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Blade of Ession



Image Source:
original image for the Ashlan symbol, with color changes made by me.
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Corporation Name: The WorkForce
Headquarters: Bosph
Locations: There are converted factories across Ashlan space.
Operations: The WorkForce manufactures vehicles, ships, weapons, armor, droids, and other various items that benefit the Ashlan Crusade.
Parent Corporation: N/A
Subsidiaries: N/A


The WorkForce is a state-sanctioned manufacturing company, initially set up by Grayson loyalists in an effort to bring industry to the Tingel Arm and beyond. This company is a government funded and owned operation, which envelops the bulk of the factory-related infrastructure within Ashlan Space. If a factory produces anything remotely military-related within Ashlan Space, you can bet that it is likely a WorkForce factory. This company has helped to provide employment to many that have been left destitute in the wake of the various wars across the Tingel Arm. It is a company that is intended to support the people, while allowing the everyday citizen to contribute to the ever-growing Crusade.

The company's loyalty is to the Crusade and the Crusade alone. They are willing to deal with other groups, but cannot be bribed into switching sides. Furthermore, due to their devotion to the Ashlan cause, the WorkForce refuses to do any business with the Sith or other such darksiders, unless specifically requested by the commanders of the Ashlan Crusade. Overall, they are a rather benevolent organization, focused on helping both the government and the people through mutually-beneficial industry.


The WorkForce was originally the creation of several businessmen that were loyal to Cedric Grayson Cedric Grayson . Starting as a small project, the WorkForce eventually grew into something much more. As the Crusade shifted into a proper government, these loyalists were willing to turn control of the company completely over to the government. Now, as the Crusade finds its footing in the Tingel Arm, there has been a growing need to rebuild the region. As the positions within the government are still being fulfilled, the handling of the WorkForce has been transferred to Heinrich Faust Heinrich Faust , as he has proven to be invaluable in terms of resource management within the military. This has effectively made him the sole decision maker within the WorkForce (other than Cedric Grayson himself).​