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The Voyage Home [Marauders of Korriban]

Ella Nova

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Darth Ayra parked her Sith speeder in the settlements street, deactivating it's repulsor and climbing off it, onto the street. Overhead, the Korriban skyline was dotted with Republic Star Destroyers, cruisers and their compliments of starfighter and shuttle. She took a moment to lift her gaze up to the scene overhead, watching the Sith Empire fall. The Republic and the Jedi had won the war.

Clasping her hand around the straps of her shoulder strap bag, she lifted it off the bike, allowing it to dangle inches off the pavement below her feet. She was abandoning the vehicle, much like she was abandoning Korriban. Dreshdae was in a state of flux, as panicked citizens ran for shelter. If the Republic and Jedi were not already here, then they would be soon and that was bad for the Sith Marauder. She was leaving and nobody was going to stop her.

Turning into an alleyway, she opened the door leading into the building that was her weapons depot. Instead of climbing the stairs up, she turned and began to descend into the underground bunker. Inside was her shuttle, that she had used to come back to the Sith Empire. She would be using it to return to Kalist VI as well. But first, she had a few individuals in particular that she wanted to bring with her first before leaving. Activating her commlink, she hailed for Sorin Vanado, Vinyata Nicashii, Nick Gamastar and Miri Shorn to come to her location. Whilst she waited, she climbed aboard her shuttle and begun her pre flight check.
The thick air of Korriban brushed up against Vinyata’s skin and her hair fluttered in the wind as her sleek speeder dashed across the rusty red landscape. Her eyes burned like fire, and her emotions were a whirlpool of anger. Despite the fact she had bested a Jedi Knight and his padawan in a duel, and the fact that the troops under her command had destroyed hundreds of Republic vehicles and killed thousands of Republic soldiers, the incompetence of the other Sith and overwhelming assaults of the Republic had won them the day. As if that was not agrivating enough, the Republic had just walked into Korriban and captured her homeworld...her homeworld. Vinyata’s rage was boiling, however she had no outlets for it, and it stayed pent up inside. Vinyata’s troops were evacuating the planet via Star Destroyers, and the Republic and Jedi were consolidating their claims. This disgrace would not occured in the days of the Old Republic Vinyata thought bitterly as she had flashbacks to the days when she fought alongside Darth Marr.

Closer and closer Vinyata flew toward Dreshdae, one of the few civilian towns on Korriban. Vinyata, in an attempt to expand her horizons and become a complete warrior, had joined the Sith Marauders, reminiscent of the Sith Marauders she had fought alongside. She also had done it for her late master, Kranak, who had been once a great Marauder and the closest thing Vinyata had to a father figure. It was also the only authority figure she ever respected. Now her current instructor, Darth Ayra, was hailing Vinyata and several other recruits. Vinyata could now see Dreshdae in sight as her speeder rounded a cliff about a mile away.

Vinyata, barely slowing down, skillfully weaved through the buildings and panicked citizens as she made her way toward the shuttle where Darth Ayra was. After leaving Korriban she would join Ayra and their fellow Sith in a plot to retake the galaxy.

Pulling up to the shuttle, Vinyata dismounted and walked over to Ayra, who was in the cockpit of the shuttle doing her pre-flight check.

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