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The Wheels Are Turning

Eyes akin to sapphires stared out across the horizon as the petite girl stood upon the beach, her tattered jeans rolled up to just below her knees as the water gently lapped at her feet. The water had a chill to it that was numbing, but she seemed unfazed by the temperature. Wind off the water stirred her soft hair, pushing her bangs into her face so that one eye was obscured. The sound of the waves was soothing and it was clear that her mind was someplace far away. Lost in her own little world she didn't realize that the tide was slowly coming in, the water growing ever higher up her calf.
Depression, mourning, guilt, devastation, a sense of loneliness... A realization that now, he was truly alone in this cruel galaxy, doomed to serve without his beloved by his side. The Jedi Master stared out at the water, his hood up on his Doshi Robes, hiding the tortured soul underneath...

His bright brown eyes shined as he watched the waves run by. This was his favorite place to be, on the seaside, on the beach, with the sand between his toes, able to stare out at the waves in the warm weather and be at peace... But peace avoided him. It avoided him like a town full of healthy men, women and children, running desperately from the plague, doing all in their power to never let it near their homes. How had this happened? For so many years, Josh had so easily been able to just.... Push his stresses aside. He remained vigilant in the light, never losing his temper, never giving in to depression or anger when he could help it. But... What had happened?

Things seemed to have been going so well finally... He had reached his dream of becoming a Jedi Master. Something he had worked so hard for, for so many years... He had shed blood, sweat and tears for it... And he had gotten it. He was the first Knight on the Jedi Council in many millenia, and was eventually rewarded for his dedicated service with full Masterhood, serving on the Council. And to boot, with the new regime, he was given the position of Grand Admiral of the Republic, a highly lofty position in the military, incredibly rare for a Jedi. Things were going so, so, oh so well...

And then Jak had died. Yeah, he ended up re-appearing later with amnesia, but his best friend wasn't there to help him live through the hell that was to come. Aleidis Ijet, an incredibly close friend of his, disappeared without a trace, pronounced dead, leaving Josh with a hole in the soft spot he had once held for his closest friend.

And then, when it couldn't get any worse, the Sith had finally caught up to his beloved Saoirse. He knew they would hunt her eventually... But why now? He'd just gotten results from the doctor about the likelihood of Saoirse's pregnancy... Things were finally starting to look up again, and then they'd killed her. The blasted Sith had killed her when Josh wasn't around to save her... His girlfriend, possibly his child... Losing that was too much for Josh to bear. He couldn't push it aside anymore, he hadn't slept a wink since the day she had died and overwhelming sorrow filled every inch of his being.

His fists clenched, he tried to relax himself, distract himself, by digging his toes into the sand, and watching it fall from his feet like tiny little particles.
The tide rose ever higher and yet Anwen failed to notice as her mind was worlds away, but it wasn't until her feet were nearly swept from beneath her that she realized what was going on. As she returned to the present her aura momentarily flared in her surprise and she blushed in embarrassment. Blinking she backed away from the water, moving to the edge once more.

Yet again the sea was only able to lap at her toes and she smiled softly, wriggling her toes to bury them in the soft wet particles. Sometime between enjoying the sensation of the wet sand between her toes and taking note of the different color shell fragments being swept about by the water, Anwen once more lost herself to the flow of the sea. It reminded her of the Force, steady and ever present. Sometimes it was calm and kind, but other times it was cruel.

Licking her lips she tasted salt from the sea and she frowned, the taste reminding her of the recent tears she had shed. Once more her mind turned to a world far away and she sighed, slowly looking up as the sound of the ocean pulled her back into the flow of the Force. As she sank beneath the waves of the Force her aura spread outward from her, pulsing in time with her slowing heartbeat.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
The Jedi Master walked along the seaside, head down, hood up... He took a breath of the seaside air, and it relaxed him, just a bit. It was what he needed right now. A distraction from the horrors he'd seen, that continued to come back to him without Saoirse to keep his mind at ease. The Jedi were once told to never hold attachments, but... It had never really been obeyed in recent millenia. Josh, of course, didn't either. And it was times like these that he saw why.

But those attachments were part of his salvation. With Sao at his side, he could always push everything away because he knew he had something to come home to. Something to look forward to. It told him that he had a future, that things will always get better. But now... There was nothing. Nothing but eternal servitude.

His presence brushed that of another in the Force as he walked. One that had just amplified recently... He opened his eyes, then, curious. He had thought he was alone...
Her eyes had glazed over somewhat as she floated within the Force, her eyes blind to the physical world. Suddenly another brushed against her aura and the haze vanished from her eyes. Dark eyelashes fluttered against her cheeks and she turned her head, her senses pulling her attention toward the other like herself. The contact between the other being and herself had been fleeting at best, but she was still able to tell that the other far exceeded her in power and followed the same path as herself.

Orbs of the clearest blue looked down the beach, her gaze searching as she reached out with the Force to do the same.
He looked over at her, his brown eyes meeting her blue that instant. It took him a moment to acknowledge her, before tilting his head curiously. He remained silent, staring for a moment, wondering how he hadn't sensed her before....

He took a breath, his mind running with how to open this with..... Hi, I somehow didn't see you even though I've been standing over there for an hour. How is the weather? Nah, that wouldn't work.

@[member="Anara Valnor"]
Sapphire orbs glittered and she smiled, waving a hand in silent greeting. The man was only a short distance away and she could have shouted, but something told her that wasn't proper. He was unknown to her and there was no sense in doing such a thing. Her aura brushed his and she confirmed her suspicions, he was the one she had felt only moments ago. His power made her appear a dwarf in his presence, but still her pristine aura shone as brightly as the sun. Smiling, suddenly shy she waved once more before looking away, her arms winding around her petite form as her eyes returned to her toes; they were suddenly so very interesting.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
As he stared into her eyes, and she didn't respond, he tilted his head curiously. His mind wandered with "Who was she?" and "How did I not sense her before?". Regardless, he took a breath, and as she smiled, he shot a nervous one back.

God, was he that back at talking to women now? Was he this used to "Relationship Mode" that the ability to speak to new people with the same charm that he once had, had gotten stuck on his tongue? Or perhaps had his depression just sunk in so bad, that he couldn't formulate the thoughts to even comprehend how to begin speaking?

Finally gathering his bearings, Josh cracked his neck before clearing his throat and speaking.

".... Beautiful place, isn't it?"

@[member="Anwen Talith"]
Blinking, she looked up from her toes and toward the man. For a moment she simply stared at him, but a smile settled upon her features and she nodded, turning to look out across the water once more. "It is..." Licking her lips, tasting the salt from the ocean spray, she turned vibrant sapphire eyes upon the man once more.

"I'm Anwen."

She wasn't really sure what else to say and so she looked back to the horizon, the wind gently blowing her bangs into her face.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
"Josh" the Jedi Master said with a slight smile, staring out into the ocean. He didn't know what else to say, and he bit his lip nervously.

Gods, how did he get so bad at talking to women? Or maybe he was just too out of it to have the natural demeanor he normally did...

He sighed, looking back over at her again sheepishly.

"So, what're you doing out here?" he finally asked.

@[member="Anwen Talith"]

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