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Approved Tech The Wolfhound

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Eternal Empress

  • Intent: To create a unique hybrid weapon for Arturo Braga Arturo Braga .
  • Image Source: Picture (Second gallery's 23rd picture) | Headers: Kainan Wolfe
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Credit: Special thanks to Mellifluous Magenta Mellifluous Magenta for her help to gather the special feature list.
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Name: The Wolfhound
  • Manufacturer: Rocksolid Arms | House Orchid
  • Affiliation: Arturo Braga
  • Market Status: Closed-Market
  • Model: The Wolfhound
  • Modularity: High
    • Ammunition, cartridges and energy cells are easily switched in the rifle.
    • Capable of using different rounds; AP, Cryo, Explosive etc.
    • Thanks to the design, countless things can be placed on top of the weapon. Scopes, bayonet.
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Druetium | Electronic and slugthrower components | Kickback Damper

  • Classification: Slugthrower / Blaster rifle hybrid. || NB: The stun-mode ratings are intentionally underbalanced.
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average
  • Ammunition Type:
  • Ammunition Capacity:
    • Average | 100 bullets | Slug mode
    • Average | 300x Visium Power Cell | Blaster mode
  • Effective Range:
    • Average | 500-600 metres | Standard (both mode)
    • Average | 20-50 metres | Stun mode/Non-lethal (Only blaster mode)
  • Rate of Fire:
    • Very High | Modes: Standard, Semi-Automatic, Automatic (Both mode)
    • Average | Stun mode/Non-lethal (Only blaster mode and only standard mode)
  • Damage Output:
    • Very High | Standard (both mode)
    • None | Stun mode/Non-lethal (Only blaster mode)
  • Recoil:
    • Average | Standard (both mode)
    • None | Stun mode/Non-lethal (Only blaster mode)

  • General information:
  • Additional information:
    • The weapon is considered a hybrid, which means that the user can switch between the slugs and blaster function. In the short term, the shotgun is an excellent choice, which is difficult to defend against with lightsabers, in the longer term the blaster function. The weapon is accurate and does great damage.
    • Ammunition, cartridges and energy cells are easily switched in the gun. It can be easily taken to pieces so that it can be transported more easily. In addition, the recoil is average, it’s easy to handle, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for such a weapon.
    • The owner can easily put a strap on it to hang it to the back, or can change the scope on the weapon to whatever the action or situation requires at any time. In addition, numerous extra accessories can be added to the weapon, making it even more dangerous or versatile. Slugthrower ammunition can be an explosive charge as well or anything else the user wants.
    • The weapon has the ability to fire a short or long burst of fire. It is capable of triple, five or more of them. This is a kind of semi-automatic or fully-automatic function that must first be activated and then it is enough to hold down the trigger (both mode).
    • The weapon is equipped with a suitable kickback damper so that the recoil is average and only disturbs the user minimally, who can already search for a new target.

  • High Damage and Speed: It is designed to maximise the damage and injury caused by both laser projectiles and slugs. Thanks to this design, the weapon can be quick and deadly in every form. The various modes that can be used further help in this.
  • Well Equipped: The weapon is equipped with countless accessories, sensors, scanners, and the weapon can be used perfectly in any situation.

  • EMP/Ion: EMP / Ion attacks are not good for the weapon as it is equipped with so much High Tech. Such attacks easily destroy the rifle.
  • Ammo Problems: Although the weapon's ammunition capacity is average, in full automatic mode the ammunition runs out very quickly, and the slug in particular is what can be emptied in a matter of seconds. Thus, in such a mode, it is necessary to change the ammunition or energy cell very often.
  • Average: Although the weapon has above-average firing speed and damage, it is average in everything else, in size and weight. The same is true for range and ammunition capacity. There are also likely to be more balanced and effective weapons on the market than this.

It is not known how Arturo's order arrived at HPI Consortium; probably through House Orchid, which is owned by Silhana and she has worked with the man more than once. The point is, there was the order and. It was necessary to make a weapon called the Wolfhound, which became a hybrid weapon, combining the advantages and sometimes disadvantages of archaic slugthrowers and modern blaster rifles.

In today’s modern world, ironically, archaic weapons are the most effective against space wizards (Sith and Jedi) because it is hard to defend themselves with lightsabers against the slug based ammunition. Probably this was also the reason why this weapon also had to be made with a hybrid solution. And the HPI was already proficient in this because they had made hybrid weapons before.

Based on the order, a fairly average weapon was made, which is made special by the rate of fire and the damage dealt, not to mention the numerous extra functions and accessories that the weapon has. Countless chips, programs, aids, genetic identifiers make the weapon even more special and unique. There are several modes of use in the weapon, as well as a non-lethal, stun mode.

On top of all that, it’s worth noting that the rifle is very easy to use, maintain, and extra accessories like bayonet, different scopes can be added to it. Because of its ease of use and usability, even on the battlefield, it is easy and easy to change the ammunition, cartridges and energy cells. All this and its diversity make the weapon perfectly usable in any condition.

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