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Thel Analytics - Services for your character

Sebastian Thel

Cipher Thel
Hello there Chaos! I'm not a big fan of making subs and prefer to just dive straight into the RP, so I'm offering up some IC services my character can provide.

Whether you have a company, or just need to organize your character's life, your friendly neighborhood analyst is here to help. Sebastian is skilled with figures and can assist in the organization of data and the evaluation of risk for any situation. From finances, projects to personal organization, he offers services ranging from:

  • Data Analysis
  • Risk Management and Assessment
  • Statistics

I will say that these are areas I know very little about OOC, beyond the research I've done, so please don't expect me to come up with actual numbers or equations. It's just a fun little challenge which I've really enjoyed writing so far. This is also a good opportunity for your characters to sort out their direction and where they want to take their story, beyond just financially.

I posted a thread like this for my old character, where he offered various services helping other characters, which received a good response. So let's see how this goes. I've had trouble figuring out what I want Sebastian to do, but this is what I've enjoyed the most.

Do sign up if you are interested!


The Attention Seeker
OMG this is just what I needed! Freaking talk about timing. [member="Sebastian Thel"] How would you like to be picked up by a security firm with some secrets going on?