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Approved Tech The Warminds

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  • Intent: To submit a line of competent command level droid consciousness short of true artificial intelligence that is nevertheless capable of comparable performance to a biologic strategist in combat.
  • Image Source: (x) Atheon Rising by Thira
  • Canon Link: /
  • Restricted Missions: /
  • Primary Source: Super Tactical Droid

  • Manufacturer: The Mechanicum
  • Model: Warmind-series Super Tactical Droid

  • Production: Limited
  • Affiliation: (x) The Mechanicum, (x) Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Modularity: No.
  • Material: Synchronized Fire Circuits, Reinforced Durasteel Plating


Command and Control Platform: Each Mechanicum tactical droid's sole purpose is to serve as master and commander of its assigned domain. Most often this means authority over a starship, but these super tactical droids can also be installed in secure facilities and programmed to serve as an automated guardian. The Warminds represent some of the most sophisticated droid intelligences in all of the Mechanicum, capable of at times outwitting biologic commanders.

Hardwired Interface: Doubling down on sheer cognitive power, Mechanicum tactical droids are fixed platforms rather than mobile automatons like the old Confederate models. Directly plugging into a ship or facility's systems allows for unprecedented levels of automation and response time, particularly when connected to a structure specifically constructed for its use. Given their staggering size, Warminds are only installed in large capital ships or structures.

Unique Personalities: Even more so than the old T-series, these droids tend to develop different behavioral quirks and personal characteristics that varies with each model. No one tactical droid is exactly the same as another, although each series has its own distinct patterns. Development of this personality matrix past a certain threshold is limited, which means these droids are not capable of all the range and variation in thought and comprehension as a true AI or organic brain. Warminds have a strong tendency to be serene, even in a crisis. When interacting with others they can also come across as distant and aloof, as if preoccupied by much larger concerns.


  • Soft AI: Far too specialized for true sentience, Warminds lack some of the tools necessary to make a genuine choice. Essentially complex interweaving layers of algorithms, the Warmind-series is a limited simulation of consciousness molded towards a particular purpose. This allows its comparable level of performance to a skilled NPC commander.
  • Assuming Direct Control: Especially when installed in a location designed for its use, a Warmind is capable of duplicating the efforts of most capital ship bridge crews or surface command centers. While its superstructure and interface still require a modest support crew to run efficiently, the tactical droid is functionally similar to the queen of a hive consciousness.

  • Droid in the Shell: Mechanicum tactical droids don't have legs or wheels or repulsorlifts. They are complex droid brains built into an immobile housing. Impossible to move once installed and activated save by completely powering them down, thus 'killing' the droid by resetting its personality. The Warminds' particularly massive superstructure only allows for it to be installed in a larger structure.
  • High Risk of Rampancy: At the factory level, a Mechanicum tactical droid is nothing more than a tool. But each droid is programmed with heuristic processors allowing for it to learn and adapt. After so many iterations of these learning protocols, there is a tendency for some models to develop the beginnings of self-awareness. This form of semi-sentience is often traumatic and debilitating, more often than not a rampant tactical droid will eventually turn on its crew as a result of its delusions. As the closest to completely conscious beings, the rate of rampancy in Warminds after several years of continuous operation is high.

Designed as a next generation in strategic level battle droids, Warminds combine the Mechanicum's unique perspective on how artificial life and its limitations with new insights gleaned after being granted access to reverse engineer old Separatist era technology. Far more advanced than a super tactical droid, these supercomputers are designed to not just replace organic captains, but entire bridge crews.

Sacrificing any form of mobility and most extraneous programming common to most droids in exchange for more processing power, a Warmind is assembled and installed in one static location. Often with Mechanicum designs the vessel is built around the Warmind, but it is possible to adapt the technology to non-native models.

Most of a Warmind's superstructure is hidden away on a level all its own underneath its primary user interface. The lower structure's exterior is little more than a conical durasteel shell with diagnostic panels and system readouts, above which rests the interface. This exposed region can be difficult to perceive with biologic sight, but appears as a shifting pyramidal structure composed of radiant glass. A melodic voice emanates from the center of the pyramid, and its hues of illumination shift based on context.

With all Mechanicum tactical droids the risk of rampancy, a form of synthetic mental illness, is a factor. This deteriorating state of stable cognitive function often manifests in the form of a murderous rage, and it is strongly advised to disconnect a Warmind at its core if it begins exhibiting these symptoms.

Rampant tactical droids which are successfully contained are supposed to be delivered back to the Mechanicum for disassembly, but in secret they are preserved and locked away in an asylum hidden in deep space.


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Archim Calixis said:
Affiliation: The Mechanicum, Confederacy of Independent Systems
Hyperlink the company and the faction.
defy the tyrannous stars
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Hyperlinks added, as well as a short sentence further clarifying the limitations of the droids' distinct personalities per Adron's recommendation in my other submissions.
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