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The Way of the Saber: Training in Soresu with a Jedi Ronin

Kelios Shara-da

Rogue Wanderer
The Tython Temple, outdoor training Ring.

Kelios stood and awaited his new Master's arrival, he had know Yasuo for a little now and was surprised when he was assigned to be trained under the Jedi as a Padawan. He was actually hopeful about it, he had gone to where his new Master had instructed and was mediating in the middle of the training ring.

It was a sunny, bright day on the world on Tython and the ring was rather silent despite the nearby ones being filled with the clatter of fake combat. He had to learn. His duel with that Sith on Manaan had proven as much. He was very nearly killed by his foe and he refused to allow it to happen again. The Horansi Jedi was ready to learn the way of saber combat and become a master of Soresu. Hopefully, Yasuo had enough experience in the saber style to facilitate that.


Atlas Kane

When Yasuo arrived at the place he and his newly assigned apprentice were supposed to learn, he was pretty excited about teaching for the first time. Up until now he had always been the one that had to learn, but now he was the one that teaches. Hopefully he would do a good job of it. He was a couple of meters behind the giant Jedi who was his apprentice. Yasuo had met him once already, during the time when he was still a padawan, and now he met him once again. ''You ready to learn?'' The Knight said when he sat down next to the giant Padawan. Yasuo was supposed to teach Soresu today and he would hopefully make a good job of it. He himself had learned Soresu during his first ever training with his master and it was funny to see how his own apprentice would now learn Soresu during their first ever training session.

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