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Approved Species The Vali

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Name: Techno-Beast X-33(The Vali)
Development Thread:(Note, one of these is in the process of being finished but the Techno-virus part is done)
Designation: Semi-Sentient
Homeworld: Exocron
Language: None
Average height of adults: 3.5m
Skin color: Gray
Hair color:None
Breathes: Nothing

[+]The Vali are much stronger and faster than a regular human or droid would be. The cybernetics that run through them make them considerably stronger than any organic, but because of their organic origin the Vali are faster than a regular droid would be. With the inner-workings of an organic body functioning much better than any wires or cybernetics could.
[+]The Vali much like most Techno-beast are covered in thick metal plating. The metal plating is equal to that of duraplast or other standard armor found in the galaxy but also contains a phrik alloy mined from Demonsgate. It is able to withstand several blaster shots without being breached and several strikes from a lightsaber. The Armor itself extends out on the end limbs of the Vali into two massive blades. These blades are the Vali's primary means of combat and are entirely made of phrik, making them lightsaber resistant. They charge into battle and use the blades to cut the enemy line into ribbons, utilizing their superior strength and survive-ability.
[+]The single eye that The Vali have within their head doubles as a weapon. The Strange techno-beasts can build a charge of energy and then fire a single Composite Beam Laser from their eye. This laser can last anywhere from two to three Seconds. After its use the Vali is rendered temporarily weakened, its speed considerably more sluggish and its strength fading for about a minute.
[+] In each of the Vali's wrist is mounted a repeater blaster canon. The Blaster Canon is about as powerful as an E-11 blaster rifle and cane fire about 50 shots before needing to recharge itself. This process takes exactly five minutes.
[-]Dumb. The Vali by all counts are stupid as can be. Their ability to reason has been completely taken away. Because of this the Vali have a tough time thinking for themselves. They are given orders, and then they carry it out. If variables occur within the order then it is difficult for the Vali to come up with a new plan, always they are reliant on their superiors to tell them what to do.
[-]Like all things born of cybernetic origin the Vali are extremely vulnerable to EMP and Ion weapons. Although being struck by an ion weapon doesn't completely disable them it slows them down quite a bit, often enough to easily kill them.
[-]Because of their complexity there is only one person alive that can create Vali, that being Soliael. He is the only person alive who is capable of creating these beings. Because of this and the difficulty of procuring the right kind of person along with the materials and difficulty of the ritual required to create the Vali there is currently only a few dozen of the unique Techno-beasts alive. Creating more of them takes months of work and as of yet its impossible to create an entire army of the unique creatures.
[-]The Vali, although much more sustainable than a regular human do require sustenance. Because of their organic base the Vali require a source of nutrients and hydration. This comes through specially fitted nutrient packs specifically fitted into their armor. These packs need to be replaced every 48 hours. Without one of these packs a Vali can last about 72 hours before starving to death. The nutrient packs are a specialized recipe known only to the three Moross gods and a few scientists. Without the specific selection of proteins, and nutrients found in these packs the Vali will die.
[-]The final weakness that can be found in the Vali is their sheer zealotry for Moross. The Vali were created from the most loyal of Moross followers. Above all they love their Gods and at all times follow their will. This does not translate well into dealing with others. When they hear doubts, or talks against the Gods of Moross the Vali have a tendency to go...off the rails, and because of this they have been known to slaughter even their own soldiers. Vali need to be tightly controlled and held onto, lest they seek out heretics by their own will.

Distinctions: The Vali are Techno-beasts of a new order, designed and created specifically to form the function of war.
Average Lifespan: Technically Infinite
Races: None
Diet: None
Communication: Understand Basic

Culture: N/A

Technology level: N/A

General behavior: The Vali are incredibly loyal soldiers. They have been artificially created, recreated, and suited to the purpose of being little more than front line soldiers. The Vali have no mind beyond that of an advanced droid. Though they were once men the enhanced Techno-Virus that Soliael used to create them has turned them into little more than machines. They cannot think for themselves beyond a certain point, they cannot act on their own, and generally they sway towards violent means. The Vali are little more than foot soldiers for the armies, they do not and cannot question this. They follow the orders of their superiors to the letter, never wavering. The Vali feel no fear, have no emotion of any sort and never require sustenance. They are created to be the perfect soldiers.

History: The Vali came into creation for one reason and one reason alone, to build a better soldier. Soliael Devin Talith began his interest in Techno-beasts on his fathers former homeworld of Byss. There he found a journal of Moridins that detailed the creation of Techno-beasts. Moridin found this information from the Holocron of Belia Darzu long before the Empire even rose.
From this journal Soliael learned of the creation of Techno-beasts. Being unable to replicate the process of their creation however Soliael decided to go and collect a sample of the Virus himself. Knowing that the ancient Sith Lord Belia had once had a Citadel upon the world of Tython Soliael quickly ventured to the Jedi held world. There he traveled to the fortress and collected a sample of the Techno-virus. From there he experimented and played with the virus itself, causing it to take effect faster and change things differently.
When he perfected his new virus Soliael unleashed a plague upon Zeltros, knowing that the party world would be the perfect demographic. Although the outbreak was quickly quelled by the efforts of local security forces and Circe Savan, Soliael learned a great deal about how techno-beasts functioned. Decided that normal techno-beasts were not enough Soliael began to engineer something different.
That different turned into The Vali. The Vali were loyal soldiers of Moross who volunteered to becomes something different. Through control of the Techno-virus that created the Sithspawn and advanced usage of Mechu-Deru Soliael crafted the Vali. He started with Twelve of the unique metal soldiers, and it is these Twelve that now roam the galaxy and fight on the frontlines for Moross.

Notable Player-Characters: None
Intent: To utilize Soliael Devin Talith's knowledge in Sith Alchemy to create a frontline Soldier for Moross that can be used in threads as an assault droid would be.
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