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Approved NPC The Xarixi Corps

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  • Intent: To create a legion of soldiers at Azmodan's command.
  • Image Credit: Destiny Wiki
  • Role: Azmodan's battalion
  • Links: Xarix

  • Availability: Unique
  • Deployment: Mass
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
    Numbers: The Xarixi Corps is a massive battalion of enhanced Xarix soldiers. They number in the thousands and each one is worth 3 of any other army in the eyes of their general.
  • Enhanced: Each soldier in the Xarixi corps has been enhanced greatly to turn them into the soldiers they are now. No longer are these Xarix feral. Through the application of advanced cybernetics and chemical experiments, these Xarix have become intelligent, stronger, and deadlier than ever before.
  • Force Blind: The cybernetics and chemicals introduced to the Xarix has rendered their species' natural Force Vision inert.
  • Language Barrier: The Xarix have a complex language that makes communications with anyone outside of their species very difficult.

[*]Description: After being named general in the Confederacy's army, Azmodan started researching into the creation of a military force under his command he would use to bring glory to his name and to the Confederacy. He knew of the battle droids so frequently used by the Confederacy, but also knew that organics were also used to great extent of the Confederacy. He came to the conclusion that bringing the two together, organic and synthetic, would be even more effective.

Azmodan made contact with his people, the Xarix, and called upon them to serve him and the Confederacy. Once he had what he saw as enough to serve as a standing army, scientists began applying cybernetics and special chemicals to each of the Xarix, all of which greatly strengthened the Xarix both physically and mentally. Many did not survive these experiments, but even more did make it through the experiments. These Xarix were much smarter and stronger than their counterparts. But, that was not the end of it. The Xarix were then trained to be modern soldiers. Training in the harsh environments of Lok made the Xarix much hardier than normal soldiers. After the combat training, the Xarix Corps was ready to be deployed into combat and Azmodan had his army.

Zeradias Mant

Democracy Dies in Darkness

As the Victoria's Secret item is Limited production, you'll can either change the Deployment to Limited and change the language in the sub to reflect a much smaller unit, or you can swap the item for something set at a higher production level.
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