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Approved Starship The Veil

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"You have to follow your own path."

  • Intent: To create a Flagship for an advanced Stealth Fleet
  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: Mission I, Mission II, Mission III
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: The Confederacy, Dynetech Industries
  • Affiliation: The Confederacy
  • Model: Wraith-Class Star Dreadnaught
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Durasteel Hull, Titanium Frame, Glasteel Viewports, Starship Compnents, Stygium Field Components, Adegan Crystals.

  • Classification: Super Star Destroyer
  • Length: 10,000 Meters
  • Width: 2,120 Meters
  • Height: 1,231 Meters
  • Armament: Extreme
-250x Standard Turbolasers
-100x Anti-Starfighter Laser Cannons
-100x ION torpedo launchers
-100x Standard Ion Cannons
-25x Hypervelocity Cannons
-10x Solar Ionization Cannon
-4x Warhead Storage bays
-1x Biochemical Warfare Storage bay
  • Defenses: Very High
-Reinforced Durasteel Hull
-Multi-Shield Generator {2 Standard Warship Deflector shields}
-Titanium Warframe
-EWAR {encryption network, sensor/comm jammers, and comm hacking capability.}
  • Hangar: None
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class: Slow

  • Star Dreadnaught ION drives
  • Star Dreadnaught Life Support
  • Star Dreadnaught Standard Hyperdrive
  • Star Dreadnaught Compliment barracks
  • Star Dreadnaught Mess Hall
  • Star Dreadnaught Medical Center
  • Star Dreadnaught Navigational Systems
  • Star Dreadnaught Communications Systems
  • Star Dreadnaught Communications Jamming Array
  • Star Dreadnaught Tractor Beams
  • Star Dreadnaught Escape pod bay
  • Holonet Transceiver {Encryption Network}
  • WarDroid Maintenance bay

  • Multi-Stygium Cloaking Field Generators: The Veil is an impressive fusion of Super Star Destroyer and Cloaked Warship. The starship houses four cloaking generators that are surrounded by reinforced Titanium frames. The Primary generator is located in the middle of the Dreadnaught, and maintains the highest amount of Stygium crystals. This generator alone is not capable of faithfully powering the massive warship, therefore three additional generators, powered with Stygium crystals, and reinforced with Adegan crystals are located through out the rest of the warship. Like the primary generator they are located within large Titanium reinforced bays.
  • Automatic Volley Warfare System: All of the weapons on this Dreadnaught are capable of being tied into a central targeting system, that strategically selects and fires on multiple starships VIA a pre-uploaded targeting program. This allows for maximum coordinated automated firepower in mere seconds.
  • Thrust Trace Dampner: There are several ways to track a cloaked ship. The Thrust Trace Dampner captures all exhaust released through the engines and awaits them to cool before releasing them back into the reaches of space. This allows the ship to avoid being tracked via it's engine exhaust.


  • Maximum Firepower: This Warship hosts the full destructive fire power of any fully armed Dreadnaught. It hosts an array of weaponry that makes it devastating to most enemy fleets.
  • Hardy Defense: The Veil is host to multiple shields, a durable hull, and a massively reinforced frame. This ship is not going to be torn to pieces anytime soon, and can take a considerable beating from enemy warships.
  • Cloaking Technology: The Stygium/Adegan Cloaking Technology utilized by this Starship makes it practically invisible to all sensors that are not attuned to tracking cloaked ships. To the naked eye it is little more than a ghost in the dark reaches of space. Also, due to it's multiple generators and the mass droid crew it utilizes, this Warship is capable of cloaking in pre-Hyperspace before dropping into real space.

  • Stealth Deployment: This Starship is incapable of firing it's weapons when stealthed. To accomplish a successful cloaking, all weapons systems must be fully powered down and deactivated. After uncloaking, it takes the ship some time to prime all weapons and enter an engagement.
  • Hypercloaking Shift: When dropping out of the reaches of Hyperspace fully cloaked, this ship can trigger Hyper-detection systems for a fraction of a moment.
  • Cloaking Defect: The warships Armament and Shields are completely powered down during it's stealth mode, leaving only it's reinforced hull to defend from attacks.
  • EMP/ION: This Warship has little defense from EMP technology. If ION weaponry manages to hit the ship while it is cloaked and it's shields are lowered, it will likely damage the Stealth Generators, rendering them useless for several minutes.
  • Low Maneuverability: The Veil has extremely low maneuverability capability. Even for a Star Dreadnaught it's ability to evade incoming fire or move strategically is extremely limited.

The Veil was supposed to be the unchallenged Warship of the future. A Stealth Juggernaut with an uncanny array of firepower it was destined to be a weapon of unknown potential from the beginning.

The Vicelord had commanded the Confederacy's most prominent scientists, stealth field experts, and warship manufacturers to come together to bring this dream to reality. In the beginning, the Dreadnaught was supposed to be a standard flagship, no larger than six thousand Meters at most. However, the lead scientist for the project, Asher Malvern, looked to grander designs. He ordered the warship be nearly doubled in size and maximized for firepower and defense, allowing it to utilize it's cloaking fields to their maximum potential.

The result was a massive, yet elegant, war machine known as The Veil. Named after it's ability to shroud itself successfully, the warship was a project that took nearly seven years to complete. The Star Dreadnaught was outfitted with a reinforced hull that minorly reduced the effectiveness of enemy firepower. Along with the dual shielding utilized to cover the warship it made for an ideal defense. A sophisticated armament was developed, utilizing a cutting edge automatic volley warfare system. This system syncs all of the warships exterior armament together, allowing for maximum effect through unified fire or perfectly rotated firing iterations.

With a large deck crew, of over thirty droid deck officers and one biological ship Commander, the warship has a massive functionality crew of well over five hundred engineers, janitors, cooks, astromechs, medics, doctors, and more. Outside of that, the warship can house and carry thousands of individuals aboard. While it has no invasion bays to transport large vehicles or starfighters, it does house a number of escape pod bays.

Though the Starship is host to an impressive arsenal and compliment, it has many drawbacks which can be critical in the grit of combat. Perhaps it's largest drawback is the fact it has no fighter compliment that can defend it from oncoming fighters. Along with a notable ION/EMP weakness, the warship has a low maneuverability that also can lead it to ruin.
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