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Princess of House Solidor

  • Instant Creation of Force Weapons
  • Summoning - Made by a powerful magician long ago, the ring was slowly carved with runes and ancient arts to give it a unusual skill to its user. When properly focused, the user can direct its energy to manifest up to thirteen weapons, from different sorts of swords, spears and axes that can be controlled through telekinesis against an enemy to either stab, mutilate or kill. These weapons are able to cut through any kind of flesh and most of the ordinary metals used as armors, they have no real edge since they are made of energy, but can be as deadly.

  • Drainer - The attacks performed by the power of the ring can be overwhelming against a enemy, but, each strike takes twice the energy from the user if compared to other force power skills that could be used instead. Any person without training can be instantly drained dry by simply summoning its power,
  • Rambunctious - Although letal, the weapons can be impossible to control and only someone with a mastery over focus can used them properly.
  • Blunt - The weapons do not cut metals like beskar, cortosis, or phrik they are made to cut flesh and in that case serve only as clubs, but, being made of energy, they can transmit a electricity each time they strike a target, heating it up the metals worn by the enemy. (Also, the impact of the blows can hurt a lot)
  • Nullify: The ring does not work in the against voidstones or ysalamir.
  • Time-Limit - They don’t last forever, and for the untrained, this skill can last around five seconds, the ones more used to it can me it to ten seconds, while the masters of this power can go to twenty seconds before the weapons start to vanish and need to be recreated. (I was thinking suggesting working only twice per thread.)
  • Fragile: The metal which the ring is made works only to channel its power but does not make it impossible to destroy. A simple blow with a lightsaber or a proper gun can destroy the metal and its powers.
  • Burns: Too much use of the ring can leave burn marks on someone's hand and in time, cause a lot of pain.


Long ago, somewhat eight thousand years in the past, the elzeri were ruled by the High-King Refia Yevon. A wise and just male, Refia ruled over an unprecedented time of peace for his people, they loved him and he loved them back, and just below him, with less power and influence was House Altana of Tavnazia. Now, the Altanas were ruled by three princes of great power and knowledge; Daemon, Maegor and Naera, all young and thirsty for glory. They were tasked by the High-King to unwrap the a rumor about a coven of witches that lived on the mountainous region just next to their borders, the task was to find about them and destroy them if they seemed to be focused on any dark arts. For in those days, the study of that which was dark was forbidden by House Yevon.

They soon found where the coven was and instead of fighting them, the witches offered the three princes sight on what the future had prepared for them. Eager and curious they allowed the witches to proceed with their muttering if they wished to live. The witches then filled their eyes with wonderful visions of crowns and thrones, they promised them sovereignty over their people and control over whatever their hearts desired, They informed them that there was already a king occupying the throne and for that, the sisters laughed and revealed to them even more.

“West you all must go! To the top of the highest mountain in all the planet, in search of the Ageless Stranger and his gifts!”

The princes decided to be true to their words and let them live, sending hands and heads of peasants to the royal palace as lying proof to the king that they had done their duty.

Leaving on their journey, they went to the top of the highest mountain on the planet, where they found someone waiting there. The stranger received them with grace and politeness, he knew of their coming.

"Hail, Great Ones.", He said, "I have what you came seeking for and I will gladly give it to you all on one condition ... If you all promise me that you will never betray one another." The three brothers laughed and easily accepted his offer. Maerlyn offered them three equal rings, in weight and shape, and with a smile on his lips he promised them that these rings would give them the power they needed to achieve their goals.

"But remember, that a ring is only as good as the one that wields it.", They agreed with the magician and left his presence with the understanding that they wanted it, not the one he really meant by it.

Empowered and anxious, the three brothers made plans to have what they were promised. They started by murdering the High-King in secret, causing the blame to fall on their two children and they were exiled. And then they used their influence to secure the crown, soon causing Daemon Altana to become the new High-King, and with the throne secured, they began to squander their new powers. Its power allowed them to create temporary weapons of pure energy. Each of them had their own colors, among red, yellow and violet, vivid and imposing, the ring gave them power to instant summoning of the them and using them against their enemies as tricks, creating and dissipating swords in both hands at different times to confuse an opponent, while sometimes they used the blades against opponents to create a number of the swords around them, sending them out to fight their own temporary battles, or far more simply, just to strike out in lightning fast stabs in the hopes of impaling opponents quickly.

Their rule was short-lived, their cruelty was too much, the rumors regarding the death of King Refia were too many, and soon brother began to plot against brother, all three of them gathering a considerable force to take the throne and fight its winner so they could have the crown. It took the combined forces of all the other nobles to defeat their armies and kill all of three of brothers, their decade in power is remembered as the Time of Betrayal. Their bodies were buried on the Altana cemetery, alongside their possessions. The rings were only discovered thousands of years ago when Iedolas Solidor bought the Altana Estate and found them, he gave each of the rings to his daughters, Ashelia and Lunafreya, keeping one for himself.
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After looking over this submission, I am going to DENY it.

Here is why.

  1. This is clearly a stand in for the Royal Arms that are used from the Final Fantasy Series.
  2. The contents of "Previous ruling bodies" leaving the weapons behind and found by an "heir" is nearly straight ripped from Final Fantasy 15 Story line.
  3. While you don't use a number of the names from the Series, other aspects are taken from it. Namely the weapons being made of energy, doing more damage than other conventional weapons, requiring an amount of "Focus" much akin to the game mechanics of Final Fantasy, as well as the limitations of usage/Mastery over it. the number of weapons available being 13, which is also the amount of weapons within the game.

If you feel my judgement is incorrect and unfounded, you may request a second chance if so wish.

Until this, this submission is DENIED.
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