, at least put some effort into it!"

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The Black Flame
@[member="Genesis Rostu"]

How did it come to this? Nocturno knew about Genesis's condition only though what he had read about it in the new reports released to him upon the charge of the Grand Marshal for treason, misuse of military assets and disobeying a direct order from the Confederate Leadership Council (which included illegal acts of war without formal declaration from the Leadership Council). Looking up at the apartment high above the streets of Bothawui, Nocturno zoomed in his prosthetic eyes in on the Grandmarshmellow's face as he fired down on the units surrounding the apartment. The vong-shaped man looked completely out of his mind as he sat atop the apartment blasting away with his rifle. In light of this new development, Nocturno had been made the acting Grandmarshal of the Confederacy and thus he held the entire power of the military in his hand.

If it were up to him, he would have blasted a hole in the side of the apartment and blown the crazed Ex-Grandarshal to bits. However, that was no longer an option as the Leadership Council demanded that he be brought before them for trial and that meant Genesis would be arrested unless it was absolutely necessary to eliminate him on the spot. Turning on the internal voice amplifier in his helmet, Nocturno called up to the Grandmarshal as a light rain began to fall from the sky "Genesis, I have been authorized to take you before the Leadership Council on charges of treason do not make this harder than it has to be! Surrender now and we will not harm you, but if you make me come up there...I will not be gentle."
The Black Flame
From the depths of the afterlife came a familiar face with the voice to match. The ghostly figure stood beside Genesis, an equally phantom-like cigar dripping an almost invisible smoke that disappeared into oblivion just as fast as it appeared. The specter's eyes drifted down with a sadness of a entity who was far too wise for anyone's own good. The light of wisdom behind those ghostly eyes were not what you would find in even the oldest of Jedi Masters, no it was a wisdom that one found only in death. Stroking a freezing cold hand across Genesis's shoulder, Zev shook sighed and knelt close to the an who had been his only friend in death and showed him how he had wasted his life. Upon looking at Zev, Genesis would barely be able to make him out for his form was like a blurry reflection on the water that distorted more as you put more focus onto it.

"What are you doing, my old friend?" Zev questioned in a voice that was like a whisper on the fringes of existence, so clear yet so shallow and hard to hear "I have seen everything there is to see and I know that this is not the Genesis who appeared before me on the fringes of death on Utapau."

Desmond Voralis.

Soldier of Fortune
Check your weapons. Power cells at full. Safeties off.

It was the third such check, but waiting in the speeder there wasn't much else to do. They were at high altitude above and away from the apartment complex, Desmond sat on his seat in the passenger bay with a mix of Confederate military and local law enforcement. Det-packs, gas grenades and blasters set to stun. Once the orders came down, the speeder would fly into position and they'd fast rope down onto the roof of Rostu's penthouse. One target confirmed, unknown level of preparation, shots fired on local officers. The situation was messy to say the least.

Dammit, Genesis. What the feth were you thinking.

Desmond shut his eyes, helmet locked in place and concealing his strained expression. Genesis was someone he'd started to trust. One of the rare few he respected and who he felt he had the respect of in return. And then he'd gone and done this.

Dead or alive, boss, we're bringing you in. I owe you that much.

He stood and gripped the handrail on the speeder's ceiling, "Alright folks, remain on standby with weapons hot. Soon as the cyborg gives the word, we're stopping this whole mess."

@Nocturno, @[member="Genesis Rostu"]

Daxton Bane

Daxton was in a foul mood, it was obvious to anyone who saw the Sith pacing back and forth, for once the mirrored face plate of his helm raised so all could see his battle scarred visage practically screwed up in anger. Now it has hit the fething fan, so to speak. Had Genesis approached him discretely, he probably would have helped him plot something twice as violent and probably three times as devastating as what actually happened.

Truth of the matter was Daxton was pissed he wasn't invited to the party, now he had to be part of the force that took down the man he considered a good friend and one time ally. And that was what shook his craw the most.

Reaching for his faceplate, he attached it to his helm with a hiss as seals locked into place. Flexing his armored gauntlets, Daxton proceeded towards the target area, moving faster than a normal so he seemed only like a dark green and purple blur moving from cover to cover. As soon as he reached the entrance he would duck inside and plan his next move.

@Genesis Rostu